Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year!

Good Afternoon!

Its January 7th, and I am back from a mini vacation and ready to get back on the wagon!   We took the kids to Mexico for the Holidays, and doing Christmas in Mexico is very different than how we typically celebrate here in the US.  For starters, its more than just the 7 of us...its EVERYONE! :) it was fun, and I hope we can do so again this year.

So as to nutritional confessions go,  for the last 3 months (October - December) I pretty much ate anything I wanted...is that bad? well yes and no.   Yes, because I sabotaged my own personal goal but its not the end of the world either.  Are my clothes a bit snugger? yes...but the good news is that it didn't leave a real big negative impact.  I am not beating myself up or anything.  Its one of those things where I recognize it, and figure out its time  to get back on track, and that is what I am doing.   So today I had my Shakeo! added some POM juice DELICIOUS! and had a really big salad for lunch! I did sneak in a small piece of French Crusty Bread  AND

ONE of these bad boys!

My afternoon snack is going to be some Greek yogurt with Fresh strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries.  For dinner I plan on something light....I am either going to do a Green Juice OR steam up the veggies, depending how I am feeling when dinner time comes along (do I want to "chew" or can I just drink up? will be the million dollar question at 9pm - yeah we eat late and I've managed to loose 40+ pounds so not eating anything after 6pm I am thinking its a myth )

So this is me Today at 141 pounds (compared to 135lb from Summer) 

I can see my back is a bit wider and the front is not bad, but then again the top is a bit flattering..the jeans DO FEEL very snug around the waist (I can feel the rolls when I sit down not a very pleasant feeling or visual) so the goal this month is to feel comfortable wearing these jeans again (Size 7)...I will not focus on pounds this month, but my mini goal is to reach 135lbs by the end of February

So there you have it! Accountability :) What are your goals this month?   remember your goals don't have to be tied up to pounds, it can doing a longer cardio session, if your a runner, your goal might be to add a few more miles, or if you are not a runner like me your goal can be adding few extra things to your workout  - post below what you  will do to improve your health! looking forward to reading your comments!

Happy New Year!