Monday, September 25, 2017

Weekly Schedule 9/25/17

Happy Monday! 

Hope you had a great weekend! my Saturday was a bit insane, but super fun! Here is this week's schedule:

This wednesday I will be heading to Charito's zumba class at Crunch San Lorenzo as we celebrate 2 years of Crunch! Mae and Nataliya will also be there! so come out and join the fun! 

Also I have a fun annoucement! as many of you know TrueFit's friend instructor Vanessa Lopez is moving and so I am going to continue her Wednesday class at 7:30pm over at LifeStyle Studio starting Wednesday 10/4/17.  This location is an extension of TrueFit, so class cards are welcomed at both places! 

This upcoming weekend is a MELI weekend :) It's her Birthday on Saturday! This Friday I am heading out to her class, then Saturday is a Jam sesssion, but SUNDAY! is the big FUN Master Class! I hope you guys can go, it's going to be super fun! 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Week of 9/18/17

Good morning!

Hope you all had a great weekend! I wanted to give a big shout and to all of you guys for making the Mexican Fiesta SUPER FUN! the energy was really good and I truly appreciate it! 

Our next event is Halloween! save the date :) 

Here is this week's schedule:

Tomorrow is my son's Omar 20th birthday, so Charito will be subbing my Strong and Zumba class! Let me hear a loud YEAHHHHHH  :) I am back on Thursday to sweat and dance with you guys.   

This weekend if you are looking for a Saturday evening weekend you can dance with Meli! More info here  I will be there as I will be attending a jam session before the Master Class :) 

On my personal accountability I was able to do a 1x session of heavy weight lifting, my goal is to up it to 2x.  

Have a great weekend, and I don't see you tonight at Crunch, then I will see you on Thursday :) 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Week of 9/11/17

Good morning!

Hope you all had a great weekend.  My weekend was filled with Zumba Energy!  so much fun! I know you guys also had fun! I missed the Castro Valley Fall Festival, but I know you guys had fun and Represented!

Thank you so much! Let's continue that energy with this week's schedule:

On Thursday we celebrate Mexico's independance day with a Mexican Fiesta 90min Class! I am working on that playlist, and let me tell you it's FIRE! Come out and Join Charito, Veronica and myself.  Wear your green, white and red! 

Accoutability: Last week I was able to weight lift only 1x a week.   So my goal this week is to up that to 2x a week.  Another goal is learn another new quadrant for Strong.   

Have a great week! I'll see you guys tonight at Crunch or tomorrow at TrueFit :) 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Week of 9/5/17

Happy Tuesday! sorry I am late with the schedule.  Here is this week's schedule plus if you want to join me at 24hr :) 

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for coming out, your best wishes last Friday to dance and celebrate TrueFit! we had lots of guests and the energy WAS AMAZING! I had this Zumba High all weekend and I just couldn't get rid of :) 

Here are some September dates to save for TrueFit:

I still do have TrueFit t-shirts available - only Large but I am sure you can cut and tie ;) - in case you want to represent.  Just let me know.  

This Saturday I won't be able to make the Demo at the Castro Valley Fesitval due a Saturday morning class, but Charito will be there and thank you in advance for coming out and representing! 

Also there are upcoming Master Classes that I am looking forward too and hopefully you can join!

1. Chugether We Dance - With California Zumba Jammers (No Meli or Jhon sadly, but Ashley Bishop will be there!)
2. 90min Master Class with Meli in Dublin  -I will already be there as I will be attending a Jam session earlier that day. 

3. 90min Master Class with Meli, Jhon and Rony - Celebrating Meli's Birthday - YES THAT IS HER ACTUAL BIRTHDAY! 

 Can't wait to see you guys tonight! 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Week of 8/28/17

Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a great weekend! The schedule this week is packed with FUN and SWEAT! 

Since I had to cancel last week's 6pm class we need to recover that class 😉 so on Thursday we will have a triple threat class! I expect a loud "WOHOO!" Also on Friday we celebrate 3 years of TrueFit! so come and sweat! this is a free 2 hour class, so share this class with friends :)

Also save the date for Thursday 9/14 we are going to have another 90min Zumba class with a Mexican Fiesta with Charito! (Mexico Independence day is 9/16)  and I am trying to have other guest instructors, so keep your fingers crossed!  

Another date to save is for Saturday 9/16 I was invited for a fundraiser at St. Clemente Church in Hayward - for more info 

In September we are also schedule to do Zumba demos at the Castro Valley Festival on the weekend of 9/9 and 9/10 - currently Charito is confirming which day we will perform.  We were also invited to perform at the St. Clemente Festival on 2 days: 9/23 at 11:45am and 9/24 at 12:15pm 

I KNOW! Lots of fun coming up in September!

Let's talk about my accountability, last week was a dud for me -- I didn't do any weight lifting and I also wanted to start practicing a new quadrant for Strong, and did not.  Right now my biggest hurdle (or excuse?) is that I need to schedule my evenings accordingly.  I haven't been motivated, I get home...I am tired and just want to veg out.  I need to find my motivation.  You might think that is "OKAY" and it could be if that is what makes me happy.  But I need structure to feel good about myself...believe it or not when I am on top of my game I schedule "veg out" days and not just veg out all the time LOL.  So that's my goal, to structure my evenings so I can hit my goals.  

Have an awesome week and hope to dance with you!  

Monday, August 21, 2017

Week of 8/21/17

Good morning and happy Monday! 
Here is this week's schedule:

Please note that there is no 6pm class on Thursday this week! I will make it up to guys next Thursday by having a 5pm Cize Live class :) *HIGH FIVE*

As the summer starts to end, this is a good time to take a moment to breath, and gather your thoughts as we start the last leg of the year.  Just go back and think of those 2017 goals that you set for your self in January and take stock of where you are.  One of my goals was to start a Strong class and I did, but another goal that I have not met is to consistently lift 2-3x a week.  Experts say You only need 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to reach a guess what? I am going to tackle this goal in these last 4 months of the year and will finish 2017 strong.  Feel free to share your re-commited goal with me or just re-commit to it on your own but don't let them go! 

Have a wonderful week, and I can't wait to dance with you guys!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Week of 8/14/17

Good afternoon!

Hope you guys had a great weekend! Here is this week's schedule at TrueFit:

Please note that Cardio Sculpt is being swapped from Thursday to Tuesday! On Thursday I will be subbing Strong in Redwood City, so the 6pm will be subbed by Charito and she may warmed up for Zumba! I will get there as fast as I can :)

Also on Friday September 1, 2017 we will be celebrating 3 years of TrueFit! please come, invite friends,lets dance and sweat! 

On another note, I know some of you have missed Cize Live! so I have been thinking of offering a Cize Live class 1x a month as a special event!  it would need to be on Saturday, and for those attending you guys need to vote if you want to have it as a 7am class or an 11am class - make sure to let me know! for those of you wondering what is Cize Live, its dance class in which I will teach a mini choreography! FUN!

Have a fabulous week! and let's dance! 

Monday, August 7, 2017

I am back from Convention! Week August 7, 2017

Happy Monday!

It's been a week since I have been back from Covention! Here is this week's schedule:

I have been back a week after convention, and I still haven't had a chance to just sit and think about what I learned and experience, but I will try my best to summarize for you :)

Thursday 7/27/17
  • Latin Urban what can I say? this was presented by Jhon Gonzales one of my favorite Zumba Jammers, and it was great.  I loved the music.  He gave us two choreographies to bring back to class, so watch out for these:

  • Latin Alternative - This is the music of my youth! LOVED it! she gave us 2 choreographies as well, BUT in the lecture part of the class she referenced a pop band, (rockish influence) called Menudo so I HAVE TO bring this song:
I got inspired by some of the moves LOL and made it so that it makes sense for Zumba.  

The presenter also gave us a song from Aterciopelados (I need to sit and remember this one) but basically is an angry song...we dont' care for the girl LOL 

She also gave us some tunes from Locos por Juana, I have done a song from them, so their sound might be familiar

There are other songs, that I am keeping in the back of my mind, and if I can't recall them, I am pretty sure I could get inspired and bring them slowly to class :)
  • Master Class with Donna Giffen - Love her! I only get to dance with her when I am at convention so her Master Class is a Must for me. I love her dramatics.  I "think" I may have a song from her MC - I will test it out (it's from memory LOL) 

Friday 7/28/17
  • Puerto Rican Flow -  another favorite, BUT I can't remember! it's so frustrating, I just rememer enjoying the if I was in an island.  But he did give us 2 choreographies, and I will try my best to remember them! *keep your fingers crossed*

  • Folk dances of India - this was a small session, but it was amazing.  I got 3 choreographies...nothing like they bollywood songs that I normally do.  More traditional, and I am hoping I can figure out the songs, and recall, because it was truly a good session and I loved it! 

  • Fitness Concert - No words to decribe it...the fitness part of it was like other years, just FUN to watch not necessarily to follow because you would be dancing on cement...BUT THEN Daddy Yankee came out and gave a full out 45min concert, I forgot I was on cement and just danced...I was choreographing on the spot! however if you ask me now, I can't remember a single step.
Saturday 7/29/17
  • Strong Master Class - With Ai Lee was awesome, I totally got my butt kicked. I got inspired to start learning new Quadrants for our class, so stay tuned!

  • Fighting Elements - Again with Ai Lee and her 2 Zj's I have choreo with the punching and kicking elements to it and I have small videos, so I should be able to bring these to you, just give me a few weeks!

  • House Experience - I think my brain was mush by this point.  I remember it was awesome, I took I am hoping I will be able to bring some to you :)

Sunday 7/30/17

  • Venenzuelan Bochinche - this was presented by the one and only Meli!!! and her Venenzuelan counterpart Rob :) Actually I took this session TWICE! I was able to catch the last hour after Folk dances of India, and then did the full class on Sunday.  This particular session really touched my heart...because of all the turmoil it was amazing to see all the Venenzuelan get together and DANCE!  and then seeing other people ( non Venenzuelan like myself) just dance along with was AWEinspiring.  It showed what Dance is all about and I was just happy to be there.  

Well this was a QUICK run through of my convention experience, just so many things :) 

Let's dance together this week! I'll be seeing you ❤❤

Friday, July 14, 2017

Week 7/17/17

Happy Friday!

I am posting a bit early because next week it's going to super busy here at work, tyring to wrap things up :) 

I am getting super excited because ZINCON (Zumba Convention is almost here!!)  Here is this week's schedule - regular schedule:

for my CIZE LIVE CREW! I will try to bring a class in August :) 

Don't forget that next week there are no classes, I am back on Tuesday 8/1 to regular schedule :) 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 7/10/17

Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was filled with Zumba and Family! SO MUCH FUN! 

Here is this week's schedule:

Summer is here but we haven't lost the eye on the prize :) 

Have an awesome week, and I will see you tomorrow !

Monday, June 26, 2017

Week of 6/26/17

Happy Monday!

 This is a reminder that we have no classes on Tuesday or Thursday of this week, but I will be back to dance with you on Saturday bright and early!

Have an awesome week! 

Also don't forget about this special event that Charito and I are doing on July 4th, bright and early! come out and pre-burn those 4th of July BBQ calories! 

Have a great week and see you on Saturday 7/1 at 8am! 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Week of 6/19/17

Good afternoon! 

Hope you all had a good weekend! Here is this week's schedule:

We have a triple threat day on Tuesday! Also if you are not a regular attendee of Saturday Zumba, and if you can attend I encourage you to do so :) 

This Friday I will be attending a Master Class (open to all) in Newark with 2 awesome jammers and zumba presenters - if you can attend you don't want to miss it, you can reserve your spot by paypal. 

Also please remember that next week there will be no classes on Tuesday or Thursday - I am back on Saturday at 8am!  Technically I am back on Friday 6/30 :) so I will be attending a MC on Friday in San Jose - if you are interested and will like to carpool let me know, but I warn you my van will have camping smell. 

Have a great week! Let's make it count! 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Week of 6/12/17

Good morning!

Hope you all had a great weekend! My Saturday was about 6.5 hours of dancing...Sunday was a lazy day 😎

Here is this week's schedule: 

We have a triple day this Tuesday starting at 5pm! 

Also if you just can't get enough of me (jk) and have a 24hr membership you can catch me at 6:30pm on Friday at the 24hr Hayward on Amador I will be subbing a Zumba Class, AND I have my OWN NEW CLASS! (YAY!!!) on the new 24hr Newark Newpark Mall SS starting THIS Saturday at 9:30am for Strong by Zumba (I am extremely excited about this) 

Have an awesome week! 

Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 6/5/17

Hello! It's officially June! 

Here is this week's schedule:

We will be back with Cize until next week, for now this is this week's schedule! Have you tried Strong by Zumba? 

If not come out tomorrow and try it out! Sometimes we get in our own head and think we can't do something, but just because you can't do it today, doesn't mean you can't do it at all. Some come out and start training, and amaze yourself! 

This Saturday after my 8am I will be heading out to this awesome MC!

You in? 

Also just a reminder that in the last week of June there is no class on Tuesday and Thursday

BUT I will be back on Saturday 7/1 for 8am Zumba!

Hope you have a great week, and see you soon! 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Week 5/29/17

Happy Tuesday!
Hope you had a good weekend.   Personally I am a bit tired :) I am realizing that time is creeping up on me! I have lots to do plan and do in June LOL - here is this week's schedule:

This week we are having a triple thread day on Thursday!

Please note that as we come into June there are no Friday class in June.   The following Fridays I will be heading to Mountain View to take Meli's class - let me know if you want to join me: 6/2; 6/9 and 6/16  on June 23rd there is a special Master Class with 2 international Zumba Jammers from France and Brazil, I've been told they are excellent! get your tickets and let's go! 

In June, please note there will be no class on Tuesday 6/27 and Thursday 6/29 as I will be camping! (YAY!)  There will be class that Saturday 7/1 at 8am :)  AND that Friday 6/30 I will be back from camping, and I will be heading out to San Jose for a special Master Class with Meli and Ashley so let's go!!

Have an awesome week! and I will see you at 6pm today ;)

Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 5/22/17

Good morning and Happy Monday! this was on my newsfeed this mornig, and it totally turned my Monday upside up :) 

Here is this week's schedule:

So yes! tomorrow we are having a triple threat fitness day! Cize, Strong and Zumba! 

Reminder there is no 8am Zumba this Saturday.  

Have an awesome week! 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 5/15/17

Happy Monday!
Hope you had a great Mother's Day Weekend! I am so thankful that you woke up early on Sunday to come kick off Strong by Zumba on Sunday morning 

Here is this week's schedule at TrueFit:

Add caption
There is a Zumba event this Friday, and that is where I will be :) If you want to come, let's go!! These events are so much fun, the energy is so good and you get to dance with different people and see different styles.   So get your ticket 

This Saturday morning after our TrueFit class I will also be heading out to Dublin for a Zumbathon fundraiser.  

Murray Elementary's own Destination Dreamers placed 2nd in last month's state tournament and need our help getting to Global Finals! Join us for a fun, family-friendly Zumba Fitness workout with a fun bunch of local instructors:Marilyn EakinRobin CranfordStacey FongJeanné Alves WildmanRonza Martinez BargasAraceli L ArretcheDee YoungMelanie Tannenbaum Hepler and a SPECIAL GUEST!  
**PSSST The special guest is Jhon Gonzalez** 

Hope you all have a great week! and I hope to dance with you!