Friday, April 23, 2010

How do you stay healthy? - Part 2

Howdy peeps!  Well continuing with how I've been trying to stay healthy...besides the obvious sugars, I also tried to avoid the unhidden sugars, which I've learned can be avoided when we avoid simple carbs, such as white bread, white rice, or starches.  I've been going whole wheat and grains, that wasn't too much of a sacrifice really. Amazingly I've been able to reduce red meat drastically in my diet.  I personally like beans, so thats what I did.  I incorporated more beans into my diet, and I am not talking about refried beans! loll (honestly my grandma makes some mean refried beans, good thing I only have them when she visits, or we travel to Mexico) Our diets now consists of lean proteins, which is amazing to me.  I used to do some type of pork meat at least once a week.  Red meat at least 3 times a week! Like I mentioned in my earlier blog, this change didn't happen overnight, I still eat pork...but not as much.  I had pozole in December for Christmas Eve dinner, that has been what? 4 months ago? and you know what, I am not feeling deprived.  My personal experience, is to strike a balance with your meals.  I don't get discouraged if  I have tacos one day, I don't even think about as a "cheat" anymore.  However, if I am going to indulge I do try to be smart about it and go for the foods that I really enjoy and not just eat because the food is there.  I know that the next day I will  make it up by by having fish, or even lentils.  However, what I fear right now is that I will loose that balance.  I have to tackle this weightless journey one day at a time, I can't get too cocky :)

If you are looking for a structured weight loss programs, that includes meal plans I recommend you look at beachbody fitness programs, they are fun, and they will get you moving.

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