Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Night

It's Saturday Night.  I had a long day today.  I was mentally preparing myself to finish up my Slim Series - Slimming rotation with Tone it Up (it will be 5 weeks) and thinking about my upcoming 3 day shakelogy cleanse (I'll post more about later) when I realized all three of my babies are sleep!  My two oldest sons are doing their thing...Omar is reading his book Diary of a Wimpy Kid (the 4th one) William is watching that 70's show.  While browsing in facebook I happened to turn to my husband, and just looked at each other, we have not had not really spend time with just each other ;)  Every time we "escape" and run into our bedroom no more than 10min go by when one or two, sometimes ALL Five are knocking on the door asking/complaining/requesting etc. SO I am going to push Tone it Up for tomorrow in the AM and I'll be sending my husband a come wither smile, I am pretty sure I won't be denied!  My suggestion to you is to spend time with your partner and don't get too caught up with life!

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