Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Days 9 - 15 of Chalean Extreme

Hello Friends!

Don't think I've slacken off with Burn phase :)  I am right on track!

I did notice though that on the Burn Circuit 3, which focuses on shoulders and legs, that my shoulders did loose some of its strength,  which doesn't surprise me as my shoulders is a weak spot for me.  On the last round I could do 15lbs shoulder presses, now for my shoulder exercises I am down to 12lbs and 10lbs (depending) which I guess is not bad, I mean I don't necessarily want to look like I am wearing shoulder pads ;)  

My eating habits have not been the best lately, so I will come clean on that score.  I mean during the day I've been fine, drinking my shakeology, my snacks, and my lunches have all been good...its right after dinner.  When the kids are all settled, and I am waiting for my p90x buddy to get home.  He has been doing major overtime, so he gets home around 9pm...and I am bored! there I said it, I've been eating out of boredom! ugh! and I know better than that.  But oddly enough, based on my fitnesspal diary even with the not so good choices I am making after dinner,  am still around 1700-1800 calories per day.  So I am thinking that on a a subconsciousness level I know I will succumb at night time, and therefore my calories during the day are not as high?  it can also be that I switched to PB2 so my calories in my shake in the morning is not as high...but still if I would have refrained from eating when I don't need to I could have probably broken my weight plateau!  

I've noticed that if I "vow" things here on my blog, I really do stick to what I say, so here I go!

 I solemnly vow that I will not be doing any eating out of sheer boredom...and I can do some Hustle while I wait for Angel to come home ;)