Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Asylum Day 14 - Relief!

Sunday was Day 14 of Asylum, and it was Relief! and honestly I repeated Day 14 - Relief again on Monday :)  the workout Relief in Asylum truly is relief, you get to stretch and really let your body recuperate itself.   I really like it because its only 25 minutes long!  Shaun T's voice is low, but you don't feel like you are going to fall in total relaxation or anything, and it feels good!    The reason why I repeated Day 14 back to back was because on Sunday I did a 5mile jog/walk for my 10k training, so I really felt like I need that extra stretch.  

I am seriously thinking of adding Relief as much as I can to my workout schedule, its short like I mentioned, and after a good workout, you are warm enough to really get the benefits of these stretches. 

So, basically I took yesterday as my full rest day (except for the Relief) and today I am back on full training mode.  This morning I did 2.5 miles and followed a Fartlke, on the treadmill!  I must say I am enjoying the treadmill, I put my laptop on the dashboard, and blast you tube videos!  Tonight is Day 15 of Asylum and I have Speed and Agility!   I am going to need to this in the living room, because the garage has carpet, and the carpet trips me up during this workout so I did "reserve" the living room for myself tonight, will the kids comply?  I am the boss and I am in a "no excuses" mode today, so I won't budge, they can watch TV in the garage if they so choose.   

I am ready to bring out the Athlete in me tonight! :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 12 Asylum - Back and Core

Hi Friends!

So yesterday I did my 4mile jog and walk! and I actually jogged for 2miles at a steady pace, non stop, I was very proud of myself! however I was spent! and I remember my own advice, that I really shouldn't do Asylum when I am already tired so I can focus on form.  So I decided to leave back and core for this morning, and guess what? I did! I stuck to my guns and did Back and Core this morning.  I really thought I was going to skip it because I was already running late, but I stopped myself, and pushed play, and completed 100% even the cool down, YAY me!

During the warm up I am getting better at the different jumping jacks, and I still love those monkey squats, they feel so good in my hamstrings.  Back and Core is just one of my favorites DVD's in this program, because there isn't any crazy jumping, its mostly holding the positions, and you totally feel the back and core working!  I am still struggling with the reverse planks, I have a hard time keeping my legs straight, so I do modify a bit by bending my knees a bit.  But I really like the lateral back exercises, pulling that little band is hard work! I totally feel my back sweating. 

So tomorrow is Day 13 and I have strenght, however tomorrow I have another jog scheduled too, I am thinking 2 mile, and 1 mile incline, and then just 1 mile walking.  I'll probably leave my jog for the AM and Strenght for the PM.  That's the plan!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 11 of Asylum - Game Day!

Howdy Folks! well Tuesday was Game Day! It was a kick your butt full 58min of intense sports drills...totally awesome.  I am quite proud and impressed with myself that I didn't bow out half way through it! Tonight is Day 12 and according to my schedule its Back and Core!  I have 7 more days to really train and prep myself for Game Day again PLUS overtime, I am very physched about that!

Tonight I do have cardio as well, I have a 4mile jog/walk day on the treadmill...for my 10k training coming up in August.  I'll have a busy evening, but I am feeling good.  I am feeling "light"....I am liking that I swaped my shakeology for the evening! I am having my heavier meals in the first part of the day and then progressively get smaller portions, I must say that it has been working for me!

The Asylum Nutrion Plan works like this:

1st Meal - Protein and Start (approx 500 calories or for lower calorie modification 300 calories)
2nd Meal - Protein & Starch OR Protein and Veggies - 400 calories (or 300 calories)
3rd Meal Protein  and Veggie (Protein, Starch and Veggie 3x a week)  - 300 calories
4th Meal All Salad!VEG OUT
5th Meal Protein and Veggie 300 calories
6th Have a Shakeology or swap it for Meal 4 or 5

To choose from healthier Protein/Veggie and Carbs check out Michis Ladder and stay on the Top 2 Tiers!

Happy Eatings and workouts everyone!

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cont Day 8 of Asylum

Hi Guys!
Well I accomplished Vertical Plyo on Thursday morning! YAY Me! I a saw a major improvement as you can you see from my video! Now today is Day 9, honestly I haven't checked the schedule yet, to see what Shaun T has in store for me, I am really hoping for "Relief" LOL.

Today I attended my 1st Club! It was really fun. Working out at home is very convenient for me, considering my schedule but finding the time to get together 1 day a week with other beachbody coaches, friends and family is a total morale booster! We did Kenpo X! I am looking forward for next Saturday, maybe some Turbo Fire?

Hope you guys have a great Saturday, and make time for your own workout!

'The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
Lao Tzu

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Carmen Fitness: Day 8 of Asylum - Vertical Plyo

Awesome #4 - My Blog ;) Carmen Fitness: Day 8 of Asylum - Vertical Plyo: "I am being such a baby! LOL I have to terms that the 30day Asylum program is going to take me more than 30 days, but no worries, its become ..."

Day 8 of Asylum - Vertical Plyo

I am being such a baby! LOL I have to terms that the 30day Asylum program is going to take me more than 30 days, but no worries, its become one of those things that have become personal and I must conquer.  Since doing Asylum I've never "felt" my hamstrings, I knew about them, have to stretch them but didn't understand why, now I know.  My hamstrings are sore! especially my right side. Not sure what that is about, but just in case, I am taking it easy with Asylum so I am taking breaks in between days.  The next workout is Vertical Plyo.  I had it scheduled for last night, but since it was Dia de Las Madres, I got pampered at home, next thing I knew it was 11pm.   So my goal is tonight.  There are no more mothers day celebration so there are no excuses.  

But seriously...my hamstrings are...ouch! I am not injured or anything, but when I am not moving my legs, which is most of the day as I have a desk job my legs get stiff! The first steps I take after sitting down for awhile its like I am Frankestein, can't bend my knees right away :) Anyway, I am working on not getting injured  hence why I am attacking Asylum slowly! Its going to be a great program to spring me over to Insanity. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Asylum - Day 7 Strength

Hi friends!

Well Day 7 of Asylum was actually completed this Monday (5/2/11).   I don't think I've gotten used to Shaun's warm ups yet.  His warm ups, in my books are like a complete workout! I had already come to the conclusion that I really should do Asylum workouts in the AM, when I am more likely to feel more refreshed.  I did strength in the PM of Monday and honestly I was already tired! Ironically the warmup and the first strength and cardio combination gave me a boost of energy, but by the 2nd circuit I was done.  However, I kept pushing and I finished the workout.  During the Pushup/shoulder taps I had to admit I wasn't coming as deep into my pushup and eventually I had to go on my knees.   I particularly like Strength because of the added cardio benefit, you are not crazily moving around like in Speed and Agility or Vertical Plyo but my heart rate was up and I was sweating bullets, you can't beat that!

Since Monday I had taken a small break...but tonight is Day 8! Core and Back, and I will also jump for about 20min on the treadmill, I am feeling good this evening!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Asylum Day 6 - Speed and Agility

I am behind with my posts! but no worries, I am on it! Although I've taken a bit of a break, Game Day is tomorrow!

Anyway Day 6 for me was completed on Saturday! After a failed attempt to do it on Saturday morning ( I had to call it quits  as too many kids were trying to workout with me, thought I was going to hit one of them with the jump rope and fighting with them as to who was going to hop on the agility ladder) I decided to stop.  However, I made sure I did it on that  Saturaday afternoon!  Here is the deal, Speed and Agility should be done when you feel most energetic! I pushed myself, but I was already tired from earlier in my day, but the good news is that Shaun T says that you don't actually start working until your muscles are tired, and you keep pushing. So after I did the warm up, I was pretty much done for.  But I kept pushing myself.  I did take some extra breaks, and took all my water breaks, but I hanged in there.  You know what they say, successful people bite more than they can chew, and then they just start chewing...well thats how I am feeling about Asylum! LOL Not sure what I got myself into but I am continuing to tackle it! :)