Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 9.29.15

Good morning!

This is it! tonight we have 2 classes:

6:15pm Zumba Toning
7:15pm Zumba

Tomorrow (Wednesday 9/30)
6:15pm Insanity
7:15pm Zumba

Stay tuned! The location next to the restaurant have some issues, so I will hold out for the Kickboxing Heritage location.  They will have a meeting this Friday night, so I should have some news this weekend.  Check out an update on Monday. 

Remember you are covered! you have 2 choices. Get reimbursed for the classes left on your card, or keep it and continue with them at the new location.  When your ready to renew I will give you a discount for this major inconvenience! 

I thank you so much for your support! 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Week of 9.21.15

Happy Monday!

Thank you Margaret, Arleth, Dorinda and Jennie for coming to last Friday's 90min Master Class with some of California Zumba Jammers! 

Here is this week's schedule:

This Saturday there is a MixxedFit instructor training so there are no morning class.  However if you want to experience mixxedfit you can purchase your ticket online at www.mixxedfit.com  downdrill to the workshop in Union City and you will see the Union City workshop click on it and  you will see the Master Class option.  ALSO this weekend Maria Charito will be at St. Clemente this Saturday and Sunday! Check with her for details. I won't be there on Saturday but I will be there for Sunday.  

Also you will notice that this Sunday I listed True Fit Dance Circuit...I miss teaching Insanity, SO we will be doing some drills then "resting" with some Zumba songs...it will be challenging so come prepare to sweat and change up your routine ;) 

I'll see you tonight as I sub for Charito!  

Monday, September 14, 2015

Schedule 9.14.15

Good morning!
Here is this week's schedule: 

This Friday there is a group of us heading down to Fremont for 90min Zumba Master Class! if you have no Friday plans, I URGE to join us! it's going to be super fun and super sweaty! you will get a taste of California Zumba Jammers.  Zumba Jammers are instructors that teach us instructors choreography!  you can buy online tickets until Thursday  I will be heading out from Truefit around 6-6:15pm if you want to carpool :)

Also this Saturday you will notice there will be no 8am class, but you guys will get a treat with Zumba at 9am with Mae! she is awesome! make sure come to and support.  She is helping me out while Charito is down taking her son back to UC Riverside, and I celebrate my son's Omar (if you come on Saturdays or Sundays you may see him from time to time) 18th birthday! 

I want to give you guys a heads up, on Saturday 9/27 there will be an all day training for MixxedFit.  It's a new format. there will be no class that day.  However, there will be a Master Class at 9am - to sign up up for that visit www.mixxedfit.com  drill down to the Union City workshop, click on it and then you will see the link to the Master Class.  

Now that I am on a roll, I should make October event announcements:

10/16 FRIDAY NIGHT! Zumba Toning Master class with Zumba Jammer Meli! (AWESOME, THIS IS A MUST!) with Zes Abraham.  This will be in San Jose - let's Carpool!

10/18 Sunday early evening! a major dance fitness master class. You will get Zumba, Pon de Flow and Cize - I will be doing 3 Zumba songs :) check out the facebook event page

I will also be organizing a 2nd  Zumba Halloween Glow Party - stay tuned for that!

Have an awesome week! and I will see you tomorrow!   

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 9.7.15

Good Morning!
Here is this week's schedule!
Please note that Friday and Sunday Zumba are different playlist ;) Also since I really enjoy Insanity I will be teaching it on Saturday morning :) 

NOW, THANK YOU so much for coming and celebrating this Saturday with us! It is a great accomplishment as a small business owner, let's keep moving forward and dancing and getting fit and healthy!