Wednesday, November 3, 2010

At what stage of your weightloss are you?

Hi Friends,
I came across this informative article about the stages of weight loss, however what I was really searching was an article or a blog about what to do when you are still in the middle of your weight loss, but the people around you now tell you that you look good and that you should stop.  Granted these are friends or family members that are patting your back for loosing weight and with good intentions are letting you know that you look good, and without any bad intention in their part are kinda sabotaging your journey.  You still haven't reached your goals yet, but when they say "You look fantastic! you shouldn't loose any more" I always get a panic feeling.  There are different emotions/questions that I go through.   Am I getting too skinny?....the answer so far is no.  I still have plenty of fat to burn, however because of the compliments it feels like I fall into a false sense of security...I start skipping workouts, or indulge a bit  more.  That's a big No No on my books.  Just because I am 3/4 of the way from my goals, it doesn't mean I can slack off.  So for the 1st time in my eternal weight management battle I am able to catch myself from getting too comfortable....I've re-committed to my goals.    Its almost feels like I am renewing my vows LOL, but I truly think its something that we must do to stick with our that weight loss or whatever, after awhile of doing the same things over and over again we sometimes forget our original whys (see the Weight watchers article linked above) and our motivation gets lost, and before you know it our focus gets shifted.  So, right now, I am recommitting myself to my weight loss.  I only have 20lbs more pounds to go...I've done the hardest part! Now its time to really go for the extra mile!

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