Monday, January 10, 2011

Where am I?

Hi Guys!

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR! Its a time for new beginning and I am ready!

Well first, I want to say that I am loving my body bugg.  Its a great fitness tool, and if you are going to use the information that it gives you and tweak your fitness programs and nutrition accordingly its worth the investment.  When I don't work out it turns out that I burn around 1800 calories.  After 3 weeks of using my body bugg the pattern was establish that I was burning the same amount I was eating around 2200 calories a day.   SO, I am eating same amount as if I wanted to maintain my weight, which I am not.  So I am now eating no more than 1800 calories, and not below 1500 calories (But mostly the higher calorie range.  After this month of using it I will let you know if my tweak worked :)

This year I also started P90X, today is day 8 of 90.   So far so good, and I was given the go ahead that even if my husband has to miss a day ( in case he has to workout late) I  can go ahead and do the workout without him! LOL so far he hasn't missed a workout either.   Still I can't seem to let go of Turbo so I am also doing Turbo in the AM sometimes...and I also got the RevAbs.   When I have time in the AM to workout I am alternating between Turbo Fire and Rev Abs.   It should be an exciting 90 days for my body I can't wait for April to come around!

Another resolution for 2011 is to get myself organize, so I am also doing Chalene Johnson 30 day challenge.  I don't have a phone for my to - do - list so for now I am doing my to do list in excel, as well as writing it down in a little notebook so that I can carry that with me at all times, and open up the excel file when I am working in the office.  But another goal is to purchase a smart phone...not anytime soon, but hopefully in the next 90 days! 

I have a lot to accomplish in the 90 Days, and I am determine to win :) Lets do this!  What are you goals for the next 90 days?