Friday, October 23, 2015



Well I've been trying to hold out from giving out an update as I am still waiting.  It's very frustrating.  So before I give you a summary of how things are looking in terms of finding a new home for TrueFit, let me tell you how you can request a refund if you choose to:

Step 1. Take a photo of your card
Step 2. Send it to my email
Step 3.  Include your mailing address

Okay so here is the update:

Kickboxing Place (same complex)
It has become a bit difficult to get the approval.  I am told all is fine, and waiting on approval letter....I will only keep waiting until this weekend.  After that, this option will be crossed off.

2nd Dance Studio
This one is bigger space, although not very practical for our purposes.  Needs a lot of TLC which will require a bigger investment.   But it seems more likely that I can reach an agreement.  But based on the conditions, if I take this option it will likely be January 1st when we come back.   

Option 3:
I started looking at other place in Union City and Hayward. 

At this point things look bleak that we will be back on the Calorie burning path at the end of October or November.  

SO PLEASE don't feel like you need hold on to your cards, I totally understand, I am beyond frustrated as we were so doing well.  So follow the above instructions for a refund.   If you want to continue to hold on to your card, you may do so, and I will try my best not to let you down in finding a new place!

In the mean time keep checking facebook for events that we can attend as a group :)   Also if you miss Zumba with me please note that I am teaching at Crunch San Lorenzo.  Schedule will be changing a bit in a few weeks, so check the schedule on the Crunch website 

Also check out Maria Charito's facebook page! she meets with some of you every Saturday or (almost every Saturday) at Cal State East Bay and does boot camp style workout, and it's free ;) Just Friends getting together and working out! 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Good Morning - Location Update

Hope you are doing well!

I've missed you! it looks like all signs post that we are set! Business License is renewed, so now just hashing out lease details.   We are in the same complex.   Unit 130 - where the Sign for Heritage Kickboxing is.  We also need to move our flooring/mirrors.   I am thinking by the end of the month we will be up and running again! hopefully sooner! I hope we get to do our Halloween Glow Party this year! 

Keep active in the TrueFit facebook page, and let's keep ourselves accountable! 

Stay well!