Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Insanity: The Asylum

Many of you have dug deep with Insanity! and I admit this is one program that I really want to do, but seriously it scares me! LOL BUT I am committed that this will be my next program after P90X! so I am really excited about it.  For those of you who have already earned your Insanity t-shirt and are looking for the next challenge, let me tell you that Shaun T is back with even more craziness! His next program is Insanity: The Asylum Volume 1.

What Is Insanity: The Ayslum? Its the first in-home sports training system which focuses on building strength, balance agility, power and coordination.  Do you want to run faster? gain speed?  you need the coordination and you need to focus to accomplish these, and the Asylum does just that. Its more skill oriented.  It shows people how to jump higher, it has foot performance essence its made to really bring your inner athlete and shine!

How does it differ from Insanity? With Insanity you really dugg deep, put maybe you weren't coming  as low in your squats, not jumping as high, maybe your form wasn't as good.  The Asylum will help you with this. 

The Asylum is a 30 day program of progressing sports drills that will improve your skills, power, focus on form and help you to mentally and phsyically focus.  It will help you transform  into an elite athlete and it is a natural progression from Insanity.

The Science Behind It 
*Cross training with speed, agility, plyometrics, core, strenght and balance exercises
*Series of progressions that take your results to the next level
*Max Interval Training in a sports-specific application

Whos ready for these program?  It is a natural progression from Insanity, but anybody that has done an extreme workout like P90X or Turbo Fire, or has a level of fitness beyond just regular cardio based is ready for this program.  If you know how to do a very good squat or power jump, you are ready for Asylum, but if you are asking for modifications, this is not for you.

What will it include?
~7 DVD's 
~Hybrid Calendars: Aysulm/insanity/ P90x
~ Nutrion Guide – Get Shredded 14 day meal plan
~ Training Guide
~Speed Rope
~Agility Ladder

DVD Details: 30 day program consisting of seven intense workouts under 60 min each:

1. Speed & Agility – Utilizes the ladder, you have to watch where you going, progression. (One of Shaun T's Favorite)

2. Vertical Plyo – Max plyo with cinder blocks on your shoulder. Resistance around your ankles, wrists, and power jumps and land in the ladder.

3. Relief – it really is Relief!

4. Strenght – Hardest strenght training program that Shaun T has developed. You will need dumb bells, and pull up bars, cater to everyone (Also Shaun T's Favorite)

5. Game Day – actually 60min of just about every sport drill that you can think of

6. Overtime – craziest 12 minutes you will encounter within an exercise program

7. Back to Core – Its innovated and fun

Extra Info
  • The speed rope, and agility ladder tools are used to master moves and improve athleticism. Is also includes cross training with weights and resistance . 
  • Don’t be afraid if you can’t do the jump rope and you can practice on your own time. However,once your master it, its an incredible feeling
  • The agility ladder is one foot in between each section and 4 small boxes.  Its small enough to fit in your workout area. And it will become your new best friend. 
What will it cost?
  • Retail Price: $89.85
  • Club Price: $80.87
Shaun T's Tip for Asylum: Form over speed and you will see results

Friday, March 11, 2011

I met Brett Hoebel!

Yesterday, Thursday March 10, 2011 I attended an event in Monterrey, CA where Brett Hoebel attended a conference geared for P.E. Teachers and he also gave a free workout to the teachers as well as the public.   I was so excited about it!

I took the day off and left around 11:00am with Denise Romero, a fellow beachbody coach and we headed out to Monterrey.  It took us about an hour and a half to get there.   We made 2 wrong turns, but we got there with plenty of time!  We looked for parking, found a parking garage near the Custom Plaza House in Monterrey, and we walked over.  We found 2 fellow beachbody coaches who were setting up table full of beachbody programs, shakeology, recovery drink, and P90X protein bars.  We introduced ourselves, then proceeded to find a place to have lunch, because we were starving!

We couldn't find a place to eat! We decided to have lunch at the hotel's restaurant called Jacks.  It was soo good! I figured I might as well order something that I normally wouldn't have.  I ordered the Chef's Signature Dish, which was a sandwich....however it was on ciabatta bread with sliced steak and me it was delish!  Denise was much better than I, however her plate looked very tasty as well.  She ordered a whole wheat chicken looked yummy as well.  

We then headed back to the beachbody table, and really hanged out with the fellow coaches, we met Joy, Melinda and Wendy.  It turned out that all 3 were local!  Joy and Melinda are from both Denise and I home town! I am super excited about that.  We get to bounce ideas, and work with fellow coaches crossed lines.  It was just great.  I also got to meet outside of facebook land one of my personally sponsored coaches Megan Noce! that was super fun and it was nice.  I got to connect with her face to face and moon over Brett :)

Brett is a really nice guy, very down to earth, and needles to say he is even more sexy than when you seem him on TV, and very lean, you can tell fitness is not only his job, but his life.  He was amazing. He lead an hour long workout, and I am happy to report that I was able to keep up! First he showed us proper technique with some capoeira moves, he then proceeded to warm us up.  Honestly the warm up was fast paced, so I have no idea when we proceeded into the workout.  The Plaza was filled with House Music, and his energy as well as the people around us was great.  Brett walked around the group (or I must say bounced around) and he moved the front of the line several times so that everyone could see him.  

After the workout he went back to the convention center to sign autographs and take more pictures.  Honestly it was just a great day!  I leave you friends with these words from Brett :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Why Beachbody?

16 Points of Network Marketing

  1. Networking Marketing creates a level plane field - Everybody who starts this business starts at the same place.  The powerful part of this, is that you don’t need a degree to start this business.  It doesn't matter your background.  Anybody can blow this business away.  It doesn’t matter if you are a truck driver or a doctor.   You get into this business with no past experience and you start at ground zero like everyboody else.  For most business that’s not true about them.  You have to have the experience,  you have to have the right contacts, find the right location…so many factors come into play.  
  2. Low Start Up Costs - How much money does it cost to start a conventional business? The investment is huge.  Most people do want to own their own business, but they get discourage because they don't have the money or the assets to start it.  To become a Beachbody coach all you need to start is $39.95.  Well let me retract, you really need about  $170 since I am going to tell you to really rock this business you need Shakeology, so you need to sign up with the shakeology starter pack.   $170 to start your own business is  HUGE! Becoming a Beachbody is not a huge investment of your money but an its an investment of you time.  Your dreams is what’s going to drive your business.  If you tell me that you don't have the money to start this business, I am going to tell you that if you can't come up with $170 to start this business, then that is the perfect reason to come up with the money and start it.  You need financial freedom.  
  3. It depends only on you! - You have to have to ask yourself, What do you want? Where do you want to go? And when do you want it?  When you get into this business You decide who you are going to talk to, are you going to share?  This business starts with you, you have to own it.  You are not working for Beachbody.  This is going to be your own company, you are going to be the CEO.  You are going to make the decision.   At your job, you don’t make those decisions, your boss tells you how much your are going to earn, how much vacation you can have…all these things are decided for you.  Not in Network Marketing.  This depends on you and how fast you want to grow.   This is your business, but you won't be floundering on your own.  When you sign up, you immediately have a mentorship program.  You have your Sponsor, your upline, other team members.  There is no competition.  Your Sponsor and upline want you to succeed just as much as you do.    You can trust your upline to know that their recommendations, suggestions, ideas, training will work.  Why?  because your success is their success.   The question is, can you bet on yourself? 
    1. Seniority means nothing -You can outgrow your sponsor!  I just saw this happen this week.  My awesome sponsor Coni Constantine just became a 5 star diamond coach, outgrowing her sponsor! Isn't that inspiring? You don’t have to wait your turn to succeed.   Again it goes back to you.   How much success do you want? Are you willing to implement the game plan? Are you willing to treat it as business and work on the action plans everyday.  Seniority exists in corporations, in pyramid structures, where you are at the bottom and you wait your turn to get to the top if you ever get there.  There might be people, with more education, a bit more talented, better looking, have better rapport with supervisors, in this business all that is meaningless – what do you want? When do you want it?
    2. You choose the level of success and income you want. - Nobody determines that for you. This isn’t a job.  This is your business, you work for yourself.  You don’t have a boss that will tell you how much your salary will be and maybe in a year you’ll have an increase….not here you choose! You want a raise? Go get it! Coaches are doubling their income in 90 days....that doesn’t happen in the "job world." We have absolute control…for some of us that might be scary, but its better than finding excuses like “well if that person just liked me more”….no! own your life, own your business.
    3. Part time, less risk - This is huge, nobody is telling you to quit your job to build this business. Again: You don’t have to give up your job to build your coaching business!  You don’t need to put 100% of your time, just 100% of your effort.  If you only have 2 hours a day for your business, your upline will show how to build your business if you are committed to those 2 hours a day.  Remember, its not how much time you put in, it’s the quality of time you put in.  Most people are afraid to start up their own business because of the risk…with Beachbody you are betting on yourself, are you worth the risk? I can't guarantee you will reach 15 star diamond status, but I can promise you the opportunity to do it, I can promise you the game plan, I can promise you great products and supplements, I can promise you the greatest mission in the world (defeating obesity)  Your small investment? A little bit of time. You don’t have to sign off your home/assets to start up this business.
    4. Residual Income - This is powerful.  Here is the difference between Regular income and Residual Income: Regular income you trade time for money.  Residual income you invest your time.  There is only some much hours a person can work. Residual income makes you money while your sleeping.  As people team up together you create residual income, you create volume,       your hours multiply.  You grow because you help people in your downline grow their business.
    5. Exponential Growth - Your hours are multiplied.  Put 10 hours in, you have 10 people on your team putting in 10 hours, that’s 100 hours.  That’s the power.  You are going to work for that. You are going to build relationships with other people in order to earn this exponential to grow. This is what it takes to take your business from 500 people to 5,000 in 2 years.  Why? because your hours get multiplied.  In a normal job, or normal business you are limited by hours because you have to sleep sometime.  You want to put in more hours in your coaching business? Bring more people with a dream and teach them how to drive their own business.
    6. You get to pick your team - Who do you want in your team? How many people you want in your team.  Can you turn anybody down?  Yes, if you see people who you feel you can’t work with for whatever reason, they don’t have to be on your team.
    7. Your Building a Team for the Next Generation - You can leave this business to your children.  All your life you work at a job so that you can live your life, and hope that there is a little bit left at the end, in this business every time you build you are investing for the future.  After you are long gone your business will continue to grow.  If something happened to you tomorrow, in this business your checks will not stop coming.  This is what did it for me.  Seriously, I hope you are looking at the big picture...this is better than life insurance. 
    8. Your business is based on your own effort - You work and you are rewarded. Nothing political about reaching 15 star diamond. Your work, you build, you grow, end of story. Remember struggle is less painful than regret.  Do you believe in yourself?
    9. The larger your business get, the less effort you have to put in - You are literally building something that you can walk away from if you choose to. Most don’t, they like to share this information with others.  But in this business, in the beginning you do a lot for a little, and then later you do a little for  a lot.  The bigger your business the more freedom you are achieving.
    10. An economic proof business - How is your business doing in this economy?  Why is Beachbody exploding right now?  Besides having products that are changing lives, and a group of coaches dedicated to helping others, it is important to point out that with the economy being as it is right now people are open minded to new opportunities.   Utilize that, talk to the people, be with the people, share. 
    11. Create success and significance simultaneouslyIn a normal job/normal business we don’t have time to impact other people, to help out and reach out.  We are just working to pay the bills, send the kids to college, take some family trips...basically just to live our lives.  With Beachbody while you are creating your own success you are also being significant to the people around.  You are reaching out, helping them get either physically or financially (or both) fit.  
    12. We can’t Fail.  We can never fail in this business. -  Why? Because our business is based on a 2000 year old truth.  You give and you will receive.  There is no doubt about it. You sow seed and you reap a harvest.  That is a natural law.  If you understand our business, then you know that everyday in our business we give, we give, and we give some more.  We go out and get involved in peoples lives, we lift them up and encourage them.  You just keep giving, sharing beachbody, sharing the business.  Some people will not be right for this business, it doesn't matter, you just keep on giving and sharing this information to anybody who will listen and will understand the power of this business.  People helping People.
    If you understand relational/network marketing and its power you will know that its not about you, its about others.  All you have to do is care enough to share. How high do you want to climb? What are your dreams?  Are you excited about where your going?  I  believe that everybody should be in this business, but smart enough to know that not everybody will get it.  I am not afraid of showing   this business to everybody because I know its power and truly believe everybody should be doing it.

    Is there anything out there that will allow me to change my family and my life?  Beachbody baby! There is  no sales quota, it gives you customers, gives you leads when you reach easy qualifiers.  It sets you up with a website, no inventory!  Our products are know by tons of people.  P90X is the number 1 infomercial and Insanity #2. 

    Thursday, March 3, 2011

    I am loosing my Mojo!

     Okay...I think Iam loosing my mojo.  Mid week of 2/14/11 we all got a stomach bug at the house, it wasn't pretty.  Considering there is 7 of us, and only one bathroom you might see where that might be a problem LOL -  granted Cesar is still on diapers -  it still wasn't pretty to say the least.

    Anywho, finally the following week we were ready to roll and the Flu Virus hit our home.  Granted Angel nor I got sick (wonder why? Shakeology maybe?), but all 5 kids did.  The 2 older kids are not demanding.  I don't need to cuddle them any longer (which is kind of sad actually) however the 3 youngest kids (OMG) constant demand, constant whinning, constant hugging.  All you can do at that point is waited out, have the Advil handy, and provide lots of clear fluids.  Needlees to say during the last 2 weeks of February my workouts schedule got off, I was stressed out and not being able to workout did not help.  I admit I did over do it with the eating. 

    I decided to recommit myself and to restart week 5, day 1 of P90X this Monday (2/28/11).  However, I wasn't (and still not) bringing it.  Based on the numbers I am not doing as many my mind has been going a bit "wild" I've been scattered to say the least, I missed biceps last nght.  I just haven't been able to get back into our routine.  I am not waking up early to get my Turbo Fire in (at least not consistently) The kids are not going to bed, watching Oobi, while I am working out.  Where is my groove? where is my mojo? I WANT IT BACK! good thing is that I realized this before it really gets out of control.  I've come to realize that when life happens, I can't start complaining about it.  If I realize there is a problem, then I should fix it.  So I am participating in this 3k push up challenge by the end of the month.  I am actively looking for runs to register and train for later in the year.   I still need to get every one back on track, and going back to my regular scheduled routine but I know this and I am working on it.  As Tony says do your best and forget the rest...Pure Wisdom I tell you :)