Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Turbo Kick Certification! - Did I pass?

Hello Friends,

Well this Sunday I went to East Palo Alto's YMCA facility off of University Ave on Bell St to get myself some Turbo Kick Certification.  I went with my good friend and fellow beachbody coach Denise Romero.  We left Hayward around 8:15 and made good time.  We arrived around 8:40'ish.  We got there, signed in, got our packet, and started talking to the other people!  Some were already instructors with other formats and wanted to add Turbo Kick to their repertoire.  It was a long day! But a fun filled one!

Our presenter was Doris Estremera, which I must say was an excellent presenter. Made us feel relax and comfortable, and even though she was a bit pregnant she still brought it when it came to delivering the actual workout.  She kept saying, "I am not going to go all out because its not good for me to over do it" but man! she brought it! her energy and intensity was phenomenal! (can you tell Chalene's vocabulary is rubbing off on me?) I can only imagine her going all out when she is not pregnant :)  anyway our day started like this:

1. Lecture
2.  Went over form and Technique with the 4 basic punches and Kicks
3.  Worked on our own punches and kicks - the ones we felt we needed more practice and Doris would walk around giving us some pointers.  
4.  We then went for the actual workout! we did Round 44, and its the round that came with our registration.  It was a great workout! and I've never done an actual Turbo Kick workout.  I've done Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire in the comfort of my own home...and Turbo Fire at the Beachbody summit, but never an actual Turbo Kick.  It was totally amazing, I kept screaming and saying "YEAH" Doris called my name "hey Carmen how are you doing back there" and I was like "GOOOOOOD" in a what I think was a deep tone of pitch, at least I think it was low and deep, LOL that was the intention anyway...
5. Break for lunch and to purchase some Turbo Wear.  I got myself a waffle short, and 2 tanks that read "Turbo Saved Me" in Red and "Turbo Everyday" in Hot Pink.  For lunch we just had a peach, string cheese, and a granola bar and yes 1 little brownie. 
6.  Lecture, went over our study guide, broke down the Turbo Sections, and divided up into groups to learn a specific section.  We each got to lead in our little group, then got to actually lead in the class.   That was a great experience.
7. Practical Test - she went one by one (in rows) and evaluated our form and technique for each of the basic punches and kicks - now that was nerve racking.  And I was tired from the day, and actually sore too.  But I gave it my all, I wanted to prove that I've listened to Chalene when she says keep your shoulders up, pivot to protect the knees, and I think I did not "scoop" in my punches and effectively demonstrated the push side kick vs a roundhouse kick.
8.  Written Test

Then we got to go home, I was exhausted! but felt very proud of myself, it was a great day!  But what made the whole day special, is that I got home and the kids were like "how did it go?" and Angel was also very interested, it is great to have their support in my journey :)
 And now to wait for 2-4 weeks to get my results!

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