Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Out with Bad Habits!

Howdy friends!

So its the start of a new month.  I am in the middle of the Push Phase for Chalean Extreme - 2 more weeks of push before I move into the Lean Phase. I am also going to start Insanity on September 10th, so for  5 weeks I am going to be doing both programs.  So NEW GOALS! actually this month I am not going to work towards a goal per se, I am going to reverse it.  I am going to work to break some of my bad habits.  Here are my bad habits that I will break:

1.  When I see that the number on the scale is coming down, and people around tell me I am looking good, for some reason I tend to think "YAY" in my mind that gives me a green light to eat bigger portions, or have more way dessert than what I intended. That stops now, otherwise I will take me a long time to see 130lbs.

2.  When I have an opportunity to go for a quick walk at my lunch hour, I tend to stay sitting down at my desk, I should take advantage of those moments when I can go for a quick walk.

3.  Stop munching when I am not really hungry, just because I am enjoying the "flavor"

With my group fitness - I am doing great! I am meeting my goals :) I am going to be teaching Turbo kick 4x a week pretty soon!  on September 18th I start teaching TK in Newark and Union City, so thats pretty exciting to me!  I am also looking for a zumba class! and best of all I signed up for Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace university, now that has nothing to do with my fitness journey, but its exciting to take active steps into getting my finances/spending habits in order, all in all things are falling into place very nicely!  

Here are some of my zumba videos, so you guys can get a feel for my "style"