Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ChaLEAN Extreme!

Hi Peeps!  Well here I go, starting a new fitness program this week! I love my Turbo Jam! Cardio really does make you feel like you worked out, you are puffing, breathing hard, all sweaty after a good cardio exercise, BUT I think its time to bring it up a notch and look into more serious strength training.   After lots of googling and talking to friends the unanimous consensus is that muscle burns fat! and to not be afraid of lifting heavy. My biggest concern, of course, is to bulk up.  Once again the general consensus is that women do not bulk up as men do.  Women need to work extra hard to gain that muscle because we are women and we naturally tend to store fat more easily.    So after jumping on the idea that I should seriously start doing more weight lifting and switch my 5'lbs dumbbells for heavier weights I started to research which program I should do.  Since I am a beachbody coach I looked at those programs first.  I decided for ChaLEAN Extreme.  My reasons are the following: I am not ready for pull ups! lol hence P90x will have to wait, plus I like Chalene.  She has that cheerleader personality that makes want to push more, want more. Although Tony is great too.  I have Power 90 and I totally love his cheesy jokes, but like I said I am not ready for pull ups just yet.

Monday was day 1, of Burn Circuit 1.  What I can say is SLOW AND HEAVY! the point of this program is to reach "failure" meaning you can't possibly do another rep without loosing proper form by the 12th rep.  I am excited about this Burn Phase which is the first 30 days.  Yesterday was a rest day, because you shouldn't weight train everyday.  You need to give time for your muscles to repair.  But just because it was my rest day for weight training didn't mean that I couldn't do Cardio.  So I did my Turbo Jam!.  Today is Burn Circuit 2, and I can't wait to get home and do that workout!

I'll still be doing Turbo Jam, and when Turbo Fire comes out, I'll do a combo of both ChaLEAN Extreme and Turbo Fire. I have the Sneak Peek of Turbo Fire, and its WOW! super intense cardio, lots of jump training.  So here I go super ready and pumped  to do 90 days of ChaLEAN Extreme! who is with me?

Friday, May 7, 2010

My Struggles

Hello Peeps!  Here I am again talking about my weightloss struggles.   I made a new facebook friend, and she mentioned that she would love to be my size...that was a first for me :) 

Being the chubby kid always seemed to define who I am.  I always heard comments such as "Oh, your daughter is pretty, just chubby!" or "your wife is pretty, Angel" but then whispered "just chunky" and I would love to say that comments like that didn't hurt or bother me, but I can't lie, they did hurt! I've been all over the scale since I was kid.  During my pre-school years I was thin.  My Elementary years I was chubby.  My middle school I was thin.  My High School Years I was chubby.  My after High School years I was I am chubby again. 

I mentioned a balance in my last post, and I this is where I am at now.  I am no longer worrying about size but just striving to get healthy.  That is my goal and its helping tremendously in my own self esteem and how comfortable I am in my own body.  Chalene Johnson (creator of turbo jam) says "its all up here" while she points to her head. She is referring to getting the energy to finish the workout, but I am applying it to my everyday struggles as well.  If I say I can do it, I probably can if I just apply myself.  If I say I am going to be healthy, you know what?  I will!

Its all fine and dandy if you don't see what I am talking about, so here are are some pictures of myself through out my life :)