Monday, April 5, 2010

I've always struggled with my weight

I've always been fit and healthy impaired. I was that 80's kid that her parents didn't know any better, and was fed McDonalds at least 3 x a week. When I didn't have McD's I purchased cheeseburgers from the AM/PM store. Needlees to say I was also the chubby kid. During my teen's I was able to loose my "baby fat" I was young and looked good, but I wasn't fit or healthy at all!

After my first baby I ballooned to 205 pounds (ouch! I am only 5'1) I was able to get down to 150 and then number 2 came a long. After 3 years I was at 135 pounds, I was "soggy" but hey, I was 135 pounds! I may not have looked good in a two piece bathing suite, but I was just happy that I looked okay with regurlar clothes on.

I saw a Slim n 6 commercial in late 2004, bought it and had awesome results! After that experience kid #3 came along, a year after that kid #4, and a year after that we had kid#5. After my last child, my post-partum weight was 180. In September of 2008, I decided to re-start my exercise program. In February of 2009 I was only down to 175, very dissapointing. In that month, my child #2 had a physical, and it resulted that he had very high cholesterol levels...he was only 11. It finally dawned on me! Nutrition is a big part of the equation! Its not just about looking good, but being healthy and teaching my family the same thing!

A year later, I am down to 150 pounds, my son has better cholesterol numbers, he is more active and is making healthier food choices, I couldn't be more proud of him. This new journey, has been an enlightenment for my whole my family. Its not about being on a diet, its about a life style change. Its about choosing a homemade turkey burger over a fast food burger and not really missing the fries. Its been hard on all of us, but its getting to a point where its becoming second nature, and there are no more moans and groans when I serve fish for dinner.

My oldest son is actually joining me everytime I push play. Being on the path of fitness and eating healthier is now who we are as a family, and its a wonderful feeling. We can't go organic because we just can't afford it, but I am paying more attention to the labels!

I hope I can help you and motivate you to become healthy! Looking good will be a bonus as a result of the healthy new you!

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