Friday, July 13, 2012

Burn Circuit Round Complete! ... well almost

Howdy fitness friends!

how have you guys been?  let me tell you I have been busy -- in a good way.  I am practically done with the 1st phase of Chalean Extreme which is Burn.  Tonight, or probably tomorrow in the AM I will tackle Burn Circuit 3, and Voila! Phase 1 complete!  Next phase is the PUSH phase, where you really up the weights, as you need to reach fatigue by the 8-to 10th rep.  Now since next week I leave for Camp Do More  (On Thursday - YAY!) I won't start the push phase, I'll just do some Les Mills Pump on Monday and Wednesday.   I'll start on the Push phase next week.  Not Monday, as I think I am going to let my body recover from workouts at Camp do More :) I'll start it on Wednesday the 18th.

Besides my beachbody workouts, for cardio is still zumba and turbo kick...I am in love with those 2! I am starting to slowly add PiYo...mind you I've only  "dabble" in it.  My zumba mentor is certified in PiYo and she teaches from time to time, but I would love to gain the strenght and flexibility - I need it especially if I want to prevent injury.  I am also seriously considering incorporating Tai-Cheng into my routine, the last thing I want is to injure myself, especially since my knees have always been weak.

My eating hasn't been spot on to be perfectly honest.  Too many camping trips, and too many date nights, but I am pleasantly surprised that I am still at 136lbs!! YAY! I think I can manage loosing 1 pound by Thursday! My goal was to reach 135 by when I traveled to Camp Do More, and I am on track!  So I am really  paying attention to what I am eating this week.

Saturday's  have been come my signature zumba days at home! tomorrow is going to be a fun filled day with zumba! I am attending a Zumba Jam, which is a 3 hours of dance, dance dance! you learne new choreographies! After that I head down to San Leandro and participate in a Zumba Fundraiser! HOW FUN IS THA?! I've never done in, so it will be fun! I am going to do 5 songs - and I am extremely excited! I am thinking nerves should kick in right before the event! :)

Hope you are having a great journey getting lean and fit! I am here to help and support, so please feel free to reach out to me!