Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Round of Chalean Extreme


I am finished with Les Mills Pump program! I actually debated of doing a 2nd round but at the end I decided against it.  Its all about keeping the body guessing, right? so I could have decide to join Angel on P90X, but to be honest with my schedule I just can't commit to 75-90min 6x a week.  So I decided fall back to one of my favorite! Chalean Extreme (CXE) Its been a year since my last round.  Last night was week 2, and I did Burn Circuit 1.  This time around I am taking P90X recovery formula, I wasn't taking that supplement last year.  I am excited for the next 90 days! Going get even leaner and tighter!   CXE truly is pure weights.  Heavy weights...and when I say heavy I mean heavy (at least in my books ;)   Last night, for squats I was doing 20lbs (2x)  (I am sure I'll bring that to 25lbs like I was last year) for posterior fly's I was doing 12lbs..for bench press and chest fly I did 20lbs.  Chest is SORE! :) Is it crazy that I love the soreness? I keep thinking No Pain, No Gain.

I've also started using the bodybugg again, to get real with my numbers and tracking every thing that I eat.  I love to see how much I burn after a Turbo Kick or Zumba session.  I've noticed that I burn about the same, but you know what I've never done, is do a HiiT workout only for the day and see if the after burn is clearly visible...I am going to do that I think.  Next week, I'll do the Turbo's for TK44, TK48, TK50 3x each that should be a 15-18min HiiT workout.  I do need to schedule it as in my head the best time to do a HiiT is in the AM so that I take advantage of the after burn while I am sitting down at work.

Week 2 here I come!

What are your thoughts on lifting heavy for a girl?