Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 7/25/16

Happy Monday!

I am so excited! tomorrow I leave for Zumba Convention! 4 days or dancing and learning, and getting inspired! 

So this week we only have 2 classes and they will be lead by the awesome Nessa!

If you guys want to follow my ZinCon (zumba convention) experience check out my facebook! :) I will be posting on the TrueFit like page, but most of it will be posted on my personal, feel free to send me a friends a request.  

I will be back 8/2 and ready to teach! This is 8/1/16 week schedule: 

Please note that Sundays for now will be cancelled, I will consider adding it back in September/October depending the demand/requests :) 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 7.18.16

Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Here is this week's schedule:

Please note that there is no class this Friday.  Also since I will be at the Zumba convention Iet me post next week schedules:

Please note that there are only 2 zumba classes the week of 7/25 and they will be subbed by the fabulous Nessa Lopez!   

I am getting excited about the Zumba Convention! This upcoming weekend its all about packing and getting ready. I hope you guys come and workout with me this week! 

Have an awesome week!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 7/11/16

Happy Monday!!

I am back! and I am feeling refreshed and I had forgotten how much I love camping! do you have that activity that just fills your heart? well...obviously Zumba does that for me, especially Zumba Jams (when I dance for 3 hours and learn new choreo) BUT CAMPING...well it's THE ACTIVITY I get the same feeling but I actually share it with my family, and it's just awesome.  

This week we have a full schedule at TrueFit, so please come out and sweat! 
If you truly appreciate Sundays please make sure to attend this month :)


Also this month there is a special event happening with #SteveandKass they are AWESOME Zumba Zes and they represent Zumba around the world! it's like bringing a little bit of the Zumba Convention locally and its open to everyone! plus you will be supporting a great cause

I am going! so if your going and want to carpool let me know!

If you can't wait till tomorrow to burn those calories with me, you can join me tonight at Crunch San Lorenzo at 6:30pm for Yoga Sculpt and Zumba at 7pm!