Monday, March 30, 2015

Schedule - Week 3/30/15

Good morning! Hope you all had a great weekend!  Here is this week's schedule:

Please note that this Monday there is no Zumba Gold as Roseann will be out on Spring Break! Instead of cancelling, I will be offering regular Zumba, so hope to see you there!

Also in  2 weeks AWESOME Meli will be holding a special 90min class on Saturday 4/11 at 9:30.  Pre-pay is $12 this will ensure a spot! Many of you have reserved your spot already, and for those who haven't and will be around, I highly recommend you do! Capacity is almost full and I really, really, really want to encourage you to come out and Zumba with this lovely lady.  We all have that one instructor that we love and inspire us, Meli is that to me! She is my friend and mentor :) 

Last week several of you have told me how Zumba have helped you loose weight, help out relieve the stress and its very inspiring to me. I am so glad I am part of your journey and that you have chosen to come to my studio! I want to thank you and let you guys know that not only do I appreciate you but you guys push me to reach my own goals as well :) 

See you guys tonight! 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Schedule 3/23/15

Good Morning! mmm actually it's already noon! so good afternoon :) Here is this week's schedule: 

Please note that this Friday there is only 1 class -  and Charito will add an extra 15min of "Stretch" so come out and get your weekend off right!

Please stay tuned, as we close up March there will be a few changes in the general schedule.  We have exciting announcements in the next weeks, so stay tuned.  I wish I could tell you I would be adding PiYo soon, however, I have been swamped with family stuff so I haven't had a chance to practice. But  I will be bringing this great format to TrueFit soon! 

I want to thank all who donated and/or came to dance with me last Friday to the Relay for Life event as we fund raise to combat cancer! 

This past weekend was a blast for me! I attended 2 great jam sessions! One was full of Dancehall flavor! and the other was just 100% my type of rhythms! 
What I love about jam sessions is that I bring you guys fresh new songs and  they help me grow as an instructor as I teach other rhythms  that I would not normally gravitate to :) anyway I am excited but also have a small dilemma as I am putting together this week's playlist.  But it is a great dilemma to have! 

Also, I am hosting Meli (ZJ jammer) for a 90min Zumba Master Class on Saturday 4/11 at 9:30am! pre-pay your spot! as you know we have limited space, and this will be a HOT class, we will have lots of guests so make sure to ensure your spot :)

I'll see you guys tonight for Zumba Toning at 6:15pm and then Zumba Gold with Roseann! tell your friends about this class, it's a great basic class! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16th Schedule

Here is this Week's Schedule:

Please remember there is no class this Friday! So far we have 5 of us going to Newark and joining me as I participate with 7 other instructors at a fund raiser event for Relay for Life, see me to get your ticket! $15 

Next month I will be hosting Meli Kirkwood for an awesome 90min of Pure Zumba! See me for your spot! Please note there will be no regular Zumba on that day, you need to experience Meli in full force :) this class will be open to everyone, so make sure you pre-pay to ensure your spot as I am sure there will be many visiting instructors to take this class.  

See you guys tonight for Zumba Toning at 6:15pm and Zumba Gold at 7:15pm with Roseann! 

Monday, March 9, 2015

3/9/15 schedule

Good morning! 

Here is this week's schedule!

We can't believe that after this week we are already mid March! Remember this month Sunday  classes are free ;) I am alternating with Zumba and Pound.  Stay tuned because in the next up coming months the schedule may alter a bit with the adding of PiYo as well as going full force with Pound.  Pound is an awesome workout, your core and legs will just be thanking you! :) remember the more you work your bigger muscle groups the more calories you burn ;-) so stay tuned for that.

Also a reminder that on Friday March 20th there will be no class as I will be participating at a fundraiser event in Newark, donating for that is $15 and it's a 90min Zumba class with a variety of instructors! lots of fun and all for a good cause! 

Stay tuned as Friday March 27th maybe canceled too I will know more later this week.  

For those of you who are new to our studio and are wondering "I haven't worked out in a long time" or "I am just starting out" please note that all of my classes are doable for all fitness levels, we provide modifications, and we encourage you to go at your own fitness levels.  However, I totally understand where your coming from so with that said, I totally recommend Zumba Gold which is more basic, and easier on the knees. That is tonight at 7:15pm.  Also come out and try Zumba Toning it is  a bit slower pace as we concentrate more on muscles groups such as biceps, triceps, shoulders, legs , back ;) but you also work a lot "smarter" 

See you guys tonight! 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Week Schedule 3/2/15

Good morning!
Here is this week's Schedule! 

I am particular happy this week because I am going to teach Pound!!!  I haven't taught Pound at all this year so far. Something comes up, either I need a sub, or it's cancelled because of rain, so I am excited! and I hope you are too and joining in making #LETSMAKENOISE!  This class is free all this month! So we Pound on 3/8 and 3/22!

Don't forget, Friday March 20th we don't have classes as I will be participating at the Relay for Life Charity Fundraiser in Newark, 90min of Zumba with 7 instructors, including me! if you want to join me check with me for tickets.  It will be fun, you get to dance and you will be donating for a good cause! win win!