Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do you have the Eye of The Tiger?

Do you have the Eye of Tiger? Lol...My obsession with Rocky Balboa is not a recent development because of my new path of conquering my yo-yo/weightloss issues.  I've always been drawn to these type of movies.  The 1st Rocky movie I ever saw was Rocky III...I was pretty young...about 5 or 6 years old.  I was too young to understand why I loved it, I just did.  I am not sure which movie I saw first, but I was also obssessed with the TV movie on Nadia Comaneci  but I just couldn't get enough of these two.  Everytime Nadia came on TV on channel 44 I would suspend my play time just to go watch it, and I would jump on the sofa and try to do floor gymnastics in my living room floor while watching the movie.  My love for these type of movies has just been a part of me for a very long time.  I couldn't get enough of the Karate Kid when I was growing up.  I have a lot of movies that have a similar message that I just love, like Lean on Me, Stand and Delivery...even the 90's movies like Dangerous Mind and the Last Dance.  And yes even 8 mile, although I am not an Eminen Fan! but everytime I hear the opening lyrics of the song Loose Yourself  it gives me the shivers and it just  pumps me up!  The theme of going the distance and ever giving up...well all I can say is that I just love that message!  As I read my current personal development book (Awaken the Giant) I finally understand why I am drawn to these type of movies and music.   Its about Self Mastery.  Something I've always strived to achieve even when I didn't realize it! As a young latina mom, I was one of the statistics that wouldn't graduate high school, and guess what I not only graduated but heck I even went to college.  Now I am following a new path that I've never walked before.  All of a sudden I am doing things out of my comfort zone.  Its definetly scary! I am just soaking up all these movies and yes the cheesy songs that make believe that I can do more, that I can achieve more.  As parents we tell our kids that they can dream big, that they can do anything they set their minds matter how much I might tell my kids this, if I am not following my own advice it just doesn't carry the same weight.  So...are you ready to take your steps towards what you want, whatever that might be?  You might be focus on something, but if you your steps are going in another direction while your wishfully thinking on something else you won't truly feel satified.  So go for it! Don't over think and take that 1st step that might just change your quality of life. 

"Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted-One moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?" Eminem

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What is Team Beachbody?

You get a lot of beachbody coaches asking you to become a coach...but do you know what you can expect from beachbody?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another Week of P90x

Hi Friends,

Last night I did Chest and Back with my husband :)  In order to do the pullups I need to use a stool.  It helps to reach the bar, as well as assist me to pull myself up.  What I just noticed that my left side is soreer (is that a word?) or I should say my left side is more sore than my right.  I think its because I actually use my right foot to boost myself up, which means my right side doesn't work as hard as the left?  not sure exactly how that works, but the point is my left side seems to be working harder.  So when I do Legs and Back on Friday I am going to be alternating that leg so that both sides are getting a good workout :)

Happy to report that this morning I was able to wake up early enough to workout again.  But didn't go for Turbo as tonight I have plyometrics, and thats high impact cardio, so I didn't want to over do it.  So instead I opted for the power half hour DVD (Tony is the trainer) and choose the Bun Shaper workout...have to work those glutes!

I know I don't talk about shakeology that much, BUT I am a faithful to do that supplement. I just realized another reason why I keep drinking it! My pimple breakouts are not as bad as they used to! and thats good, it means less foundation ;)  This is a wonderful audio about shakeology, if you have time, listen to it while you are at your computer. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

I am going for it!

Hi Friends,

On Saturday I did Kenpo X, and that is one workout that I hadn't done.  I must say I truly and throughly enjoyed myself.  There is punching, kicking...and its all really low impact.  Very different from Turbo Jam which has lots of kickboxing elements.   In fact I loved it so much, that this morning I had to do a repeat! Woke up at 5:30am to work it in.  Tonight I still have Chest and Back which is part of the normal classic schedule.  What I love about the days that I do doubles, is the fact that I get to eat more! So instead of having fruit for my mid-morning snack I had a nice egg white scramble loaded with veggies (tomatoes, onion, bell pepper and mushroom and spinach).

I admit last week I opted out of Yoga X.  I've decided to not skip it this week! I am brainwashing myself so that I have the belief that I can do it.  It shouldn't matter that is one of the longest workout of the program, or that poses such as the crane are super hard and I probably won't be able to do them.  We all must start off somewhere.  So this Thursday I am just going to go for it.  If I waver, or start day dreaming about Turbo Fire or something, stop me.  Don't let me get side tracked! lol...but really I am just going to do it.  This is the week that I break the habit of limiting myself!  no more limitations :)

I also wanted to mention to please do not forget about my shakeology promotion there is still plenty of time! Also, I just want to briefly mention that this from now until December 31st Beachbody is going to be waiving the beachbody coach sign up fee of $39.95.  Messaged me if you want to learn more and how you can use this to leverage your weighloss goals and hold yourself accountable :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shoulders and Arms - P90X

I am actually following the P90X classic Schedule!  Well I shouldn't get too ahead of myself :)  Last night I did Shoulders and Arms.  Great work out.  The rounds went, shoulders, triceps and biceps....each round was done twice.   It was about 55min workout.  It felt good.  My arms are sore today..I kinda like that feeling although it makes it difficult to reach for stuff.  They say Tony is corny...I can see that, but he is genuine and he makes me laugh...thus the workouts don't seem that long.  Well, except for Yoga X...and that is whats on the schedule tonight.  Not sure that I can handle a hour and half worth of extreme yoga my plan is to chicken out of Yoga X tonight and instead put in Rodney Yee's Beginner Yoga DVD.  I will do the the Pose Guide and the Evening Yoga workout.  That should be about 35min or so.  I am also going to add some Turbo Fire!  this morning I was able to add Turbo 45so I  am thinking I should go for the HiiT 20 tonight.  I guess I should do the HiiT first then Yoga do unwind :)

My Mud Run training is coming along.  I need to walk on more "hilly" loops.  I am only doing the 5k, so I am not worried about the jogging part, but I am Excited ( i refuse to use the word scared) about the actual Mud and drills, and obstacles! I am thinking it should be fun, and something I need to do for myself.  Its something that I never thought I would do.  If I do this I  know I can do I am determine to do it!  The family and I decided to arrive on the 30th, campout, and I get to go pick up my number.  Then the next day its the run!  I won't be able to stay long after it, as we need to drive back home for our Halloween Stravaganzza, but I am just happy the husband and kids are coming with me and cheering me on! it should be a very fun weekend. 

So here I go...I am heading home and putting my workout plan to action!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

P90x - Plyometrics

So last night I worked out to Plyometrics from P90X. I've done this workout before...but not really got into it, since at the time I was doing Chalene Johnson workouts. So last night I went for it. I set my mind that P9oX is now my workout program, so I need bring it just like if I were doing Chalean Extreme or Turbo Jam/Turbo Fire. Plyo may not have the cool music...but it does have Tony Horton and jump training and his good nature quirkiness and oh boy did I felt it! Even today, my legs/calfs are burning. It was a good workout. I opened up myself to enjoy another cardio program that was not lead by Chalene and it worked.  I am sore :)

I had planned to wake up this morning at 5:30am to do HiiT 25 from Turbo Fire...I got up at 5:50am and ended doing Cardio Core Express with Debbie Siebers..I was just too sore to do another high intensity cardio. I must say that Debbie Siebers is a great trainer! nothing high impact about her workouts, which felt very good after plyometrics. I should add her to my rotation more often. I always go to Debbie and her Slim N 6 everytime as my 1st choice after each of my last 3 pregnancies. She has basic moves, nothing high impact...and even though she looks like a very sweet person who can do no harm, well let me tell you she does!she does high reps for all of her moves, so even though its a simple basic move you will feel the burn. Cardio Core Express gave my mid section a nice workout.

Tonight after making dinner, and taking my son Omar to his Hip Hop class I will be doing Shoulders and Arms...Stay Tuned :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I am "X" ing it!

I decided to do my first round of p90x!  the week that I started I got sick, so I didn't really gave it my all.  I skipped all the cardio workouts.  I still wanted to workout, but didn't want to over do it.  I was sick for about a week and half and needed to really recuperate,  but now I am back on the game. 

What do I think of p90x so far?  I can tell you that I am having a hard time with the pull ups.  The pull up bar that my husband made and setup is fairly tall.  I  need to use a stool to get up there.  Then I am just hanging and can barley move up an inch.  So I am doing Tony's suggestion, which is using a my case I am using the stool that I use to get up there.  I am flexing, and trying my best to pull myself up, but felt that I wouldn't  be able to really do a pull up on my own.  Which was making go bananas! (can you tell I watch the Fresh Beat Ban? lol)  During my lunch walk with my co-worker and friend, she mentioned something that gave me perspective.  She said: Just keep working at it.  You'll eventually build the strenght to do them.  Simple advice, nothing out of the ordinary...technically I already  knew that.  BUT, having other people cheering you on is the thing you need to keep going and not getting discouraged.  That support undermines that little voice inside you that makes you believe you can't do it.  Then Voila! you have a friend, family, even strangers say cheer you on, give you support and then you suddently can do it!or at least keep at it until you do.  

Tonight I have Plyometrics.   I am pretty sure I will be able to hold my own with that workout :)