Monday, October 24, 2016

Week of 10.24.16

Good morning TrueFit friends! 
Just one more week before Halloween! WE have changes coming up for the rest of the year, but before I get ahead of myself, here is this week's schedule: 

My Saturday morning crew wanted a class so I am doing a fitness class a combination of different formats, so come out and WORK before we PARTY at 5pm!  So yes, this Saturday is our Halloween Zumba Party! I have a few guest instructors! 

I am going to be dropping names so make sure to check the FB page every day.

So lets get started with the annoucements, I have a few so please stick with me:

In November and in December I have several Friday's cancelled due to Zin Jams, Zumba Master Classes and family activities.  So this upcoming Friday will be the last Friday of the year at @TrueFit -- Friday's will resume starting in January.  My Friday crew loves the Friday classes so I will be adding a Tuesday 6pm class and we are going to be alternating.  One Tuesday it will be toning, the next Tuesday it will be Cize.  So if you have been curious about this formats Tuesday nights (starting next week) will be your chance! Next Monday I will post the full November schedule so you guys can plan accordingly. 

That Brings us to December! The last day before the Christmas break will be December 17th! I will have a special "before we break" class and a "welcome back" class on January 3rd.  More details to come on that next month.  

Also stay tune for some Class Cards price sales for January -- I'll post about the sale in the first week of December

One of the master classes I will be attending in November will be with ZJ's Meli and Rob! the dynamic duo! you guys dont' want to miss this! I will be carpooling from my home so I encourage you guys to come! we can meet there or if you want to carpool with me that's also cool! - Get your tickets!

I think that is  enough TrueFit  announcements for this week :) 

Personal - Journey
So some of you know I had injured my right leg about 2 weeks ago, but last week was when I really started to get worried, and I got subs for a few of my Zumba classes to rest up my knee.  I also did a lot of pampering to my leg.  At first I really did think that it was my knee but after my acupuncture session (which I am going to take a 2nd one this week) she did something that release something and my knee felt A LOT BETTER, but my hamstring and calves were SUPER Sore and they did feel like they were pulling in a not so good way.  I also did some Float Therapy  on Wednesday night and Saturday night -- one word-- AMAZING! please try it! sooooo relaxing! and on Thursday I did some Cryotherapy during my lunch break, quick and easy, and will probably go again sometime during the week.  I also bought a knee brace based on several recommendations.  I do have some but they don't really work, they are the sleeve kind, and they just really cut into my thigh and calve, this time I bought one that wraps around, and I noticed yesterday that when I wear it when I sit down my knee doesn't stiffen at the time I get up.  When I take it off and my knee feels a little bit stronger.  But I am still modifying, so this week you will notice my playlist has a lot more low impact.  

This Saturday I also went to my Strong by Zumba training.  I took it easy and modified through out.  But this format is so very doable! there is the regular "class" but the songs have "Switch outs" which can either be modified moves or progressions to make the move more of a challenge.  One of the things I learned on Saturday was not to say "I am not strong enough" or "I am weak, I can't do that" yes you can! you are just not trained for it we fix it by getting you trained.  And as your group X instructor my job is to structure the class with the appropriate "switch outs" to make you feel successful and get you stronger to to be able to do the more challenging moves as you progress.   So now it's just a matter of time for me to practice and get the class ready for you! 

I know lots to share this week! Let's do this and I will see you tomorrow! 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week of 10/17/16

Good morning!
Hope you all had a great weekend.  I had a good weekend too. However about 9 days ago, I had a slight injury on my knee and it feels "more" strained this morning.  I need to rest it up because this Saturday I have the Strong training.  So with that said, I am trying to get Charito to sub my class tomorrow but (dont' worry) class won't be cancelled.   IF I can't get a sub I will just adjust our playlist :) no worries.  Also since I do have a Strong training on Saturday I am also trying to find a sub for you guys...for now the class is tentative, please check TrueFit FB page on Friday night where I will post if its happening or not.  

Don't forget in 2 weeks we have our Zumba Halloween Glow Party! 

Invite your friends and family!   Charito and I are excited and we have some special guest instructors :)

Hope you all have good week, and I will see you tomorrow even if I am not teaching class :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week of 10.10.16

Good morning!

Happy Tuesday! I had a day off yesterday so didn't get a chance to post this week's schedule! PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO 6:15 INSANITY CLASS ON THURSDAY NIGHT! 

Where will I be on Thursday? well I will be heading out to San Ramon to celebrate Zumba style the birthday of one my Zin family, Charito will be joining me so Nessa will be subbing for me on Thursday! get ready to sweat and fill the TrueFit dance floor with energy! 

Last Friday and Saturday I went to 2 jam sessions with Jhon Gonzales. He is one of the best jammers out there, and we are lucky to have him in California, and he comes 1x (maybe 2x) up to the Bay Area.  He is the presenter of the Zumba Convention session called Latin Urban. So lots of Latin rhythms with funky/electronic/world music elements.  With that said I am having conflicts with my I created 3! we will dance to these randomly in the next upcoming weeks. 

On Saturday night we are celebrating Halloween Zumba style! Charito and I are getting ready for you and we have some special guest instructors!  so reserve your spot! 

Hope you are having a good week, and I WILL see you tonight!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week of 10.3.16

Good morning! 
Hope you all had a great weekend!  Thank you for joining me this Saturday at our Lady of Rosary! and a big thank you to our guest instructor Amy Chang 

Here is this week's schedule:

Please note there is no Friday classes - I will be going to a jam session with Jhon Gonzales.  If you haven't had a chance to dance with him, he will be having a master class on Sunday at Concord 

In my personal journey there are 2 concepts I am trying to embrace and that is finding balance with my eating and my personal workouts...I hope you are too :) 

Hope you have a great week!