Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week 4/25/16 - Update 1

Happy Tuesday! I realized the schedule had a small error.  Sunday at 9am is PiYo:

Yesterday: Well let me tell you that I taught 4 classes! ouch! yeah you heard me right :) I taught Overdrive which is basically Insanity, Chisel (Toning) my regular Yoga Sculpt (PiYo) Class and Zumba! THEN I still got home, and after dinner and hanging out for a bit with the kids before sending to bed I actually completed Lean 2 (weight lifting program) and I caught up with last weeks squats and bridge hips).  Today I need to catch up with yesterday and todays squats and some mule kicks :)....on the upside I slept like a baby last night :) Food...I still ate too much.  At the end it was 2613 calorise (based on www.myfitnesspal.com app) you might think well she had lots of activity it should be fine, the problem were the type of calories I had chocolate chip cookies from made by a co-worker and some Tortuga Caribbean rum cake...yeah I need to work on that :) one day at a time 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 4.25.15

WOW! Last week of April! I can't believe it! With that said here is this week's schedule:

Also in May I have 2 special events I will attend.  

1.  Wednesday  5/4 I will be Logan High School we are doing a Zumba Fundraiser hope you can you join me and the other instructors. MORE INFO:

James Logan High School's ICL (Institute of Community Leaders) program is hosting a Zumba Night to raise funds for their program on Wednesday, May 4th from 6-7 pm in their Al Rodrigues Gym. ICL works with students to support them in meeting all the four-year college entrance requirements. This 60-minute Zumba class will be fun and for a great cause! $10 Cash at the Door.Your instructors for the Zumba Night will include Javier Alvarez, Carmen Arroyo, Vincent Carretero, Amy Chang, Quinta Douglas, Desiree Dupes, Faye Fernandez-Rivera, and Jacki Sprague.For more information about ICL go to: http://www.jameslogan.org/i

2.  Saturday 5/7 I will be going to this special event and dance for Autism, hope you can join me:

Personal Journey:On one hand I am happy to report I met my goal of weight training! and also did some extra squats :) Food is still a challenge.   This week the plan is do: Lean 2, Lean 3) in that order.  After that I would officially be done with the "90 day" Chalean Extreme Program that I started back in October...I know right? The longest 90 day ever! I do plan to really start the program again This Saturday and by the end of the 90 day weight lifiting (3x a week) it will be time for convention.  That will be my pre-convention challange - wish me luck! 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 4.18.16

Happy Monday!

Lots of announcements this week :) but first this weeks schedule:

This Friday there are no classes at TrueFit, HOWEVER there will be this special master class which is going TO BE AWESOME! 

Come join us! Carlos is AMAZING!  he is known as  the  Bachata King ;) And you'll know Meli is my Yoda in the Zumba world, its going to be a blast! you can get your tickets from me or online.   

Upcoming events you don't want to miss! all for a good causes:

  • May 7th it's going to be a major Master Classs with local Zumba Jammers as well as BollyX special guest instructors  as we will be dancing for an Autism Charity event:

  • On Saturday June 4th, come join Charito (and some other guest instructors) to help raise money and fight childhood cancer.   One of our own - Lorena has organized, please spread the word, invite friends and family.   You can donate/purchase your ticket with Charito or myself:

I will be creating a facebook event page in the upcoming weeks when I confirm the guest instructors.  

  • On July 23, ZES Kass and Steve will be in the Bay Areay, they are AMAZING! the event is to benefit Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America 

PHEW! I think those are all the announcements for the moment.   

Personal journey: well last week I did finish week 2 of Chalean extreme, and I even started Week 3! I saw this video from Will Smith, and I've seen it before, when I first started my journey, and it just gave me an breath of fresh air so to speak.  It's really not a fitness video, but it's just a motivational speech.

  I have a new commitment to myself. 
How about you guys? How are you guys doing? I love to hear from you.

I will see you guys tomorrow night!   

Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 4/11/16

Good morning! 

Here is this week's schedule:

Please note that Friday there is a slight change we will only have 1 class - Cize Live, 7pm is cancelled as I will be heading out to:

It's going to be fun, sore, sweaty time! Get your tickets online as space is limited.  

I wanted to thank you guys for kicking off the new schedule with a bang! Many TrueFitters have returned! It was so nice to be dancing with you guys :) also Sunday was FUN! it's the best thing to wake up, go workout, feel good, then have a great rest of the day.  

Don't forget that next week there will be NO Friday classes.  I will be heading over to Crunch for Charito's 6pm class then followed by this AWESOME 90min class: 

If you are asking, "is she going to be dancing for 2 and half hours? " the answer is YES!  trust me my body will be craving PiYo On Sunday morning :) hope to see you in Charito's class or the Master Class or BOTH! 

Personal Goals: Well I failed miserably last week.  I didn't lift weight, I didn't even practice a new round of PiYo.  I had some last minute stuff that didn't give me time,  I could have pushed through and be lifting and practicing at 11pm but last week my mindset was in it.  I am pumping myself up this week, so that there is no excuses, even if things come up I will be completing my personal workouts

Have an awesome week! and hope to see you dancing with me this week :) 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 4/4/16

Happy Monday!

It's April! NEW SCHEDULE! Here you go:

Please note the earlier start time on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I am adding an Insanity class on Thursdays, this class is open to all fitness levels! trust me ;) bring your Yoga Mat this Thursday and give it a try!

I am also adding Sunday classes join me for Zumba and PiYo.   PiYo is a dynamic, your working and stretching those beloved muscles we really need for our Cardio workouts, SO bring your Yoga Mat this Sunday and let's work! 

Last week we introduced a new Cize choreography! we will be doing this routine for at 4-5 weeks so come and work out! its a fun class! 

Also with the added classes I wanted to give you an option of 20 class cards for $95 or the 10 class cards for $50.  

Personal workouts: Today I am tackling Lean 3 of Chalean Extreme, and that will mark the 2nd week of the Lean Phase.  I haven't really been following the program as I should, but I still have noticed that I am stronger in my weight lifting.  After I finish this phase I will do a 2nd round and improve my self.   

Let's have an awesome week!