Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Turbo Kick Progress

Wohoo! its the only way to describe my Turbo Kick progress.  As you may or may not know I got Turbo certified on August 28th.  I got my "pass" on the written and practical test last week!  But I haven't been idle about it! I've been practicing my round 44 more or less everyday...at least at a minimum of 15min a day...its just has become part of my regular workout routine.  Also last Friday I got the notes of the presenter from the practical test  And on all of the sections only 1 correction was made...either need to keep my shoulders back or add power!  So now I know what to fix and work too!

I did video taped myself about 2 weeks ago, doing the Turbo warm up.  That's how I tackled learning my.  I'm taking one section at a time.  I have the punches,kicks, punches & kicks choreography down!  Right now I am learning the Turbo section...and I do believe that after I practice tonight I'll be able to tick that off and move unto the Recovery section!  Turbo its just so much fun, and I really do think that I'm in my element!  I still need to video tape myself on the sections that I believe I have mastered so that I can critique myself, I think I'll do that tonight.  But for now I leave you with the very first time I video taped myself with the warmup....

ohh I am also working with local TK instructors, they are showing me all kinds of tricks and tips....Its just been so much fun, and really TK is like therapy for me, I've been swamped with so many things lately, that the time I take to do TK practice is really "ME" time, not even my normal workout time...that is just something that I have to do...TK is all about having fun and enjoying myself ;)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Brown Bag Challenge - Going Strong

Hi Friends,

Yes! I am still doing the brown bag challenge! In case you missed this, I am participating on Healthy Eats Brown Bag Challenge, which basically is bring your lunch everyday and make it healthy. I've been able to stick with it! couple of times I have done PB&J.   The other day I made Enfrijoladas for dinner, and I decided since I was already making them to make extra for my lunch, and it worked out perfectly!

Now what are Enfrijoladas you say? Basically they are like Enchiladas, except they are made with a Bean Sauce rather than Red Chile Sauce.  Basically I cooked a pot of pinto beans, blended them to make a sauce, put some mozarrella chese, I didn't have any Queso Fresco.

I didn't fry the tortilla, it just warmed it self in the Bean Sauce...the bean sauce its creamy, when you just blended no need to add cream or milk.

Then you just roll the tortilla, I did just add cheese, you can also add onion, or chicken.

Then you can top it off with cheese...as I said I used mozarella, tasty and easy, and your getting all that protein from the beans! I used pinto beans, but I wonder what it would taste with black beans and cumin..mmm....

Monday, September 12, 2011

Brown Bag Challenge Day 8

Well During the Month of September, I am sticking to the Brown-bag challenge set up by Healthy Eats! The point of the challenge is to bring your lunch to work and keep it healthy! Now although I am pretty good at bringing my lunch and snacks to work, the challenge here is to bring more things that are unprocessed, and be creative in the kitchen.  Something that is not my "forte" at all.   But I am sticking to the challenge.  My lunches have not been anything spectacular yet, but what I am loving about this challenge, is all the ideas I am getting from my fellow brown-bag challengers!   Love their recipes, and alternatives, and ideas.  So my creativity is expanding and can't wait to start putting into practice some the new things that I am learning!

So today, for lunch I stuck to my "regular" mixed green salad with red bell pepper, broccoli, tomatoe, hard boiled egg, turkey, BUT I added some dried cranberries! I let myself down by not making my own dressing, this was just an oversight on my part, because I do have lemons, and vinegar at home that I could have easily done one, but because this is not part of my regular routine, it just skipped my mind.  I need to make sticky notes around my kitchen!

The good news is that after this salad, I no longer have greens at home to continue the salad theme, which will force me to get creative tonight for tomorrow and avoid reaching for the canned Campbell Harvest Select Canned Soup!

if you haven't join the challenge, join us! is super fun, follow us on twitter too with the #brownbag tag :)Make it an awesome week peeps!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

P90X2 is here!

Well, the moment that we were waiting for! (or at least I was waiting for) P90X2 IS IN THE HOUSE! pre-orders start today through your teambeachbody account!  If you don't have a coach and want a coach, pick me!

The benefits of pre-ordering through me (teambeachbody account) are the following:

  1. FREE shipping for the product ($45.00 savings!)
  2. FREE workouts from Tony's One On One trainings
  3. You will also be entered to win weekly prizes by being on the pre-order list.  The earlier you place the order; the more weeks you qualify for the prizes. 
  4. Grand prize winner gets their product delivered to their doorstep by Mr. Tony Horton, himself  
  5. Precaution: Pre-order inventory will sell out, so if you want start P90X2 first thing 2012 I encourage you to pre-order as early as possible
So now that you know why you need to pre-order NOW please note that your credit card will not be charged until the item ships which will be in the 1st weeks of December, you'll get your program by 12/25/11 if you order before 9/5/11...so lets move on into the inside look of P90X2!  

What is P90X2?

  • Its a 90 day cutting edge fitness program that takes P90X Muscle Confusion (TM) to a new level, focusing on strength, balance mobility and explosive power!
  • Its also the most modern thinking in actuality in sport medicine with P.A.P (Post Activation Potentation) Training
How does it work?
  • 5 days a weeks as opposed to 6 days a week.  Has 1 day of active recovery.
  • Its an evolution to P90X and learning from from it as well as learning from Insanity and Turbo Fire and just take it to a different level! You will be doing push ups on medicine balls ;)
  • It focuses on functionality, mobility, flexibility and advance stretching for athletes so that you can push yourself harder without hurting yourself.
The Program Training Phases

Phase I 
Its the Foundation and its 3-5 weeks.  It gets your body ready to tackle phase 2.  During this phase you'll see improvements and move better, you'll feel better and will less likely to get injured.

Phase 2 
In the next 3-6 weeks your will be focusing on Strength.  You'll get stronger through a wider range of motion, you'll get more supple, you'll look good. 

Phase 3
In the last 3-4 weeks you will be focusing on Performance.  You'll jump higher (yes even higher than in Insanity!) run faster, be more explosive, and even have a kid quality bounce to your step :)

Can I do this?
  • P90X2 is for people who are in shape, not for a person that hasn't exercised. 
  •  Its for Power 90 and P90X grads.  
  • Graduates of other "Extreme" programs like Insanity, Asylum, Turbo Fire and Chalean Extreme
  • Athletes looking to improve performance
  • Former athletes wanting to get back in shape
How does it differ from P90X, Insanity and The Asylum?
  • Brand new jokes! (LOL) but seriously...
  • The three training phases cover more physiological ground 
  • P90X2 is more compartmentalized, more focused, more targeted
  • P90X2 is training for sport
  • Diet Plan is more versatile with vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options
How is it Unique? where else do you get functional training, strength training, plyometrics and post-activation potentiation in one program!

The Workouts!
  1. How to Bring IT Again 
  2. X2 Core
  3. Plyocide (Don't you just LOVE this name?!)
  4. X2 Recovery + Mobility
  5. X2 Total Body
  6. X2 Yoga (Wohoo! back to basics and its only 63min long!)
  7. X2 Balance + Power
  8. Check + Back + Balance 
  9. X2 Shoulders + Arms
  10. Base + Back
  11. P.A.P. Lower
  12. P.A.P. Upper
  13. X2 Ab Ripper
  14. V Sculpt * - only available with Deluxe and Ultimate Kit
  15. X2 Chest + Shoulders + Tris * - Only available with Deluxe and Ultimate Kit
KIT Prices

Base Kit: $119.85 
Base Kit on Blue Ray $149.85
You get DVD's from 1-13, Fitness Guides, Nutrition Guide

Deluxe Kit
DVD - $239.70 you get the base kit plus the 2 advance workouts, stability ball, 2 medicine balls, and a foam roller.  If you go for the Blue Ray the price is $299.70

Ultimate Kit:
DVD $299.55 get get everything on the base kit, deluxe kit plus some extra tools like the power stands! - if you go for Blue ray the cost is $359.55

Note: With Variations you can do P90X2 with nothing but your body body and some exercise bands!

its Time to Bring IT....AGAIN!