Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shoulders and Arms - P90X

I am actually following the P90X classic Schedule!  Well I shouldn't get too ahead of myself :)  Last night I did Shoulders and Arms.  Great work out.  The rounds went, shoulders, triceps and biceps....each round was done twice.   It was about 55min workout.  It felt good.  My arms are sore today..I kinda like that feeling although it makes it difficult to reach for stuff.  They say Tony is corny...I can see that, but he is genuine and he makes me laugh...thus the workouts don't seem that long.  Well, except for Yoga X...and that is whats on the schedule tonight.  Not sure that I can handle a hour and half worth of extreme yoga my plan is to chicken out of Yoga X tonight and instead put in Rodney Yee's Beginner Yoga DVD.  I will do the the Pose Guide and the Evening Yoga workout.  That should be about 35min or so.  I am also going to add some Turbo Fire!  this morning I was able to add Turbo 45so I  am thinking I should go for the HiiT 20 tonight.  I guess I should do the HiiT first then Yoga do unwind :)

My Mud Run training is coming along.  I need to walk on more "hilly" loops.  I am only doing the 5k, so I am not worried about the jogging part, but I am Excited ( i refuse to use the word scared) about the actual Mud and drills, and obstacles! I am thinking it should be fun, and something I need to do for myself.  Its something that I never thought I would do.  If I do this I  know I can do I am determine to do it!  The family and I decided to arrive on the 30th, campout, and I get to go pick up my number.  Then the next day its the run!  I won't be able to stay long after it, as we need to drive back home for our Halloween Stravaganzza, but I am just happy the husband and kids are coming with me and cheering me on! it should be a very fun weekend. 

So here I go...I am heading home and putting my workout plan to action!


  1. Keep up the effort! I'm tired just reading this! I get to tackle Yoga X in the morning. It's the hardest one for me but I always feel accomplished afterwards. Give it a chance! Tony says to pick a 45 minute stretch if you can't do the whole thing!

  2. Thansk Tamara ;)I've decided to just go for it this week I'll report back how I felt.