Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Happy Last Week of 2016!

Happy Almost 2017!

How have you guys been? I've missed you :) I've been hanging at my house and spending time with the kids and family and we are just chilling.  This morning I decided to sit down and plan 2017 classes for the first quarter of the year! Guess what? I am keeping the 6pm class on Tuesday and will resume Friday classes.  This will be the basic schedule from 1/3 to 3/31 where I will revisit the schedule again and accommodate our needs :)

Tuesdays: 6pm Zumba Toning and 7pm Zumba
Thursdays: 6:15pm Insanity and 7pm Zumba
Fridays: 6pm Cardio Sculpt and 7pm Cize Live
Saturdays: 8am Zumba

But please check the weekly schedule on Monday's as classes are subject to change.  Here is January's schedule (no excel at home so manual calendar :)

So let's rewind a little bit..FIRST, I have added a new class format called Cardio Sculpt - what is this? you may ask and you will wonder how it differs from Zumba Toning.  Well Cardio Sculpt focuses more on strength training  with interval training principles.  There is no dancing and more drill based cardio sections.  We will be using 3lbs dumbbells.  I am extremely excited about this class.   

You will also notice in January that there is no class on Friday the 13th! I will be heading to San Jose for a Master Class with my favorite Zumba jammers (and Zumba Convention Presenters) Meli AND Jhon it's going to be a good way to kick off the January Fitness craze :) Hopefully you guys can join me!

*DRUM ROLL* AND speaking of kicking starting 2017 please come out and join Javier, Jackie Sprague, Faye, Charito and  myself as they come out to TrueFit and dance with us :) 90min of Zumba to get 2017 started! 

This is a special event so the fee for this class is $10

Can't wait to see you guys next week! if you are in need of getting your fitness on, I will be subbing for Charito tonight at 6:30pm at Crunch San Lorenzo.  Hope you can join me!

Have a great rest of the week, and Happy New Year!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Schedule 12.12.16

Good morning!
Hope you all had a great weekend. First off thank you for coming out on Saturday morning to Crunch and supporting our Toys for Tots events :) 

This is week is our last week before the Holiday break.  Please note that this Thursday is a FREE day! so come out to sweat and shake! 

This Saturday I am also going to an event in Milpitas for Bombay Jam! (Bollywood dance fitness!) I have a few of you that wanted to come, the tickets are available so make sure to purchase. If you didn't know about it, but are now seeing the announcement, buy your ticket! it's going to be FUN!

You can also still work out with me on Monday 12/19 and 12/26 at Crunch San Lorenzo at 6:30pm for Yoga Sculpt and 7:30pm for Zumba! 

The first class of 2017 will be Monday 1/2/17 at 9am! Join Charito and I as we welcome Faye, Javer and Jackie as our Guest instructors!

I also wanted to give you a heads up that on January 9th class cards will have a slight increase - so you have this week and first week of January to purchase cards at the current prices (limit 1 10 class card for $50 or 1 20 class cards for $95).   I am also offering a "special "  until 1/8/17 and that is to purchase 2 class 20 class cards for $180

New prices effective 1/9/17:

10 class cards: $60 ($6 per class) 
20 class Card: $105 ($5.25 per class)
Drop in will remain $8

Have an amazing week!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Week of 12/5/16

Happy Holidays!!! YAY! for me it's Christmas month and I am excited about it.  Here is this week's schedule at TrueFit:

Also this Saturday Charito and I are doing a Zumba class at 10am at Crunch San Lorenzo, this is open to everyone! all you have to do is bring an unwrapped toy :) 

Next week is the final week at TrueFit before we break for the Holidays :) So our final class is Saturday 12/17, however I do want to give you guys a Thank you for all the support this year so on Thursday I will give you a free 90min Zumba class :) and for those that are hardcore I will still have a 30min Insanity class before .  

I will be teaching at Crunch on Mondays so you if you miss me during the last 2 weeks of December you can catch me there at 6:30pm for Yoga Sculpt and 7:30pm for Zumba.  

Our first class of the year is on Monday 1/2/17 at 9am! and we have special guest instructors joining us! Javier, Jacki Sprague and Faye! 

Don't forget on Saturday 12/17 there is a Bombay Jam Master Class! I am really excited about this one! you know I like my bollwood music :) hope you can join me, you can purchase tickets online