Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 10/27/14

Happy Monday!  Most people don't like Monday's but I find that is a nice reset, you get to start over.   If you have me as a facebook friend, you may realize I am doing the Whole30 program this month.  And this is my last week.   Although I wish I could say I stuck with the program 100%, it was most likely 80-85%.  And I still feel good.   I feel like I have more energy to give you guys during class, and that is an awesome feeling! I will continue to eat as I have been...granted I will add beans and lentils, those are just basic staples in the Mexican diet ;) 

So this week's schedule is-->
You will note there is no Friday classes, it's Halloween! and well I have 3 trick-or-treaters that will be very disappointed if I don't take them out.  

Speaking of Halloween this past Saturday was our first (hopefully Annual) Zumba Halloween Party at TrueFit! we had 3 wonderful instructors! Javier (who teaches every Sunday at 7:3pm - $10 drop in) our wonderful Faye who was a former instructor under Dan's Di' Ballo and of course Charito who teaches Zumba Toning on Thursdays (and if you haven't taken her class, you should!)  It was a blast and I hope you guys had fun too! a special shout out to Jeannie K., Fabiola (who was one of the 4 contestants of the best costume) and Heather and Renee who couldn't dance but was there to support nonetheless!  Also a very SPECIAL shout to my husband (who really doesn't understand my fitness life, but who supports me "regardless" ) for putting up the black lights and bringing them back down.  I will have video for you guys to follow probably next week, but in the mean time here are some pics! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 10/20/14

Happy Monday! 

Here is the schedule for this week! We have 2 classes this Friday ;) Please note that there is no Saturday AM classes as we have a special Halloween Zumba Party at 6pm! Its $10.  You will get 90min of Zumba, 4 instructors, and prizes for Best Costume!!! (we will also have refreshments and snacks) 

I will see you guys tonight for Zumba Toning!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 10/13 to 10/19

Good morning! here is today's schedule! I apologize for last week I was so darn excited about Heidi coming back to teach for a special 1x class that I thought it was last week :) but its actually this week. 

Please note that Friday class is cancelled due  that I am heading out to a Zumba Jam Session.  My first Jam session with Alena, so that should be fun :) 

Hope you all had a great weekend.   To me it was all about hanging out with my kids and my husband.  Disney on Ice with my little girl, after that because the boys didn't join in the girls fun, we took them out to Chucke E. Cheese…that was tough since I am doing a Whole30 challenge (pretty much all real food, no processed and basically lots of veggies, lots of protein and some healthy fats) then Sunday evening my husband took me to go see some of my favorite bands :) it was awesome! and it has inspired me to bring back Pachuco! so look for it in this week Zumba playlist!

See you guys tonight for Zumba Toning! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 10/6/14 - 10/12/14

Good morning TrueFit'ters :) Here is this week's schedule! I know some of you (especially Heidi's students) have missed the 6:15pm Zumba classes so this Friday I will be having a 6:15pm Zumba class just for you! YAY!    Speaking of which, Heidi will be back this week for a Special Class on Tuesday at 6:15pm.  The Drop in fee is $5.   

I want to give special thanks to Martha and her sisters for making this for me :) you will see it up at the studio today :) it's pretty cool and I really appreciate the faith and support that you guys have in me.  It means a lot and I will strive to continue to give you my best in every class.  

Let's all commit to continue in our goals of staying active and healthy! see you guys tonight!