Monday, February 13, 2017

Week of 2/13/17

Happy Valentine's day week! 

Here is the schedule this week, it's revised from what I posted last week.  WE DO HAVE reguar classes on Thursday, however only 1 day tomorrow at 6pm(Zumba!) Friday is still cancelled, but Saturday is still on!

Charito will be subbing for me tomorrow, as it's my son's Eric birthday on Valentines day :)  but I will see you Thursday and Saturday!

And for accountability I am sharing with you my personal workouts schedule:
Monday/Wednesday - Weightlifting 
Tuesday - Core De Force
Thursday - PiYo 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Week of 2/6/17

Happy Monday!

Wasn't last Friday just awesome?! thank you so much for coming out and dancing with us and celebrating 5 years as a Zumba Instructor!

Here is this weeks schedule at TrueFit:

You can also catch me on Wednesday with Amy, Javier, and Jacki :) for a school fundraiser:

Also here is next week's schedule, as next week there are only 3 classes at Truefit! please take note!

Let's make sure you work towards your goal and meet me this week! Everyday is a new day to be AWESOME! Reconnect with your big goal, then just take it a step further by breaking it down :) my goal this week is less sugar.  

Have an awesome week and I will see you soon! 

Monday, January 30, 2017

Week of 1/30/17 - Welcome February!

Happy Monday!

Can you believe it's practically February? Did you crush your 2017 intentions? the weather didn't help, and those intentions can still be crushed! I know I am still working on mine and working on them on a day to day basis.  

Here is this week's schedule:

This Tuesday is my daughter's birthday! so Charito has kindly offered to sub! At 6pm she will teach Strong by Zumba -- yeah you heard right! then it's followed by Zumba.

This Friday is my 90min min zumba class! and Nessa is joining me! 

Which reminds me the Thursday and Saturday playlist will be "special" playlist, I am trying to share all those songs that have motivated me through out the years :) 

Also as a reminder next week I am joining some awesome instructors for a fundraiser! it's a Wednesday! hope you can make it!

Have an awesome week and I will see you on Thursday! (unless you come to Crunch tonight then I will see you tonight :)