Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How to Become a Fit Mommy!

OMG my friends! so sorry that I've neglected my blog.   Without going to much into it, its been stressful at work, all of a sudden there is deadlines and at the same time become knowledgable of things that I wasn't before.  Unfortunately that means that my thoughts were pushed to the back burner...but on the bright side my workouts have not been pushed to the back burner :).  I've been bringing it and I am on the second phase of P90X. I feel great!

I've been thinking a lot of ways on how to get motivated to workout.  As mothers (doesn't matter if we are a stay at home mom or a working mom and taking care of the home duties at the same time) it feels like there are just not enough time in the day to workout.  We get discouraged.  Just know that we all have the same time in a day, we are busy, so the Big Dollar Question: How to get motivated to workout?  I can share with you my answer...we all have the answer within ourselves, we just need to dig deeper.  I am sharing my own answer with you to help you find that fire that will help keep active everyday.

I had to change my thinking.  As Jin Rohn would say, I changed my philosophy.  My motive to getting in shape shifted from "Looking Sexy" to "Having the stamina and being healthy for my family"  sounds cliche but its the truth.   As a mom my priority is being there for my kids and my husband.  I can't become sick.  I can't become tired.  I need to be there for them, support and take care of them both emotionally and financially so I can't let my health deteriorate.   If finding the time to workout is getting up 30-45min earlier, then I will.   Not just for me but for my family as well.  Its about them, which means that my fitness and health is about me.  Its what I do to improve myself for them.  Totally worth it.  Thats what works for me, thats my  answer to that Big Dollar Question.  Whats your answer?  What's going to motivate you?  is it your health? if you focus on your health, and leave the esthetics  (how I look, how others view me) behind, then  success will be easier to achieve because the focus will be on how you feel and that in it self is a  great motivator!