Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Les Mills, Turbo Kick and ZUMBA!

Hello Friends!

Oh man, I haven't blogged in a while! There is sooooo much to tell!

The month of February has been like a "wild ride" LOL - so many things, at work, at home, and I've developed a flair for the dramatic!  and I really do need to tone my self down, mostly this dramatic side of me has been at home. But I have not let all the happenings and going at home and work affected my workout schedule, and that's a plus for me!

Okay, where to start?

I am continuing with Les Mills! Last night I did my first ever 55min workout with Les Mills doing Pump Revolution, LOVED IT! it was the 1st workout that I do that has biceps and triceps tracks! My arms are super sore today.  I made this video of my 2 favorite moments of the pump & shred! What I am loving of Les Mills Pump is that my lower body is getting AWESOME results! as well as my chest muscles, I am looking forward to start seeing changes in my arms!  I do need to say that if you have been in the fence of ordering Les Mills Pump, let me give you a little push ;) the introductory price is going up, so now would be the time to go for it! If your ready click here

Now for the Turbo Report! I finished learning Round 48 of Turbo Kick, and I feel like am doing something totally brand new! in fact I am going to change up my routine of a combination of TK 38 and TK 44 for my Monday class, and introduce them to TK 48! My students are going to LOVE IT!   My favorite part of TK 48 is the Finale!!

I did receive Round 49 this week, and I've learned the punches section, so far so good! I'll post about TK 49 later ;)

NOW FOR THE BIG DRUM ROLL!! I got certified in ZUMBA!!! YAY BABY! I am super excited about this new certification.   I loved zumba back in the day...I had Beto's very first DVD's in Spanish! so this is a big deal, although I haven't zumba in a while, I though that it would be a nice addition to my cardio.  So far I've learned the choreography for 4 songs! I still need to practice them more so that if feels more fluid before I tackle my 5th song.

That has been my Fitness for February!

OH, I also started a challenge group with 5 of my friends, we are doing the Brazilian Butt Lift  this is our 3rd day, and we are all very excited!!  If you would like to learn more about the challenge groups I am creating make sure to friend me on facebook and ask for deets!

Here is my workout schedule for the month of March!

Until next time!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Les Mill Pump It and Zumba!

Hello Hello my fitness friends!

Man have I been busy! but no worries, I've been doing the Les Mill Pump guide, and as I had mentioned I did do Week 3 twice.  This week is my Week 4 and the workouts are:

Tuesday: Pump & Shred
Wednesday: Hard Core Abs
Thursday: Pump & Shred
Friday: Flow
Saturday Pump & Shred

Of course to this I am adding Turbo Kick, Hip Hustle and Zumba practice!  For Turbo Kick, I need to master the Recovery and the Finale and I will have round 48 in the bag!  for hip Hop Hustle, I have Block 1 and Block 2 already mastered, but I have been ignoring The Show...I have the choreagraphy down, I just need to practice more so its more fluid, and work on some of the shoulder/body rolls.  Now Zumba! thats my lastest certification - can you give me a "Woot Woot" :)  Last week I've been reviewing my basic steps.  But this week I am going to start practicing the choreography in the mash up DVD/CD. The goal this week is to master the 1st song, which is a Merengue called Tigre.  So my practice goals are:

1.  Full round of  turbo kick 48
2.  Master the Show for Hip Hop Hustle 17 - I will have the full Hustle in my pocket by the end of the week.
3.  Have the 1st song of my zumba choreography - a merenge called Tigre

It looks like its going to be a full Cardio know what that means? I can have a bit of granola this week! :)