Monday, October 18, 2010

I am going for it!

Hi Friends,

On Saturday I did Kenpo X, and that is one workout that I hadn't done.  I must say I truly and throughly enjoyed myself.  There is punching, kicking...and its all really low impact.  Very different from Turbo Jam which has lots of kickboxing elements.   In fact I loved it so much, that this morning I had to do a repeat! Woke up at 5:30am to work it in.  Tonight I still have Chest and Back which is part of the normal classic schedule.  What I love about the days that I do doubles, is the fact that I get to eat more! So instead of having fruit for my mid-morning snack I had a nice egg white scramble loaded with veggies (tomatoes, onion, bell pepper and mushroom and spinach).

I admit last week I opted out of Yoga X.  I've decided to not skip it this week! I am brainwashing myself so that I have the belief that I can do it.  It shouldn't matter that is one of the longest workout of the program, or that poses such as the crane are super hard and I probably won't be able to do them.  We all must start off somewhere.  So this Thursday I am just going to go for it.  If I waver, or start day dreaming about Turbo Fire or something, stop me.  Don't let me get side tracked! lol...but really I am just going to do it.  This is the week that I break the habit of limiting myself!  no more limitations :)

I also wanted to mention to please do not forget about my shakeology promotion there is still plenty of time! Also, I just want to briefly mention that this from now until December 31st Beachbody is going to be waiving the beachbody coach sign up fee of $39.95.  Messaged me if you want to learn more and how you can use this to leverage your weighloss goals and hold yourself accountable :)

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