Thursday, December 9, 2010

Balance - Inspired by Coaches' Blog

Hi Guys!

Well yesterday I read my coaches Blog and she talks about balance.  We can't over do" it" or we can hinder the results of our goals, be that fitness or whatever area in your personal life.  It struck home to me. My scale has been stuck between 138 and 140 (depends on the time of the month) for over 2 months now.  I've been working out both in the AM and the PM.  My eating has been good...not perfect, but has been the same since early this year.  I also read this great article today from beachbody about not eating enough?  well I am not sure what my situation might be but I am determine to find out!  I got my body bugg last week! I still need to set up my account...I will do so tonight!  am I undereating?overeating?  I know I am working out ;)  am I over training?  what ever the reason I will find out with my new tool!  With that said...I guess I really shouldn't focus too much on that number!  To tell the truth I am feeling GREAT!  I am getting up in the morning between 5:30am to 5:45am to workout, and in the PM I usually don't go to bed until about 11pm....I am only running on 6 hours sleep and I know I am getting a good night sleep, I feel refresh in the morning.  Its been A LONG TIME since I've felt burned out, with 5 kids I was constantly tired.  I remember last year when everytime I took a picture my face always looked tired, my eyes seemed lazy, and now I look alive in my pictures.  The way I feel inside is being reflected in the pictures! So I really shouldn't get bumbed out about the number on the frame is a lot smaller and that is something!