Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Turbo Kick Certification! - Did I pass?

Hello Friends,

Well this Sunday I went to East Palo Alto's YMCA facility off of University Ave on Bell St to get myself some Turbo Kick Certification.  I went with my good friend and fellow beachbody coach Denise Romero.  We left Hayward around 8:15 and made good time.  We arrived around 8:40'ish.  We got there, signed in, got our packet, and started talking to the other people!  Some were already instructors with other formats and wanted to add Turbo Kick to their repertoire.  It was a long day! But a fun filled one!

Our presenter was Doris Estremera, which I must say was an excellent presenter. Made us feel relax and comfortable, and even though she was a bit pregnant she still brought it when it came to delivering the actual workout.  She kept saying, "I am not going to go all out because its not good for me to over do it" but man! she brought it! her energy and intensity was phenomenal! (can you tell Chalene's vocabulary is rubbing off on me?) I can only imagine her going all out when she is not pregnant :)  anyway our day started like this:

1. Lecture
2.  Went over form and Technique with the 4 basic punches and Kicks
3.  Worked on our own punches and kicks - the ones we felt we needed more practice and Doris would walk around giving us some pointers.  
4.  We then went for the actual workout! we did Round 44, and its the round that came with our registration.  It was a great workout! and I've never done an actual Turbo Kick workout.  I've done Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire in the comfort of my own home...and Turbo Fire at the Beachbody summit, but never an actual Turbo Kick.  It was totally amazing, I kept screaming and saying "YEAH" Doris called my name "hey Carmen how are you doing back there" and I was like "GOOOOOOD" in a what I think was a deep tone of pitch, at least I think it was low and deep, LOL that was the intention anyway...
5. Break for lunch and to purchase some Turbo Wear.  I got myself a waffle short, and 2 tanks that read "Turbo Saved Me" in Red and "Turbo Everyday" in Hot Pink.  For lunch we just had a peach, string cheese, and a granola bar and yes 1 little brownie. 
6.  Lecture, went over our study guide, broke down the Turbo Sections, and divided up into groups to learn a specific section.  We each got to lead in our little group, then got to actually lead in the class.   That was a great experience.
7. Practical Test - she went one by one (in rows) and evaluated our form and technique for each of the basic punches and kicks - now that was nerve racking.  And I was tired from the day, and actually sore too.  But I gave it my all, I wanted to prove that I've listened to Chalene when she says keep your shoulders up, pivot to protect the knees, and I think I did not "scoop" in my punches and effectively demonstrated the push side kick vs a roundhouse kick.
8.  Written Test

Then we got to go home, I was exhausted! but felt very proud of myself, it was a great day!  But what made the whole day special, is that I got home and the kids were like "how did it go?" and Angel was also very interested, it is great to have their support in my journey :)
 And now to wait for 2-4 weeks to get my results!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Chalean Extreme - Lean Circuit 3 - week 1

My goal this morning was to wake up at 5am to go and push play.  I didn't push play until 6:05, now I did wake up at 5am,  but just laid there staring at the ceiling.  I started to feel sorry about myself.  Lots of things going on in my mind, and the thing is that most of the things that I was mulling over where things I have no control over.   I wish I could help, I wish I can turn things around for other people, but seriously I can't.  I can only control what I do, I can only change things for myself for the better.  I will help out family members when I have the ability to do so, in this instant, in this particular moment, I just can't.  And it was killing me that I can't, and its not a good feeling.  Anyway I laid there for an hour thinking and thinking and feeling guilty.   BUT then I stopped myself.  I can't feel guilt over a situation that I didn't make for myself, in fact when asked for my opinion, I gave a total different advice from what was decided....anyway I am starting on a soap drama again.  So as I laid there, letting guilt consume me, I said to myself STOP!  You know if you could help you would do so without giving it a second thought, just because you can't help RIGHT NOW, doesn't mean you won't be able to help in a month or so.  So then I realized, instead of laying here feeling guilty you could of been done with your workout like 20min ago and had lunches already prepared.  So I got up renewed, and letting go of my guilt I  Pushed play.  I  felt rejuvenated! Chalene gives a great workout, and Lean Circuit 3 is just awesome.  It works my chest muscles like no other (not even P90X) and I know I will be sore.  After the workout while preparing my recovery drink my arms were shaking!  LOVE IT!  I totally exhausted my muscle tissue, I kept telling myself "ooohhh I can feel my muscles repairing themselves" LOL

So my tip for today is: when life is happening to you, when there are problems, its okay to feel a bit sorry for yourself, but don't get stuck in that rut.  Shake it off, and blow of some steam with a killer workout, when your done, you'll be amazed as to how you feel not just physically but from within.  Lets get stronger in more ways than one :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chalean Extremen - Lean Circuit 2 - Week 1

Hi guys!

Well yesterday I did Lean Circuit 2 - and it was shoulders, back and legs.  My shoulders are my weakest area, but even then just lifting at 10lbs for my shoulder exercise, I failed by the 11th or 12th rep.  At the end I did my last shoulder exercise with 8lbs dumbbells.  Yeah, not that heavy, but boy did I feel it!  This morning I have burn intervals, and I want to follow that with HiiT 15.

I'll be staying home today because Ximena is sick.  Not sure if its a bug or something, but her tummy is not feeling that well, so after crushing my workout, I'll call the doctors office and see if they can see her today. I just want to make sure its not an infection.  The poor kid hasn't been able to really enjoy her 1st week of school, and she was so excited about it too.

Another to report is that yesterday was the 10th day, and final day of my shakeology fat blaster cleanse.  I did fairly good! I did falter a bit there at the end, especially with my husband's birthday yesterday, but overall I feel good.   I ate pretty clean, lots of veggies, plus all the good stuff on Shakeology.   Final weight 136.8 - I am pretty excited about that!

So here I go to start my day! Hope you guys have a good one :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chalean Extreme - Lean Phase

This week I start on the Lean Phase from Chalean Extreme.  I had totally forgotten that this is a great phase!  I did Lean Circuit 1 yesterday, biceps, triceps and legs.  Chalene has you do lower body and arms at the same time really working your core and balance.  During the workout I could feel my core and legs working, and today my arms are totally feeling it!  I didn't go as heavy, I was only doing 15lbs and 12lbs but even then my body feels trampled on! I LOVE IT!   The plan this morning is a HiiT I am thinking Turbo HiiT 25 at first, but I may go with HiiT 15 followed by a stretch workout, my body needs it.

Today I am at home from work,  I could do a longer workout, but I am home with my 2 youngest boys.   We dropped of their sister at kindergarten this morning, so from now until 12pm its just us, then we leave to pick her up at 12:35pm so I want to spend some time with them this morning.  I am thinking going to take them to park and have them riding the little train.

So my 2 cents for today - take care of your health so that you can joy in spending time with your family, because your family is awesome and they deserve to have you around for a long tim3 ;)

Friday, August 19, 2011

10 Day Shakeology Fat Blast! - Day 5

Hello my friends!

Today is Day 5 of my 10 Day Shakeology Fat Blast!   If you are unfamiliar with Shakeology click here   The purpose of the cleanse is to give you a jump start with your weigh loss and get your metabolism going as you are eating every 2 hours.  Shakeology with all this vitamins, preobiotics, antioxidants, protein...(well its pretty much packed with 70+ nutrients and its processed accordingly to help your body absorb all of it ;) will not only help you give you that edge, but I've noticed that the quality of my workouts have improved!  All of a sudden I have that "spunk" again and I am making my moves bigger and I am jumping more doing my Turbo Workouts.

Today is the start of Day 5, I am down to 2 shakes a day, and I am adding whole grains, which I like because I was missing my oatmeal!  As mentioned I am feeling good and not "weighed down" - have you had that feeling?  the first 2 days I did feel bloated, but it was all that Fiber, drinking extra water helped to remove all that excess toxins.

If you would like to know more about shakeology, how it can help you contact me, and if you are seriously considering purchasing it and would like a sample, well I need to be your coach, so if you don't have a beach body coach already, sign up for free here

Below are some Videos of Day 1 and Day 3 :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mission Accomplished! - 10k is in the bag

Hello Friends!
So this past Saturday I accomplished what I set out to do and I started and finish my first 10k!  I did the Big Gay 10k in San Francisco! and as you might of guessed, they did encourage to wear a costume! I went as Mexico

Me as Mexico

I went to the event with my friend Annette and her friend (my new friend ;) Melissa! we also met our co-worker April.
Middle of my 10k
So I did the run! Now I am not going to lie, it was tough! mentally and physically.  But it was extremely fun!   You can't go wrong with an event where people are genuinely fun and caring, and know how to throw a party! (BIG GAY 10K!) Was I flashy, and social like I imagine I would be? well No....but hey, I accomplished something way outside my comfort zone!

Lesson Learned: I NEED TO INVEST IN GOOD RUNNING SHOES! and only use them for running.   My regular cross trainer shoes just did not cut it. 

Lesson Learned: Need to increase my training miles, I do need to have longer runs at least 1x a week!  Which  means  I need to get up earlier...5am early.  I am not a morning person.  But I am committing to this.  So San Jose RNR - here I come!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

my first 10k!

Well friends, its almost here! The Big Gay 10k! and its my first 10k! nervous? yes! excited? YES! I haven't been training as hard as I would like to...in terms of increasing my endurance and miles.  But I am determined!
I am hoping to get real life experience and figure out how I can improve for next time.

I definitively have the pre-run jitters! I can't stop thinking about it....all of a sudden doubts are flooding my brain and I still need to come up with my costume! I am going as Mexico :)  anyway, I am nervous, I want to make sure I get to San Francisco with plenty of time to check in and get my bib number.  I could pick it up earlier but I don't like to drive into San Francisco, I panic, all those hills make me nervous, especially when I get stuck in a red light going up hill, that little rock backwards when you put your car into 1st gear to continue moving, drives me nut! LOL - I am digressing anyway, my BIG GAY 10K is coming up! Wohoo! okay, SO this is run by San Francisco Aids Foundation, and even though I haven't been actively fundraising, if you wish donate, no amount is small!, you may do so here

Wish me luck! and pester me about my costume, I need to get that done!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Asparagus Blue Cheese Salad

I love Asparagus! and if you know me...well you know I am "into" cheese.  I am always looking for new ways to prepare and eat asparagus.  So don't settle for "just a salad"...presenting

Asparagus Blue Cheese Salad - www.teambeachbody.com

You will Need:

1lb of fresh asparagus
8 red leaf lettuce leaves
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
3 Tbsp. fat-free raspberry vinaigrette (try finding a brand without corn syrup, also possible substitute 2 Tbsp raspberry vinegar mixed with one Tbsp. olive oil for an additional 4 grams of fat and 20 calories0
2 oz. crumbled cheese

  1. Cut off fibrous ends of asparagus spears.  Lightly steam spears and cut into one-inch pieces.
  2. Chop or shred lettuce leaves
  3. Combine asparagus, lettuce, lemon juice and raspberry vinaigrette in large salad bowl
  4. Top with crumbled blue cheese and serve
(4 servings)

Nutrion Facts:
Serving Size - 1 cup
Cal - 100
Fat Total - 4g
Saturated Fat - 2.5g
Carbs - 9g
Fiber - 2g
Protein: 6g

This healthy salad goes well where you might normally serve the classice (and much less healthy!) "iceberg wedge"

Monday, August 8, 2011

10 day Shakeology Fat Blaster

                                                       Hi Friends!

Well I am getting ready for a 10 day shakeology fat blaster cleanse! We start on August 15th and if you want to be part of the action let me know ;) First you  need to order your shakeology  when you do make sure to get Autoship to take advantage of the free shipping :) By ordering via the link its connected to me so I'll get credit for that purchase ;) 

SO, before you order you want to know more about the cleanse? no problemo, its a pretty simple 10 day eating plan, all revolves around shakeology to help your body detoxify and help you really pick up your metabolism. 

Day 1 to 3 - you basically take 2 cups of Oolong Tea - 3 shakeologies a day and 2 salads with only 4oz of protien (chicken breast) lunch and dinner - if you need more food you could add fruit and yogurt as snacks.

Day 4 to 10 its basically the same thing but you can add whole grains, like oatmeal, whole wheat bread, brown rice and its only 2 shakes a day.

It is a bit of a "contest" the biggest looser will get a single DVD workout of their choosing of (Hip Hop Abs, Fast and Furios - from Insanity), Greatest HiiT (from Turbo Fire) Secret Weapon (From Brazilian Butt Lift) and a $50 Target Gift Card)

If you want to participate, order your Shakeology from me on AutoShip, you can always cancel later

Here is the link for google docs, it has all the details on the Cleanse and the allowed Foods https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B9LlZCn70sBFZjAzYmJkNGEtNGRiMy00NGViLWEwMGItMmQwNWZiMTc0MGNj&hl=en_US-

Monday, August 1, 2011

Carmen Fitness: Overcoming Obstacles

Carmen Fitness: Overcoming Obstacles: "Good morning! I was just reminded that today is just not the start of a new week, but its the start of a new month. Today we have the op..."

Overcoming Obstacles

Good morning!

I was just reminded that today is just not the start of a new week, but its the start of a new month.   Today we have the opportunity to see how far we've gotten from our last month's goals, did we accomplish them? how did we overcome obstacles?  did we overcome our obstacles?  what were our challenges?  Lets assume that you didn't so whats the next step?   Take note, briefly analyze what came in the way.  Most of the time is outside factors which we can't control.  However we can control if we let these factors play in a negative way with our emotions, so it simple: Your reaction will determine if you are winning or not.

Overcoming obstacles is simple, face them, make an adjustment to your actions and continue plugging away.   So I have new attitude this month.   I am going to embrace each new obstacle.  What? did Carmen finally lost it?  Nope! but every time I have an obstacle, and I tackle it and somehow get across it, I become better.  My character is strengthen, I learn something about myself and as weird as it may sound when you accomplish something you thought impossible or you saw so many obstacles but instead of letting them defeat you, you plunged ahead anyway, it does something incredible for your confidence.  Its a great feeling knowing that you did it!   So I am looking forward for this month's challenges and overcoming the obstacles and seeing what am I truly made of.

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a difference" - Winston Churchill