Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chalean Extreme - Burn Phase completed

I am done with the first phase of ChaLEAN Extreme, called the Burn Phase.   This is the first time I truly stick to a true strength training program.  Strength training can be an out of comfort zone for many women, I know it was for me, but I decided to trust Chalene and my friends and believe that weight lifting will not bulk one up, and guess what?  I am believer!  During this first phase I did not see that number in the scale go drastically down, I was mentally prepared for that.  But I was surprised to see my body fat percentage go down, and the fact that I actually lost one inch from each arm! (my arms are pretty big) I dream when I can wear tank tops and my arms are leaned and toned.  I now know I am on the right path! Strength training is the way to go :)  of course don't forget about your cardio :)  This program, does have a cardio element to it, being a beachbody program, this isn't a surprise since beachbody truly does give you all the elements to be successful, you just need to find the right program, the right trainer that motivates you!  Going back to the cardio portion of CLX , its different from Turbo Jam, its more athletic, it has burpies some football drills, and its pretty fun. It makes you feel strong and your heart rate does go up, its a lot of anaerobic drills.  

Another thing that I like about this program, is that it comes with a motivational audio CD from Chalene herself, I listen to it once a week while I am stuck in traffic.   I also loved the fact that Chalene is obsessed with right form :)  there is a dvd that shows how to properly do each exercise both with dumbbells and with bands.  During the workouts, she also talks about form, and walks around checking everybody out, and even calls herself out when she is not doing the exercise right, thats awesome because it makes me be my own personal trainer :) I even ask my husband or son to spot me to make sure I am doing the exercise with the right form.  I also like that the program is designed in such away that you truly do progress to lift heavier.  I don't want to brag...but during the last week I was curling 15lbs :)  

If you are like me, that going to the gym is not an option because of time, but you want to start strength training, I highly recommend Chalean Extreme. 

Please come back to check my my results for the Push Phase, that starts today! :)  In the mean time here are some visuals of my first 30 days....


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