Friday, August 22, 2014

New Opportunity!

Good morning! well I am super excited!  Imagine me all "cheerleader hyper" (don't mean to stereotype or offend)   because that is how I am currently feeling.   I may look nonchalant but I am truly, truly excited!   Heidi Oatis the owner of Dans Di Ballo offered me the studio.  We've been talking about it for a couple months now.  Scary at first.  Owning your own business can be.  But hey, I am not that young anymore so if I  want something I must GO FOR IT!

Effective 9/1/14 I will be the proud owner of Dans Di name will come.  I've already have one in mind (there is a clue below.) It won't be official until I formally apply for my business license, which I am in the process of doing.  All of this is new to me so I really appreciate your patience.  I did have plans, like to expand a bit, change the flooring.  However, I need to crawl before I walk.  I have to be smart.  So for now studio will remain as is.  The first bit of information that I am revealing is the new schedule.  This schedule will be effective 9/2.   I want to offer demos to give you a feel for the new formats (unless you are an M&M Fitness Student) you only know me as Zumba instructor :) I wish I could offer the demos before 9/2 but I can't because of scheduling conflicts.  So Demos will be on Saturday 9/7.  I will be posting sign up sheets at the studio, so please sign up! Each demo will be 30min long, and will be limited to max of 20 participants.   There will be 3 demos total.  Please bring a friend! (Please! :)

Currently pricing will remain the same $50 for a 10 class card. however I will be offering a monthly pass, more info on that to follow in the next week.