Monday, November 8, 2010

Grr - On a Standstill with P90X

Hello Friends,

Well, I must admit and come clean that last week I did not follow P90X.  Now don't get me wrong, I did workout! just not with the X man...well I lie, I did do a Power Half Hour routine last week.  The deal is this, my husband is working major overtime.  So he asked to me to wait for him until his overtime is over.  So I am.  I did do other workouts and this week we were going to re-start where we left off.  The penalty was going to be to repeat week 3 before we went unto our recovery week, which is what it would have been last week.  But now it turns out that he will be working overtime all this month! now there are some mix feelings on this.  The positive note is that we will have extra money for those holiday expenses coming up! On the negative side, in the evenings it will be me...just me with 5 kids, prepare dinner, and workout...all by myself. Well no, to be honest Will is a great help so I am sure I can count on him.  However, he still does need to do his own homework, he still goes to his self defense for the smallest fraction of a second I wanted to be like "oh poor Carmen" but if I do that I know I will drop the ball in terms of food and exercise schedule.  It will be really really easy to rely on the drive thru for dinner this week, or simply stop exercising until Angel can join me again. So NO! I am not letting myself feel sorry about how tight my evening schedule will be the upcoming weeks.  I've decided to make a special workout rotation for this week since I am  postponing P90X until Angel's schedule gets back to normal.  In times like this, I will not begrudge him his overtime, we need that money! So I am planning on doing the Slim Series with Debbie Siebers and doing the Slim Training (difficult) rotation! Starting today my evening  workouts will consist of:

Monday - Shape it Up
Tuesday - Firm it Up
Wednesday - Mix It Up
Thursday - Tone It Up
Friday - Cool
Saturday - Tear it Up
Sunday - Stretch

In the AM, if time permits I will be focusing on Turbo Fire workouts! will alternate between Class 30, 45, 45ez and the HIIT workouts, the one I choose will depend on how much time I have to spare that morning. 

To avoid any meal pitfalls, I've already scheduled my dinners:
Tonight: - We are having Enfrijoladas (with spinach and cheese inside)
Tuesday - Whole Wheat Spaghetti with turkey meatballs, and steam broccoli on the side
Wednesday - Black Bean Soup (yes I am obsessed with Beans :)
Thursday --Its my day off! Brother in Law cooks!
Friday - Homemade Chicken Soup - loaded with zucchini, carrots, chayote, green beans and I will go easy with the potatoes.
Saturday - Homemade Turkey Burgers
Sunday - Quesadillas

If need be will repeat the same "Menu" the following week....I have a plan! and I can't wait for Angel to stop on this overtime madness so that we can get back on our P90X schedule!

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  1. Carmen - I love how you are not letting "life" get in the way of your journey. I think picking up another program to keep you moving and in the exercise groove, while waiting for your P90X accountability buddy is a great idea. Overtime happens. It happens in my life, too. But it's sweet that your husband wants to work out with you and P90x is a tough program. I think you set a great example by simply finding another way to stay fit while waiting to get your husband back.

    Also love your blog. Keep it up!