Thursday, December 9, 2010

Balance - Inspired by Coaches' Blog

Hi Guys!

Well yesterday I read my coaches Blog and she talks about balance.  We can't over do" it" or we can hinder the results of our goals, be that fitness or whatever area in your personal life.  It struck home to me. My scale has been stuck between 138 and 140 (depends on the time of the month) for over 2 months now.  I've been working out both in the AM and the PM.  My eating has been good...not perfect, but has been the same since early this year.  I also read this great article today from beachbody about not eating enough?  well I am not sure what my situation might be but I am determine to find out!  I got my body bugg last week! I still need to set up my account...I will do so tonight!  am I undereating?overeating?  I know I am working out ;)  am I over training?  what ever the reason I will find out with my new tool!  With that said...I guess I really shouldn't focus too much on that number!  To tell the truth I am feeling GREAT!  I am getting up in the morning between 5:30am to 5:45am to workout, and in the PM I usually don't go to bed until about 11pm....I am only running on 6 hours sleep and I know I am getting a good night sleep, I feel refresh in the morning.  Its been A LONG TIME since I've felt burned out, with 5 kids I was constantly tired.  I remember last year when everytime I took a picture my face always looked tired, my eyes seemed lazy, and now I look alive in my pictures.  The way I feel inside is being reflected in the pictures! So I really shouldn't get bumbed out about the number on the frame is a lot smaller and that is something!

Monday, November 29, 2010

We all have dreams

Hello Friends!
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Holiday! I spent my long weekend with my kids and despite all the whining about who of my 5 kids would get the 2 turkey legs, it was fun!  Yesterday (Sunday) we all went to see Disney's newest movie Tangle which is the retelling of the Classic Rapunzel.  We all went, even my oldest (17 year old boy) and none of them came out complaining about the movie, so I will assume that they concur with me in that it is a fun movie! As always there are several good messages in the Disney movies.   I won't get into all of the messages in Tangle, but the one that applies to everybody, is that we all have dreams.   I have several dreams, but to stay true to the theme of my blog I will only share a couple :)

My First and foremost dream is to show my kids how to live healthy.  I really don't want them to get heart disease, diabetes, etc.  They must learn how live a  healthy lifestyle, my ultimate goal is to have them automatically choose the healthy alternative without any prompting or nudging from my part! I can dream can't I? lol

My second dream, is to become healthy myself, I can't achieve dream number 1 without accomplishing this dream, so maybe this dream should be first?  Anyway I want to be in a healthy weight range, and I want to look fit.  This dream goes hand and in hand with being a beachbody coach.  Most coaches will tell you that they are coaches because they want to help other people...which is true I do want to help other people, but what drives me is that 1st dream...teaching my kids to be  healthy.  I don't want them to go through open heart surgery like my grandma.  I don't want them to feel limited  because they feel weighted down by how they feel and how they look. 

We all have dreams, being a beachbody coach is an action that I do everyday to achieve my other dream.  What are you dreams?  can Teambeachbody help you achieve those dreams?   Do you want to get fit and healthy?  Do you want to help others achieve their goals?  Do you want to get Financially fit?  Teambeachbody can help you get closer to your dreams.  Now, I am not saying it isn't hard work....well it really isn't if you really think about it.  Most of you already are doing workouts, trying to eat healthy.  Being a coach will help you stay accountable.  Your own journey will be an inspiration to others.  They may embark on the same journey you are traveling.  You will get to know fun and caring people.  Is it scary?  my biggest "scary" thing to overcome was time.  Did I really have the time to be a beachbody coach?  the answer was (and still is)  yes.  I don't spend a lot of time really.  I workout for an hour a day.  I do another 1 or so on social media making friends and talking to others of what is working for me.  Truth be told, to be successful, all you have to do is be consistent.  If you only have an hour to devote to being a coach, that's all it takes, just make sure you devote that hour everyday!  Its the power of the slight edge

We all have dreams, I hope you go and live them because they really shouldn't be just fantasies :)  I know I want you in my team I know we can be successful together. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

I am not Terrified :)

Hi Friends!

Well this week is Thanksgiving week.  For many of us, this means a Happy Week looking forward to spending time with family and friends with good food!  however behind all the warm feelings, there might be some underlying fear of what all this might mean to our waist line.  I say don't fear.  Most of us do not eat like this all year round.  Definetly strategize, but hey!  like Chalene says, "who likes the Food Police?" I know I don't! and hopefully I won't become one.  My only strategy for this Thursday is: eat and taste everything! I will not feel deprived and  it will also help me be mindful of portion control.  If I am going to taste everything I can't over indulge in any one dish ;) 

With that said, this year I am going to strive to making a healthy dish and I really doubt the kids will even notice it! This year I've choosen to add Quinoa Pilaf with Cranberries and Pecans as a new  side dish to our feast:

Quinoa Pilaf Ingredients:
2 cups dry whole-grain quinoa
4 cups water
2/3 cup dried cranberries
4 to 6 tablespoons finely chopped red onion
1 cup finely chopped celery
2/3 cup toasted pecan pieces

Citrus Vinaigrette Ingredients:
4 tablespoons lemon juice
6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
3 teaspoons finely chopped fresh rosemary
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper

Add quinoa and water to rice cooker and cook until quinoa is soft and water has been absorbed. Add quinoa to large serving bowl and let cool about 15 minutes. If you don’t have a rice cooker, bring 4 cups of water to a boil in 4-quart saucepan. Add quinoa and bring back to boil. Cover saucepan and cook over medium heat for 12 minutes or until quinoa has absorbed all the water.

Stir dried cranberries, red onion, celery, and pecans into quinoa.

In a small bowl, combine citrus vinaigrette ingredients with a whisk. Drizzle over quinoa mixture and toss to blend ingredients. Cover and refrigerate pilaf until ready to serve.

Yield: Makes about 12 side servings

Per serving: 227 calories, 5 grams protein, 27 grams carbohydrate, 11 grams fat, 1.1 grams saturated fat, 7 grams monounsaturated fat, 2.9 grams polyunsaturated fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 3.3 grams fiber, 58 mg sodium. Calories from fat: 43%. Omega-3 fatty acids = 0.2 grams, Omega-6 fatty acids = 2.7 grams.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Grr - On a Standstill with P90X

Hello Friends,

Well, I must admit and come clean that last week I did not follow P90X.  Now don't get me wrong, I did workout! just not with the X man...well I lie, I did do a Power Half Hour routine last week.  The deal is this, my husband is working major overtime.  So he asked to me to wait for him until his overtime is over.  So I am.  I did do other workouts and this week we were going to re-start where we left off.  The penalty was going to be to repeat week 3 before we went unto our recovery week, which is what it would have been last week.  But now it turns out that he will be working overtime all this month! now there are some mix feelings on this.  The positive note is that we will have extra money for those holiday expenses coming up! On the negative side, in the evenings it will be me...just me with 5 kids, prepare dinner, and workout...all by myself. Well no, to be honest Will is a great help so I am sure I can count on him.  However, he still does need to do his own homework, he still goes to his self defense for the smallest fraction of a second I wanted to be like "oh poor Carmen" but if I do that I know I will drop the ball in terms of food and exercise schedule.  It will be really really easy to rely on the drive thru for dinner this week, or simply stop exercising until Angel can join me again. So NO! I am not letting myself feel sorry about how tight my evening schedule will be the upcoming weeks.  I've decided to make a special workout rotation for this week since I am  postponing P90X until Angel's schedule gets back to normal.  In times like this, I will not begrudge him his overtime, we need that money! So I am planning on doing the Slim Series with Debbie Siebers and doing the Slim Training (difficult) rotation! Starting today my evening  workouts will consist of:

Monday - Shape it Up
Tuesday - Firm it Up
Wednesday - Mix It Up
Thursday - Tone It Up
Friday - Cool
Saturday - Tear it Up
Sunday - Stretch

In the AM, if time permits I will be focusing on Turbo Fire workouts! will alternate between Class 30, 45, 45ez and the HIIT workouts, the one I choose will depend on how much time I have to spare that morning. 

To avoid any meal pitfalls, I've already scheduled my dinners:
Tonight: - We are having Enfrijoladas (with spinach and cheese inside)
Tuesday - Whole Wheat Spaghetti with turkey meatballs, and steam broccoli on the side
Wednesday - Black Bean Soup (yes I am obsessed with Beans :)
Thursday --Its my day off! Brother in Law cooks!
Friday - Homemade Chicken Soup - loaded with zucchini, carrots, chayote, green beans and I will go easy with the potatoes.
Saturday - Homemade Turkey Burgers
Sunday - Quesadillas

If need be will repeat the same "Menu" the following week....I have a plan! and I can't wait for Angel to stop on this overtime madness so that we can get back on our P90X schedule!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

At what stage of your weightloss are you?

Hi Friends,
I came across this informative article about the stages of weight loss, however what I was really searching was an article or a blog about what to do when you are still in the middle of your weight loss, but the people around you now tell you that you look good and that you should stop.  Granted these are friends or family members that are patting your back for loosing weight and with good intentions are letting you know that you look good, and without any bad intention in their part are kinda sabotaging your journey.  You still haven't reached your goals yet, but when they say "You look fantastic! you shouldn't loose any more" I always get a panic feeling.  There are different emotions/questions that I go through.   Am I getting too skinny?....the answer so far is no.  I still have plenty of fat to burn, however because of the compliments it feels like I fall into a false sense of security...I start skipping workouts, or indulge a bit  more.  That's a big No No on my books.  Just because I am 3/4 of the way from my goals, it doesn't mean I can slack off.  So for the 1st time in my eternal weight management battle I am able to catch myself from getting too comfortable....I've re-committed to my goals.    Its almost feels like I am renewing my vows LOL, but I truly think its something that we must do to stick with our that weight loss or whatever, after awhile of doing the same things over and over again we sometimes forget our original whys (see the Weight watchers article linked above) and our motivation gets lost, and before you know it our focus gets shifted.  So, right now, I am recommitting myself to my weight loss.  I only have 20lbs more pounds to go...I've done the hardest part! Now its time to really go for the extra mile!

Monday, November 1, 2010

I did it!

Hi Friends!

I did it.  I completed my mud run, and I can honestly say I gave it my all.  There are still some things I would like to work on.  Specifically I would like to run/jog the full 5k as well as be able to propel myself on some of the obstacles.  I joined a great group who told me it was okay for me to tag along with them!  When our wave took off from the start line, we all started jogging.   Maybe about 5 to 8min we stopped, but quickly Connie (my new friend! imagine that :) and I started jogging again.  For most of the run, we did a combination of walking and jogging.  We mostly jogged on the uphills, and the low hills as they were pretty steep.  Connie was kind enough to hold my hand on the steep downhills as well as boost me up to go over the obstacles, I am grateful to her for her words of encouragement, and making me believe I could do it.  And I did.  I finished the race with a relative good face.  I will be proud to wear my shirt and know that I actually did it. Next time I would like to be in Connie's shoes and help another person like me to be able to complete the run.  My husband was there to support me as well as my kids.  My husband  got some footage of me...for that I am grateful to him.  It was nice having him and my kids there at the end of finish line.  Now,  we didn't stay for the post run BBQ...we are a shy family and my husband really doesn't like the process of meeting new people; We are however slowly opening up and truly making new friends.   I told my husband "I am addicted to this!" he gave me one of his sarcastic laughs and ask me if he should set up the back yard with a mud pitt and some walls for me to climb know what?  I am going to hold him to it! LOL.

It was an awesome weekend, hopefully soon you will experience something that you've never dreamed you could...its a great feeling!

Here is some footage and pictures from my run I couldn't help myself and had to add some Survivor to the clip :)

Tax Benefits of having a Home Based Business

Hey Guys,
This is a great BLOG post done by Barbie Decker, one our Team Beachbody's Leaders.  It has great information on why becoming a coach makes sense in the financial side of it.  I want to acknowledge her research and proving us with this great information that we all can use, even if our home based business is not with Beachbody.  Do with it as you will, but let me tell you if all of a sudden you have the urge to join Beachbody after reading this, please join my team...I am here for you to help you start your business :)

Why You Would Be Brain Dead NOT To Start Your Own Business - By Barbie Decker
Dear Boys and Girls,

I have said this many times before: I became a coach because I simply wanted to help people; I enjoyed helping others with their meal plans; being a motivator. I never intended to make a dime. Today, I have nearly quadrupled the income I make as a university professor and without hesitation, I can say that I expect that figure to double by the end of next year. My love of fitness, my knowledge, my confidence, and my desire to help others change their lives has only grown with time. The desire to help others has expanded to include both the physical and financial realms. I am living my dream.

If someone would have told me when I became a coach three years ago that I’d be reading (BY CHOICE ) a book on taxes on this lazy Sunday morning, I would have insisted that they had me confused for someone else. But now, as an independent contractor making real money, I want to take charge of my finances and learn how to keep the money I work hard to earn. Tax expert Sandy Botkin insists that “you will never get rich until you learn to get your taxes down to the legal minimum.” Well, I intend to do so!

Even though I have been a coach for three years now, I was not fully aware of the tax benefits that come with owning your own home-based business. I do now and I feel compelled to share this with you. If you are a coach, it’s time to start getting informed by picking up Botkin’s book: Lower Your Taxes Big Time. If you’re not a coach yet, but are looking to make a difference, earn a second income, and lower your taxes BIG TIME, then this post is for you! I invite you to join my team!

The title of the first chapter in Botkin’s book?

“Why You Would Be Brain-Dead Not to Start a Home-Based Business (If You Don’t Already Have One)

If this chapter title doesn’t capture your attention as it did mine, then I would say to stop reading right here! Really!

I learned that there are two sets of tax laws in the United States: one for employees and the other for small and home-based business people. There are huge benefits to falling in the second category. By starting your home-based business as an Independent Beachbody Coach, you can save thousands of dollars in taxes. Sandy Botkin explains:

“In addition to the tax deductions employees can get, small business people can deduct, with proper documentation, their house, their spouses (by hiring them), their business vacations, their cars, and food with colleagues. They can also set up a pension plan that makes any government plan seem paltry by comparison and deduct most their ‘vacation’ trips if they combine them with an appropriate amount of business” (3).

Okay, so what if you don’t make any money your first year or if your business produces loss the first year or so?

It’s still win-win!

Why? Botkin explains that you can use that loss against any other income that you have (6). In other words, the loss produced with your home-based business can be used against “wages earned as an employee, dividends, pensions, or interest income, or against your spouse’s earnings if you filed a joint return” (6). She gives the example of a woman named Lori who brought in $20,000 with her regular job. She took home $1,112 after she deducted all her work-related expenses such as taxes, car expenses, child care, lunches at work, and business attire. But, get this: she “could have netted the entire $20,000 had she earned it in a home-based business. This is an increase of almost 18 times her take-home pay as an employee.” I’m really not a numbers girl, but I get this!

What made me wake up to the incredible benefits of being a home-based business owner and of being well-informed? I was ready to fork over thousands of dollars in taxes on October 15th (the cut-off date for late taxes) until that very morning, my boyfriend Jason Diebold told me his tax REFUND equaled $14,000. I literally started sobbing on the treadmill when I heard the news. Within an hour of working with my itemized list, he was able to turn my amount owed into a nice refund. All because I am a coach and because he had done his homework. Knowledge and action are power!

Some of the reasons more and more people are deciding to go into a home-based business or become consultants go beyond the awesome tax benefits. Among these include:

No commute (all my commutes are centered around my own needs and desires, or those of my dogs!)

No boss

little if any chance of lawsuits

much less overehead, such as rent (and any overhead as a coach for me has been tax-deductible)

no employees (when the time comes and you need to hire an assistant, you won’t be complaining!)

no licensing

So: What will determine your success or failure in this business as an Independent Beachbody coach? Take a guess? It’s you! Beachbody is a solid company with $400 million in revenue this year. It has been around for more than 12 years.Entrepreneur Magazine rated Beachbody 69th in its list of the 500 fastest growing companies in the country. More than ever before, Beachbody has all the tools and resources you need to succeed. As one of the top leaders in the country, I can help you make coaching what you want the it to be if you are willing to do what it takes. Here is what Sandy Botkin has to say on what determines your success:

“Reasearch has consistently shown that it is rarely the business that determines success or failure. It is usually the business owner. Why does one person succeed and another fail at the same business? Two words: knowledge and action. Some people want the benefits of having their own business, but they don’t take action. The result is business failure. Then there are the people who are always working. They take action all day but still fail. The reason is that they are not taking the correct actions, the knowledgeable actions that will bring the desired results…[M]any people quit before they acquire through experience the knowledge that they need–and also realizing that they are getting substantial tax breaks” (8).

So: Are you going to stay in the first tax category, for employees? Or are you going to join me in the second, the one for small and home-based business people?

The choice is yours. It’s always yours!

To our success,

Barbie Decker, PhD

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do you have the Eye of The Tiger?

Do you have the Eye of Tiger? Lol...My obsession with Rocky Balboa is not a recent development because of my new path of conquering my yo-yo/weightloss issues.  I've always been drawn to these type of movies.  The 1st Rocky movie I ever saw was Rocky III...I was pretty young...about 5 or 6 years old.  I was too young to understand why I loved it, I just did.  I am not sure which movie I saw first, but I was also obssessed with the TV movie on Nadia Comaneci  but I just couldn't get enough of these two.  Everytime Nadia came on TV on channel 44 I would suspend my play time just to go watch it, and I would jump on the sofa and try to do floor gymnastics in my living room floor while watching the movie.  My love for these type of movies has just been a part of me for a very long time.  I couldn't get enough of the Karate Kid when I was growing up.  I have a lot of movies that have a similar message that I just love, like Lean on Me, Stand and Delivery...even the 90's movies like Dangerous Mind and the Last Dance.  And yes even 8 mile, although I am not an Eminen Fan! but everytime I hear the opening lyrics of the song Loose Yourself  it gives me the shivers and it just  pumps me up!  The theme of going the distance and ever giving up...well all I can say is that I just love that message!  As I read my current personal development book (Awaken the Giant) I finally understand why I am drawn to these type of movies and music.   Its about Self Mastery.  Something I've always strived to achieve even when I didn't realize it! As a young latina mom, I was one of the statistics that wouldn't graduate high school, and guess what I not only graduated but heck I even went to college.  Now I am following a new path that I've never walked before.  All of a sudden I am doing things out of my comfort zone.  Its definetly scary! I am just soaking up all these movies and yes the cheesy songs that make believe that I can do more, that I can achieve more.  As parents we tell our kids that they can dream big, that they can do anything they set their minds matter how much I might tell my kids this, if I am not following my own advice it just doesn't carry the same weight.  So...are you ready to take your steps towards what you want, whatever that might be?  You might be focus on something, but if you your steps are going in another direction while your wishfully thinking on something else you won't truly feel satified.  So go for it! Don't over think and take that 1st step that might just change your quality of life. 

"Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted-One moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?" Eminem

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What is Team Beachbody?

You get a lot of beachbody coaches asking you to become a coach...but do you know what you can expect from beachbody?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another Week of P90x

Hi Friends,

Last night I did Chest and Back with my husband :)  In order to do the pullups I need to use a stool.  It helps to reach the bar, as well as assist me to pull myself up.  What I just noticed that my left side is soreer (is that a word?) or I should say my left side is more sore than my right.  I think its because I actually use my right foot to boost myself up, which means my right side doesn't work as hard as the left?  not sure exactly how that works, but the point is my left side seems to be working harder.  So when I do Legs and Back on Friday I am going to be alternating that leg so that both sides are getting a good workout :)

Happy to report that this morning I was able to wake up early enough to workout again.  But didn't go for Turbo as tonight I have plyometrics, and thats high impact cardio, so I didn't want to over do it.  So instead I opted for the power half hour DVD (Tony is the trainer) and choose the Bun Shaper workout...have to work those glutes!

I know I don't talk about shakeology that much, BUT I am a faithful to do that supplement. I just realized another reason why I keep drinking it! My pimple breakouts are not as bad as they used to! and thats good, it means less foundation ;)  This is a wonderful audio about shakeology, if you have time, listen to it while you are at your computer. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

I am going for it!

Hi Friends,

On Saturday I did Kenpo X, and that is one workout that I hadn't done.  I must say I truly and throughly enjoyed myself.  There is punching, kicking...and its all really low impact.  Very different from Turbo Jam which has lots of kickboxing elements.   In fact I loved it so much, that this morning I had to do a repeat! Woke up at 5:30am to work it in.  Tonight I still have Chest and Back which is part of the normal classic schedule.  What I love about the days that I do doubles, is the fact that I get to eat more! So instead of having fruit for my mid-morning snack I had a nice egg white scramble loaded with veggies (tomatoes, onion, bell pepper and mushroom and spinach).

I admit last week I opted out of Yoga X.  I've decided to not skip it this week! I am brainwashing myself so that I have the belief that I can do it.  It shouldn't matter that is one of the longest workout of the program, or that poses such as the crane are super hard and I probably won't be able to do them.  We all must start off somewhere.  So this Thursday I am just going to go for it.  If I waver, or start day dreaming about Turbo Fire or something, stop me.  Don't let me get side tracked! lol...but really I am just going to do it.  This is the week that I break the habit of limiting myself!  no more limitations :)

I also wanted to mention to please do not forget about my shakeology promotion there is still plenty of time! Also, I just want to briefly mention that this from now until December 31st Beachbody is going to be waiving the beachbody coach sign up fee of $39.95.  Messaged me if you want to learn more and how you can use this to leverage your weighloss goals and hold yourself accountable :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shoulders and Arms - P90X

I am actually following the P90X classic Schedule!  Well I shouldn't get too ahead of myself :)  Last night I did Shoulders and Arms.  Great work out.  The rounds went, shoulders, triceps and biceps....each round was done twice.   It was about 55min workout.  It felt good.  My arms are sore today..I kinda like that feeling although it makes it difficult to reach for stuff.  They say Tony is corny...I can see that, but he is genuine and he makes me laugh...thus the workouts don't seem that long.  Well, except for Yoga X...and that is whats on the schedule tonight.  Not sure that I can handle a hour and half worth of extreme yoga my plan is to chicken out of Yoga X tonight and instead put in Rodney Yee's Beginner Yoga DVD.  I will do the the Pose Guide and the Evening Yoga workout.  That should be about 35min or so.  I am also going to add some Turbo Fire!  this morning I was able to add Turbo 45so I  am thinking I should go for the HiiT 20 tonight.  I guess I should do the HiiT first then Yoga do unwind :)

My Mud Run training is coming along.  I need to walk on more "hilly" loops.  I am only doing the 5k, so I am not worried about the jogging part, but I am Excited ( i refuse to use the word scared) about the actual Mud and drills, and obstacles! I am thinking it should be fun, and something I need to do for myself.  Its something that I never thought I would do.  If I do this I  know I can do I am determine to do it!  The family and I decided to arrive on the 30th, campout, and I get to go pick up my number.  Then the next day its the run!  I won't be able to stay long after it, as we need to drive back home for our Halloween Stravaganzza, but I am just happy the husband and kids are coming with me and cheering me on! it should be a very fun weekend. 

So here I go...I am heading home and putting my workout plan to action!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

P90x - Plyometrics

So last night I worked out to Plyometrics from P90X. I've done this workout before...but not really got into it, since at the time I was doing Chalene Johnson workouts. So last night I went for it. I set my mind that P9oX is now my workout program, so I need bring it just like if I were doing Chalean Extreme or Turbo Jam/Turbo Fire. Plyo may not have the cool music...but it does have Tony Horton and jump training and his good nature quirkiness and oh boy did I felt it! Even today, my legs/calfs are burning. It was a good workout. I opened up myself to enjoy another cardio program that was not lead by Chalene and it worked.  I am sore :)

I had planned to wake up this morning at 5:30am to do HiiT 25 from Turbo Fire...I got up at 5:50am and ended doing Cardio Core Express with Debbie Siebers..I was just too sore to do another high intensity cardio. I must say that Debbie Siebers is a great trainer! nothing high impact about her workouts, which felt very good after plyometrics. I should add her to my rotation more often. I always go to Debbie and her Slim N 6 everytime as my 1st choice after each of my last 3 pregnancies. She has basic moves, nothing high impact...and even though she looks like a very sweet person who can do no harm, well let me tell you she does!she does high reps for all of her moves, so even though its a simple basic move you will feel the burn. Cardio Core Express gave my mid section a nice workout.

Tonight after making dinner, and taking my son Omar to his Hip Hop class I will be doing Shoulders and Arms...Stay Tuned :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I am "X" ing it!

I decided to do my first round of p90x!  the week that I started I got sick, so I didn't really gave it my all.  I skipped all the cardio workouts.  I still wanted to workout, but didn't want to over do it.  I was sick for about a week and half and needed to really recuperate,  but now I am back on the game. 

What do I think of p90x so far?  I can tell you that I am having a hard time with the pull ups.  The pull up bar that my husband made and setup is fairly tall.  I  need to use a stool to get up there.  Then I am just hanging and can barley move up an inch.  So I am doing Tony's suggestion, which is using a my case I am using the stool that I use to get up there.  I am flexing, and trying my best to pull myself up, but felt that I wouldn't  be able to really do a pull up on my own.  Which was making go bananas! (can you tell I watch the Fresh Beat Ban? lol)  During my lunch walk with my co-worker and friend, she mentioned something that gave me perspective.  She said: Just keep working at it.  You'll eventually build the strenght to do them.  Simple advice, nothing out of the ordinary...technically I already  knew that.  BUT, having other people cheering you on is the thing you need to keep going and not getting discouraged.  That support undermines that little voice inside you that makes you believe you can't do it.  Then Voila! you have a friend, family, even strangers say cheer you on, give you support and then you suddently can do it!or at least keep at it until you do.  

Tonight I have Plyometrics.   I am pretty sure I will be able to hold my own with that workout :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Am I evolving?

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” - Earl Nightingale I borrowed this quote from a very good friend of mine on facebook (Shout out to Leslie! :) ...I've had an emotional  week, but filled with good energy! I've realized so much,  that I have no idea where to start telling you my breakthroughs! lol Its a good weird feeling. I feel like I am bursting with energy, but because by nature I am just such as quite mellow person that I don't know if people who see me can tell that I am about to burst out of my bubble! but  I am!

I decided to respond  to my own coach, and accept a challenge she posted.  The challenge was to become Diamond in the next 7 days! to give you some background of myself, I am a very religious/spiritual person.  I believe in God 100%, and I do talk and pray to him everyday.   Now do I belong to a church? no....I do however consider myself catholic since I was raised within that church, but I digress.  My point is this, just on Monday I was talking/praying to God to help me and my two sponsor coaches move our business into the right direction.  I told myself, I need to sign up a coach this week to lead by example! And then here comes Coni (my coach :) with this e-mail, reaching out to her downline, not only with a challenge thrown out there, but with the caring and compassion that she will help you, within her power, to get you where you want to be.  I was like, THANK YOU GOD FOR LISTENING! He sent me a friend to help me breakthrough!  I am feeling pumped not only with my own fitness, but in really growing my own business!  I am not here to sell you anything, however, if you are thinking about buying any beachbody products, why not me?  why go through beachbody informecials, or website?  Not only would you get personal attention, but you would be helping a friend out, plus its a bit cheaper buying through a coach..anyway I digress again....

Specifically, I am calling to all of you who want more out of your lives to be part of my team! I am here, I am committed and I won't let you down!  I told my brother something along the lines, that I was inviting him to join my teambeachbody not just because I want to succeed for myself, but I truly, from the bottom of my heart believe in this business! and if I am confident I can make it work for me, then he knows I wont steer him wrong! I want the same success for him!  When family work  together there is an extra incentive to make things work! Now, I know I am not family to you, and you might say "yeah right" but if this is for you, I won't let you down, I am not going anywhere.  Iam committed to this business.  I want to make more money (I do have 5 kids!) and if I can help you do the same so much the better! we can be a team of truly dedicated people helping others, motivating others...its a good thing, this business is not just about You - there  is no selfishness.  Now don't get me wrong I love my job, I am an accountant at heart and I am very loyal to my current employer (they did bring me back to California), however, I do need to make extra money on the side...who doesn't? so please do contact me if you want to learn more about the beachbody coaching business, how it works I am here to share!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Work with what you've got!

Who is learning to roll with the punches and make the best with what they have? ME! I can complain about not having the necessary tools for me to succeeed with my goals...however the amount of energy I would probably spend in my rant, is probably around the same amount of energy I would spend if I just work towards my goals with the tools that I do have! Would I love to go the gym and pump iron like a serious athlete? Sure! but I don't have time or money really, HOWEVER I do have Chalene Extreme and guess what? In Home Fitness Programs work!I am feeling stronger! and I actually see my frame shrinking a bit. There is no need for bulky machines, and whenever I see myself free of at least 40min, what do I do? I pop in a DVD.  Must I plan my workout time? kinda, I must somewhat have a general idea of when I am going to squeeze it in. I either get up at 5:30am or I make sure everybody is settledown by 10pm so that I can get my work out in before I go to bed. But I save myself time from driving to the and from the gym :)  I won't get long winded, but if all you can do is a 20min walk that day, go for it!, is it only 10min? go for it, don't get dissapointed that you don't have more time even if its only 10min a day.... that is 70min in a week of cardio! you should feel very proud of what you can do for your health everyday, even if its a little thing that you can't see a big difference immediatley, its all about delay gratification. Those small steps you take and do everyday will compound and you will feel much better for it!

If you are ready to take your health to the next level and what to join me on my 2nd round of Chalene Extreme, visit my site to order :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Whats my Status?

Hi Friends!

Well its been a while since I blogged, not because I haven fallen of the wagon, simply I haven't had time to blog.  Is that really true?  well that was my excuse, and then it hit me....we are all busy, we all have tons to do and I decided to take control of my time!  Its not enough to have a to do list up in my  head like I normally do.  I need to write it down, and take it a step further and actually put a time frame.  Now don't get me wrong I am not cumpulsive with my to do list, or follow it to the "T" I am more general with it.   For example today I put down "Blog - From Noon to 12:30", "Workout - from 9:30pm to 10:30pm"  I've found that by doing this my time doesn't get consumed by other stuff, and neglect any work or family time :) Its been awesome! Now I know Istill need to improve my time management, but at least I don't feel like I am all over the place and I am focusing on simple tasks that are not overwhelming.   Its all about being consistent, right?   Now I apologize for any grammar and spell check, BUT I am must stick to my schedule and the point is to get the message accross in the time that I specified lol...

So I am so close in finishing up the Chaleane Extreme program.   I've noted changes in my body that are amazing! Not so much on the scale, but my arms are slimmer, still fatty, but I can actually see a difference now.  I am convinced that I was real ninny about Strenght Training and lifting heavy! I am now a  believer of going heavy or going home!   So if you want to give it a go, and order the program, please do so from my beachbody coach website!  I can root for you all the way!

I also started training for a Mud Run training! I figure it is time to go beyond my comfort zone, and this was a good place to start! now granted I am only doing the 5k, which comes out to like 3miles or so, but I am not a runner! specially  a runner where I have to overcome obstacles lmao, but I am going to do it anyway!  We see changes when we do more!

So basically I have 3tips to share :)  Stick to a schedule for the activities you wish to accomplish that day, If you are afraid of weights, don't be, they will slim you down, not bulk you up (its very rare if they do bulk you up), and do something you've never dreamed of doing, you will be amazed with your own "wowness"

Till Next Time!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Positive Attitude Matters

"...Attitude to me is more important than facts.  It is more important than the past, than education than money, than circumstances, than failures, than success, that what other people think say or do.  It is more important than appearance, gift, or skill.  It will make or break you.  The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day...I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.  And so it is with you...we are in charge of our attitudes." - Charles Swindoll.

Do you think this is so?  I do.   Having the positive attitude everyday is what has helped me stay somewhat in track with my goals.  Have I been following my goals, to the "T"?  no, there has been some deviations, but all in all I am accomplishing what I've set out to do.  I used to complain about not having time for exercise.  I used to complain about not having the time to cook something healthy so going through the drive-thru was faster.   And then I realized, I am probably spending the same amount of time complaining than doing.  Most of the complaining was within myself, it was an interior war everyday.   Still is.  Having a positive attitude does not happen overnight.  I am not suddenly in the right mind set to stick to my plans.  Its a choice that I do everyday, lately it has become an easier choice.     I am not thinking and working on my attitude as much anymore, however life happens and suddenly I have to catch myself and re-direct my thoughts.   I've found that I am not only having a positive attitude with my health but with my everyday interactions with others, as well as with building my part-time business.

How does one get in the right mind set, the right attitude to take care our bodies?   This article talks about it  and how to practice having a positive attitude.  My favorite tip for a positive attitude is number 2 - Feeling grateful for something.   What I feel grateful is my life.  As I sit here writing this, Eric (Child #4) is whining about wanting the paint brush that my daughter has, and my husband has pulled another paint brush, but  Eric insists he wants the one Ximena has.  I am listening to the whining and my husband explaining that if he wants a paint brush he is going to have to use the one he is giving him, while at the same time he is trying to concentrate to watch the world cup final (Spain just scored, they are practically the champion)...really for any other person all this may sound very annoying... and it really is,  but I am actually enjoying it...well not completely, but I know this is something I need to enjoy  because very soon my kids will be out doing their own thing, and resolving their own problems.  I am grateful for the family I have, I am grateful for the not so stress free moments.  I am grateful for this moment in time lol.  So there you have it, being grateful for something in your life its a step in the right direction for having a positive attitude :).

What do you guys do to help you stay in the right mind set?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Food Addiction

This week one of my weight loss groups on Facebook brought up the topic of food addiction.  To determine if you might have a problem there are a series of questions one must answer.   2 years ago, I would have answered in the affirmative to the majority the questions.  There was one question in particular that caught my attention.  I can't remember the exact question verbatim, but it was something to the effect "Do you feel guilty after eating?" I did feel guilty.  After finishing my food, I would start berating myself, why did I eat that?  I should have not had that!  Most of the time I just kept eating because the food was good, I was full but just kept eating it.   Afterwards,  it was an internal lecturing with myself.  I felt disgusted with myself.  It was an awful feeling. I used to hate sharing my food.  If I had cake, I would devour my slice before the others would finish theirs, so they wouldn't ask to have some of mine...sad wasn't?  So what changed?  I am trying to pick my brain to find out the process to overcome this.

I know that what drove me to start cooking healthier options for the family was that Omar came back with high cholesterol levels.  However, when we do have pizza, I eat my slice or two and I stop.  Afterwards I am not berating myself.  I am enjoying the food, without overeating.  I am not only enjoying the slice of pizza, but I am enjoying the healthy food too.  When I make black bean soup, my portion is adequate, I actually enjoy the flavors, the garlic, the cumin.  I am not overeating....again what happened that made me change the way I look at the food?  Omar's health was just the event that prompted me to take action, but I wonder, internally what process my brain went through to look at food differently?  I know it was a day to day process.   I know that I stopped buying the everyday offenders to avoid the temptations in my own home.   I incorporated exercise.  I started to internally telling myself that if I gave in to temptation, that it wouldn't be a big deal, just add an extra workout.   I love chocolate.  When I first started, chocolate is all I would think about.   So to help I started to slowly lower my portion of chocolate.  I felt like a little kid, but I instructed my husband to only give me one piece of chocolate after dinner; no more.  Even if I got mad, he had to help me.  And that's what he did.  Only one piece of chocolate a day.     I don't need that Dove chocolate anymore, at least not everyday :)     Many would of frowned upon the fact that I was still having chocolate while trying to loose weight.

One can determine that what changed is the everyday little things I did without depriving myself.   To the ordinary eye, might not seem like a big deal, since "she is not really dieting", and guess what its exactly what I am doing.  I am not dieting.  I am making healthier choices everyday, even small ones that  compounded overtime has helped overcome my food addiction. In the past 3 months I've incorporated Shakeology into my nutrition plan.  A sacrifice to say the least, but not really.  Its an investment in my own health.  I don't see it as s weight loss drink.  I see it for what it is, a meal replacement packed with all my daily vitamin needs.  But it works for me for the simple reason, that I am not going out to eat anymore.  I am cooking my meals at home, thus the money I would of spend dining out, I am just redirecting that money to my  Shakeology purchase, and guess what?  At the end of the month I am actually spending less.

Food addiction is very hard to overcome, I am actually surprise that I've come so far, but at the same time I know that I am here today thanks to the the support of my family, facebook friends, my daily chats With The Man Up Above, and my own resilience in making the choices.  Don't underestimate the small choices that you do everyday, compounded overtime they will help you.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chalean Extreme - Burn Phase completed

I am done with the first phase of ChaLEAN Extreme, called the Burn Phase.   This is the first time I truly stick to a true strength training program.  Strength training can be an out of comfort zone for many women, I know it was for me, but I decided to trust Chalene and my friends and believe that weight lifting will not bulk one up, and guess what?  I am believer!  During this first phase I did not see that number in the scale go drastically down, I was mentally prepared for that.  But I was surprised to see my body fat percentage go down, and the fact that I actually lost one inch from each arm! (my arms are pretty big) I dream when I can wear tank tops and my arms are leaned and toned.  I now know I am on the right path! Strength training is the way to go :)  of course don't forget about your cardio :)  This program, does have a cardio element to it, being a beachbody program, this isn't a surprise since beachbody truly does give you all the elements to be successful, you just need to find the right program, the right trainer that motivates you!  Going back to the cardio portion of CLX , its different from Turbo Jam, its more athletic, it has burpies some football drills, and its pretty fun. It makes you feel strong and your heart rate does go up, its a lot of anaerobic drills.  

Another thing that I like about this program, is that it comes with a motivational audio CD from Chalene herself, I listen to it once a week while I am stuck in traffic.   I also loved the fact that Chalene is obsessed with right form :)  there is a dvd that shows how to properly do each exercise both with dumbbells and with bands.  During the workouts, she also talks about form, and walks around checking everybody out, and even calls herself out when she is not doing the exercise right, thats awesome because it makes me be my own personal trainer :) I even ask my husband or son to spot me to make sure I am doing the exercise with the right form.  I also like that the program is designed in such away that you truly do progress to lift heavier.  I don't want to brag...but during the last week I was curling 15lbs :)  

If you are like me, that going to the gym is not an option because of time, but you want to start strength training, I highly recommend Chalean Extreme. 

Please come back to check my my results for the Push Phase, that starts today! :)  In the mean time here are some visuals of my first 30 days....


Thursday, June 10, 2010

What do I think about shakeology?

(I Posted this on my facebook on May 11th)

As you can read from my posts, I drink Shakeology, which is a nutritional shake. You can go to my website and read what a true marvel this drink is, I can't do it justice. You can also go to the website read what others saying about it, and even see that doctors are endorsing it. That is all good. However, I want to give you my personal take on it!

As you probably know I have 5 kids, a full time job, a home and husband to care of and I still find time to workout. Last night was one of my busiest evenings. Left work at 5pm, stuck in traffic, picked up the kids, got home around 6:30pm. Took care of their immediate needs, potty runs, snacks, left Willy Boy in charge and left to do some grocery shopping. I went to Costco and Food Max. Got home, put the groceries away, started dinner, ate dinner, spend some time at the dinner table talking with the husband and two older kids. Bathed and settled for bedtime all three babies. I was done by 11:30pm, and I still decided to do a quick workout with 20min Turbo Jam. Was I tired? Yes, but I had the energy and stamina to do it. This morning woke up at 6:30am, did my AM workout, prepared the breakfast and lunches, dealt with the Comcast guy and headed to work. I was kind of surprised I actually felt like working out this morning considering I would have been burned out just from last evening. So there it is. Shakeology has done wonders for my own sanity :) I can’t say enough good things about it. If you are hesitant about it, just try it.  It does come with a bottom of the bag 30 day guarantee. You can return the empty bag for a full refund. I personally think it’s worth the try…and if you love chocolate, Chocolate Shakeology is definitely worth a try! and if you ask me nicely (and have some around) I can send you a free sample :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ChaLEAN Extreme!

Hi Peeps!  Well here I go, starting a new fitness program this week! I love my Turbo Jam! Cardio really does make you feel like you worked out, you are puffing, breathing hard, all sweaty after a good cardio exercise, BUT I think its time to bring it up a notch and look into more serious strength training.   After lots of googling and talking to friends the unanimous consensus is that muscle burns fat! and to not be afraid of lifting heavy. My biggest concern, of course, is to bulk up.  Once again the general consensus is that women do not bulk up as men do.  Women need to work extra hard to gain that muscle because we are women and we naturally tend to store fat more easily.    So after jumping on the idea that I should seriously start doing more weight lifting and switch my 5'lbs dumbbells for heavier weights I started to research which program I should do.  Since I am a beachbody coach I looked at those programs first.  I decided for ChaLEAN Extreme.  My reasons are the following: I am not ready for pull ups! lol hence P90x will have to wait, plus I like Chalene.  She has that cheerleader personality that makes want to push more, want more. Although Tony is great too.  I have Power 90 and I totally love his cheesy jokes, but like I said I am not ready for pull ups just yet.

Monday was day 1, of Burn Circuit 1.  What I can say is SLOW AND HEAVY! the point of this program is to reach "failure" meaning you can't possibly do another rep without loosing proper form by the 12th rep.  I am excited about this Burn Phase which is the first 30 days.  Yesterday was a rest day, because you shouldn't weight train everyday.  You need to give time for your muscles to repair.  But just because it was my rest day for weight training didn't mean that I couldn't do Cardio.  So I did my Turbo Jam!.  Today is Burn Circuit 2, and I can't wait to get home and do that workout!

I'll still be doing Turbo Jam, and when Turbo Fire comes out, I'll do a combo of both ChaLEAN Extreme and Turbo Fire. I have the Sneak Peek of Turbo Fire, and its WOW! super intense cardio, lots of jump training.  So here I go super ready and pumped  to do 90 days of ChaLEAN Extreme! who is with me?

Friday, May 7, 2010

My Struggles

Hello Peeps!  Here I am again talking about my weightloss struggles.   I made a new facebook friend, and she mentioned that she would love to be my size...that was a first for me :) 

Being the chubby kid always seemed to define who I am.  I always heard comments such as "Oh, your daughter is pretty, just chubby!" or "your wife is pretty, Angel" but then whispered "just chunky" and I would love to say that comments like that didn't hurt or bother me, but I can't lie, they did hurt! I've been all over the scale since I was kid.  During my pre-school years I was thin.  My Elementary years I was chubby.  My middle school I was thin.  My High School Years I was chubby.  My after High School years I was I am chubby again. 

I mentioned a balance in my last post, and I this is where I am at now.  I am no longer worrying about size but just striving to get healthy.  That is my goal and its helping tremendously in my own self esteem and how comfortable I am in my own body.  Chalene Johnson (creator of turbo jam) says "its all up here" while she points to her head. She is referring to getting the energy to finish the workout, but I am applying it to my everyday struggles as well.  If I say I can do it, I probably can if I just apply myself.  If I say I am going to be healthy, you know what?  I will!

Its all fine and dandy if you don't see what I am talking about, so here are are some pictures of myself through out my life :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

How do you stay healthy? - Part 2

Howdy peeps!  Well continuing with how I've been trying to stay healthy...besides the obvious sugars, I also tried to avoid the unhidden sugars, which I've learned can be avoided when we avoid simple carbs, such as white bread, white rice, or starches.  I've been going whole wheat and grains, that wasn't too much of a sacrifice really. Amazingly I've been able to reduce red meat drastically in my diet.  I personally like beans, so thats what I did.  I incorporated more beans into my diet, and I am not talking about refried beans! loll (honestly my grandma makes some mean refried beans, good thing I only have them when she visits, or we travel to Mexico) Our diets now consists of lean proteins, which is amazing to me.  I used to do some type of pork meat at least once a week.  Red meat at least 3 times a week! Like I mentioned in my earlier blog, this change didn't happen overnight, I still eat pork...but not as much.  I had pozole in December for Christmas Eve dinner, that has been what? 4 months ago? and you know what, I am not feeling deprived.  My personal experience, is to strike a balance with your meals.  I don't get discouraged if  I have tacos one day, I don't even think about as a "cheat" anymore.  However, if I am going to indulge I do try to be smart about it and go for the foods that I really enjoy and not just eat because the food is there.  I know that the next day I will  make it up by by having fish, or even lentils.  However, what I fear right now is that I will loose that balance.  I have to tackle this weightless journey one day at a time, I can't get too cocky :)

If you are looking for a structured weight loss programs, that includes meal plans I recommend you look at beachbody fitness programs, they are fun, and they will get you moving.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How do you stay healthy? - Part 1

Hello peeps! To "kill" sometime between now and the next time I talk about my turbo jam progress, I want to talk about the things I do to stay healthy, maybe you can tell me what you do and we can swap some tips. 

What drove me into trying my best to stay healthy is my kids and my husband.  I don't want them to get a disease that could have been easily prevented if I would have taken the time to instill some healthy habits.  Omar (kid #2) was diagnosed with high cholesterol in 2009, he was only 11, so that scared me.  With changes in his lifestyle, he hasn't been put on medications to control it, and I am thankful for that. 

As soon my focus in nutrition and exercises shifted from "looking good" to "being healthy" I actually started to see results! I am not yo-yoing anymore, its been a steady decline  in pounds for me! maybe not as fast, but it has been cosistent.  I keep reading that loosing weight slowly is the most healthy way to do it, as it keeps you from gaining that weigt back :)

I also decided that I am not going to diet.  Its hard to stick to a diet in the long run.  So I decided to eat healthy for life! soon as you change that mind set, you will notice a difference, trust me.  I can't go cold turkey.  I will set up myself for failure.  Instead, I started making small changes to our meals. I eliminated unnecessary sugars, like soda.  We now only drink it at parties, or when we go out to amusement parks, but its no longer part of our daily lives.  I had to substitute with something so I went for Juice, but it has the same amount of sugar as soda (or even more)!  So I learned to read labels and made sure the Juice I buy has no more than 10 grams of sugar ( I avoid any juice that says cocktail),  and I always water down the juice! at first the kids didn't like it, but now they drink it down with out blinking!  I also eliminated all the BIG cups from our house, and I bought 8oz cups,  not only does my bottle of juice last longer it also limits the juice intake to an actual cup (every calories counts!) as the rule is "only one cup of juice with dinner, if you are thristy before of after get water"  That was the first change I made to our meals.

I'll talk about more things I changed  tomorrow (I need you to keep coming back :), for now try to stay healthy and don't beat yourself if you fell off the wagon today, just get back on it. 

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ginger/Cinammon and Green Tea Drink!

In my internet surfing about about the worlds greatest foods I've come accross ginger a lot.  It always ranked on the top foods list.  I am thinking, Ginger?  I am Mexican and we really don't use ginger in our cooking, so I am thinking how can I incorporate Ginger in my meals?  I can't do Indian food as my husband is totally against Indian food (I've tried to get him to at least taste it, but he won't give in, stubborn man :) anyway some of the benefits of ginger is that it aids with digestion and has antioxidant effects which are things that interest me.  I also came accross cinammon as being a good blood sugar controler and a natural perservative.  Its hard to incorporate cinammon as I am not a baker, and besides oatmeal I don't have many uses for it.  SO I decided to spice up my regular green tea! I cut a piece of ginger, peeled it  added it to into boiling water (about 12oz)  as well as as half a piece of cinammon stick and let it simmer for 5min. I then added my green tea bag and let it steep for 5minutes.  It was good, plus I gave my body some good nutrients without really eating any more food.  Try it and let me know what you think :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

3 day Shakeology Cleanse Completed!

Well, yesterday was my 3rd day following the Shakeology cleanse, and I am glad I did it! I feel refreshed and with an added energy.  I was feeling sluggish and had hit a weight loss plateau.  After the cleanse I was able to pass this hurdle, and I am now ready to hit my fitness routines with vengeance :)  I will continue with good eating habits as well.  I am glad I was exposed to Shakeology it is the healthiest meal of the day! and I feel it.  I am going to continue to substitute it for my GNC protein shake in the AM.  If you want more info on Shakeology ask me!

So now I am going to start with Turbo Jam, and will do some add on workouts such as Jillian and Debbie's Slim Express.    My husband insists that I post pictures, so that you can get a visual sense than just numbers...I am hesitant.  I've lost 33 lbs so far! but I am still not a very pretty sight...unless you compare me to last year, but I didn't take pictures last year so you are just going to take my word for it :).

Lets talk numbers, as of of today (Thursday April 15, 2010) I weigh 146 pounds, chest is 38", waist 32", Hip 38.50", Leg 20", Arm 12".  Here are the pictures....the numbers are more impressive (I used to weigh 180 pounds!) but visually I still have a long ways to go. I can't wait to be able to wear tank tops in public! my arms are huge, I look like a football player LOL - but I will change that!  Here are the before pics, I will post after picture in 6 weeks!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

3 day Shakeology Cleanse

I am getting ready to start my 3 day Shakeology Cleanse that I am doing with other facebook friends!  I am excited.  This cleanse is NOT the master cleanse.  Its basically a cleanse to give your body as much nutrients to help promote flush the junk from your system and regulating hydration levels.  Like I said is not the master cleanse, its performance-orientated.   Its calorically restricted, but the aim is for 1500 so I am not nervous about that aspect.  I'll be taking 3 shakeology shakes a day, PLUS will have a salad full of veggies, 4oz of protein, and good fats which I'll adding flaxseed or avocado, and I will be having fruits as snack, I really doubt I'll be feeling any hunger at all.  However, I will be taking it easy with my workouts.  I'll just be rebounding and doing leslie's sansome in-home walking programs, I'll also throw in some Rodney Yee Yoga for good measure.   This will be an awesome way to jump-start my next fitness phase since I just finished Slim Series, and instead of doing another rotation I'll be switching to Turbo Jam, Power Half Hour, and Jillian's Master Your Metabolism DVD.  My aim is for one hour in the AM and one hour in PM, which shouldn't be too dificult, since I am already doing on hour in the PM and about 30min in the AM.

Wish me luck with my cleanse!  I'll be posting tomorrow night and I'll let you know how I am feeling.

For more information on Shakeology, contact me or go to:

It really is more than you GNC protein shake powder, its filled with whole-food healthy ingredients.

by the way, I am down to 148 pounds!  I am really pumped to start my next fitness phase!  My next fitness goal, is that as I am down to 140 pounds I want to conquer P90X, I hope that if you are thinking of taking that challenge yourself, that you will allow me to be your beachbody coach, and we can do this together!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Night

It's Saturday Night.  I had a long day today.  I was mentally preparing myself to finish up my Slim Series - Slimming rotation with Tone it Up (it will be 5 weeks) and thinking about my upcoming 3 day shakelogy cleanse (I'll post more about later) when I realized all three of my babies are sleep!  My two oldest sons are doing their thing...Omar is reading his book Diary of a Wimpy Kid (the 4th one) William is watching that 70's show.  While browsing in facebook I happened to turn to my husband, and just looked at each other, we have not had not really spend time with just each other ;)  Every time we "escape" and run into our bedroom no more than 10min go by when one or two, sometimes ALL Five are knocking on the door asking/complaining/requesting etc. SO I am going to push Tone it Up for tomorrow in the AM and I'll be sending my husband a come wither smile, I am pretty sure I won't be denied!  My suggestion to you is to spend time with your partner and don't get too caught up with life!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

So not a tech person!

Okay, I've been trying to improve my blog!  As you know I've become a beachbody coach, so I am trying to add links so that just in case you are interesting in getting fit and healthy you can allow me to be your coach!  So I've been trying to add a link to my teambeachbody web page...I am still working on it :)

Anyway, I got my shakeology yesterday! I am super excited.  I am doing a shakeology 3 day cleanse with my peeps! I am excited because I have a feeling that its going to help my body get rid of toxins, which in turn have made fatty deposits (specifically under my arm pits) which do not want to budge! I know, I know I can't spot train, but I keep wondering, when my body will decide to burn that fat! its not very pretty!

Monday, April 5, 2010

I've always struggled with my weight

I've always been fit and healthy impaired. I was that 80's kid that her parents didn't know any better, and was fed McDonalds at least 3 x a week. When I didn't have McD's I purchased cheeseburgers from the AM/PM store. Needlees to say I was also the chubby kid. During my teen's I was able to loose my "baby fat" I was young and looked good, but I wasn't fit or healthy at all!

After my first baby I ballooned to 205 pounds (ouch! I am only 5'1) I was able to get down to 150 and then number 2 came a long. After 3 years I was at 135 pounds, I was "soggy" but hey, I was 135 pounds! I may not have looked good in a two piece bathing suite, but I was just happy that I looked okay with regurlar clothes on.

I saw a Slim n 6 commercial in late 2004, bought it and had awesome results! After that experience kid #3 came along, a year after that kid #4, and a year after that we had kid#5. After my last child, my post-partum weight was 180. In September of 2008, I decided to re-start my exercise program. In February of 2009 I was only down to 175, very dissapointing. In that month, my child #2 had a physical, and it resulted that he had very high cholesterol levels...he was only 11. It finally dawned on me! Nutrition is a big part of the equation! Its not just about looking good, but being healthy and teaching my family the same thing!

A year later, I am down to 150 pounds, my son has better cholesterol numbers, he is more active and is making healthier food choices, I couldn't be more proud of him. This new journey, has been an enlightenment for my whole my family. Its not about being on a diet, its about a life style change. Its about choosing a homemade turkey burger over a fast food burger and not really missing the fries. Its been hard on all of us, but its getting to a point where its becoming second nature, and there are no more moans and groans when I serve fish for dinner.

My oldest son is actually joining me everytime I push play. Being on the path of fitness and eating healthier is now who we are as a family, and its a wonderful feeling. We can't go organic because we just can't afford it, but I am paying more attention to the labels!

I hope I can help you and motivate you to become healthy! Looking good will be a bonus as a result of the healthy new you!

Friday, April 2, 2010

I've decided to become a beachbody coach! am I scared? a I excited? SUPER EXCITED! my excitment outweighs the scary part of becoming a coach. Becoming a coach is not so much about the income(although its a nice perk) but actually helping, encouraging and inspiring people to feel good about themselves, be fit and be healthy! When you reach your health and fitness goals, looking good will come'll even look sexier because the confidence will be there. At least that is what I keep telling myself :)

The reason why I would like to help people reach their fitness and health goals, is because I am going through the same thing. I won't bore you with the details, but I was the chubby kid, being "skinny" does not come naturally to me. I have to work hard. But what really inspired me is my son. February of last year, he had very high cholesterol levels, it dawned on me...its not about me looking good, but its about me and my family to be healthy. I want my kids to be healthy. I want them to want to keep active and exercise. I want them to go for the healthy snack, rather than the doritos. Its been a year now since my son's physical, and he is doing such a great job! Eating healthy now is becoming second nature to our family. Just last evening Omar asked if we could have Pollo Loco for dinner...last year he would of asked for MacDonalds. I said no, but it was a great feeling to hear him voice a healthier option.

I have 5 kids, so me and my husband have to feed 7 of us. There is no way I can afford going organic. I buy my veggies at a regular supermarket, but hey! I am actually buying fresh veggies every week and they don't go rotten! that is a major accomplishment for my house.

So here I go...I've started my healthy/weighloss journey over a year a go, now I am ready to use beachbody to continue to guide me along the way, wish me luck!