Friday, March 30, 2012

Breaking a Plateau!

Hi Fitness Friends!

Well FINALLY I am once again seeing changes in my body!   During the last months I was getting too lax with my eating.  I am not the food police, and although I do try to eat healthy as I possibly can while still having fun with the family I was going a little bit overboard in the food department.  Although the scale was not increasing, it wasn't diminishing either, and inches were still the same.  Which in a good way, that is good to know that I can maintain know without doing the yo- yo dance YAY!

However, I am still far and away from goal.  I guess I am not that concern about the number on the scale, so much as to how my body is looking.  My arms are my biggest problem area...and if you followed me here or on facebook you probably know that my arms are my greatest pet peeve, they are huge! the first thing I always see is great changes in my lower body, and thats all good but man I wish my arms would keep up.  There are periods where my lower body is totally slimmed down, and my arms are still huge, and I look like a football player.  BUT I am finally seeing some shrinkage in my arms!  I am very happy about that...and you know you can't target a specific area of your body to shed the fat, so I am working on overall body toning.  My program of choice is still Les Mills Pump  I just cant say enough good things about the home version of Body Pump.  My legs are so much stronger! and know that I am adding the Pump Revolution and Pump Extreme into my routines, it is now when I am noticing that my arms are slimming down! Plus the energy of the trainers is just AMAZING! I can't believe I am getting that type of energy and motivation from a DVD program.

Also I am still doing my Turbo Kick but Zumba is getting a lot more attention know as I am trying to get down my first playlist down.  I am checking out AWESOME zumba classes locally, and all I can say, oh that song is off the hook! oh man that choreo is booming! (all this in my head, I really don't say booming or off the hook out loud, I think people would look at me funny :)   I also went to a Zumba Jam...when Meli (The Zumba Jammer) said you are going to be dancing 3 hours straight, she wasn't kidding!! we got a few 2min breaks...and like 1 5min break...and like 10min where we sat in a circle and getting tips on how to give our students the best zumba experience but other than that it was go, go, go! It was totally awesome! I am going again to another zumba jam in April....I just loved it!

I have more to say in my Turbo Kick...I am going to teach round 48 in my next session which starts April 2nd! I am also going to demo 48 here locally!! (Wohooo thanks to Maria Charito) if you are local make sure to check out her zumba class.  You can follow them on facebook at M&M Fitness   and I may do another demo locally.  It would be very awesome to teach Turbo Kick closer to home :)

So for now, I am feeling good, I am back on track with my blog post I'll talk more about my eating since now I rambled on and keeping you up to date to what I am doing :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Set yourself up for success

Good afternoon!

Well today I did something that I haven't done in along time! I went over to Chalene's Johnson like page on facebook to see what was going.  I haven't been visiting for awhile. For some reason Chalene just doesn't pop up in my normal news feed as it used to.  Chalene is a pusher, you can tell by her posts, she wants to make sure you are doing what you need to do to achieve your own personal goals.  So its not like she is pushing to do things that are not aligning with yourself...which I like, her motivational push is to make sure you set up yourself to achieve the success that you are looking for.  So with that said, she posted this question:

"Set yourself up for a successful tomorrow! What can you do this evening to MAKE SURE you set it off tomorrow?"

It got me thinking in several things. 

1.  I should set up my alarm to be a Turbo know the sirens, and the music starts...well, this is not my idea, but I saw it in a funny video on youtube about being a Turbo addict, and it made me laugh, and said to myself, HEY! that can actually help push myself to get up at 5am as I always say I will, but very rarely do!   I thought that cute, and in all seriousness the siren before the turbo always gets me excited! so I am thinking it will be hard to ignore

2.   When I got to bed each night, I bring the ipad, and always read, but I am always reading historical romance novels or sci-fi you didn't know that about me huh?  yeah, I know...its just a time to unwind and not really think about any issues that might rest heavily in my mind...and its good, but I have some major goals I want to accomplish, which if I do can give so many other things, as well as free time to read my historical and sci-fi books, SOOO a new habit I want to set up for myself, is instead of reading fun but really non-sense books I should focus on  personal development books.  I mean I already read them about 10 pages in the morning...but it will not hurt if I read in the evening.  And yes, we all need time to unwind, and not be so structured, BUT I KNOW! I KNOW for a fact that in order to achieve what you want you need to do reading extra personal development at night is going to help me so that I am in the right frame of mind in the morning :)

3.  I should also prepare lunches...but I probably won't do this.  Tomorrow I am planning on Turkey Sandwich, and I don't want my bread to get soggy from the though I could prepare the lunches, I won't :) but that is a conscious choice on my part, and since I will be waking up at 5am tomorrow it won't matter time wise!

So what about you?  What you can do this evening to start tomorrow on the right foot?