Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another Week of P90x

Hi Friends,

Last night I did Chest and Back with my husband :)  In order to do the pullups I need to use a stool.  It helps to reach the bar, as well as assist me to pull myself up.  What I just noticed that my left side is soreer (is that a word?) or I should say my left side is more sore than my right.  I think its because I actually use my right foot to boost myself up, which means my right side doesn't work as hard as the left?  not sure exactly how that works, but the point is my left side seems to be working harder.  So when I do Legs and Back on Friday I am going to be alternating that leg so that both sides are getting a good workout :)

Happy to report that this morning I was able to wake up early enough to workout again.  But didn't go for Turbo as tonight I have plyometrics, and thats high impact cardio, so I didn't want to over do it.  So instead I opted for the power half hour DVD (Tony is the trainer) and choose the Bun Shaper workout...have to work those glutes!

I know I don't talk about shakeology that much, BUT I am a faithful to do that supplement. I just realized another reason why I keep drinking it! My pimple breakouts are not as bad as they used to! and thats good, it means less foundation ;)  This is a wonderful audio about shakeology, if you have time, listen to it while you are at your computer. 

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