Monday, April 19, 2010

Ginger/Cinammon and Green Tea Drink!

In my internet surfing about about the worlds greatest foods I've come accross ginger a lot.  It always ranked on the top foods list.  I am thinking, Ginger?  I am Mexican and we really don't use ginger in our cooking, so I am thinking how can I incorporate Ginger in my meals?  I can't do Indian food as my husband is totally against Indian food (I've tried to get him to at least taste it, but he won't give in, stubborn man :) anyway some of the benefits of ginger is that it aids with digestion and has antioxidant effects which are things that interest me.  I also came accross cinammon as being a good blood sugar controler and a natural perservative.  Its hard to incorporate cinammon as I am not a baker, and besides oatmeal I don't have many uses for it.  SO I decided to spice up my regular green tea! I cut a piece of ginger, peeled it  added it to into boiling water (about 12oz)  as well as as half a piece of cinammon stick and let it simmer for 5min. I then added my green tea bag and let it steep for 5minutes.  It was good, plus I gave my body some good nutrients without really eating any more food.  Try it and let me know what you think :)