Sunday, April 11, 2010

3 day Shakeology Cleanse

I am getting ready to start my 3 day Shakeology Cleanse that I am doing with other facebook friends!  I am excited.  This cleanse is NOT the master cleanse.  Its basically a cleanse to give your body as much nutrients to help promote flush the junk from your system and regulating hydration levels.  Like I said is not the master cleanse, its performance-orientated.   Its calorically restricted, but the aim is for 1500 so I am not nervous about that aspect.  I'll be taking 3 shakeology shakes a day, PLUS will have a salad full of veggies, 4oz of protein, and good fats which I'll adding flaxseed or avocado, and I will be having fruits as snack, I really doubt I'll be feeling any hunger at all.  However, I will be taking it easy with my workouts.  I'll just be rebounding and doing leslie's sansome in-home walking programs, I'll also throw in some Rodney Yee Yoga for good measure.   This will be an awesome way to jump-start my next fitness phase since I just finished Slim Series, and instead of doing another rotation I'll be switching to Turbo Jam, Power Half Hour, and Jillian's Master Your Metabolism DVD.  My aim is for one hour in the AM and one hour in PM, which shouldn't be too dificult, since I am already doing on hour in the PM and about 30min in the AM.

Wish me luck with my cleanse!  I'll be posting tomorrow night and I'll let you know how I am feeling.

For more information on Shakeology, contact me or go to:

It really is more than you GNC protein shake powder, its filled with whole-food healthy ingredients.

by the way, I am down to 148 pounds!  I am really pumped to start my next fitness phase!  My next fitness goal, is that as I am down to 140 pounds I want to conquer P90X, I hope that if you are thinking of taking that challenge yourself, that you will allow me to be your beachbody coach, and we can do this together!

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