Monday, August 1, 2011

Overcoming Obstacles

Good morning!

I was just reminded that today is just not the start of a new week, but its the start of a new month.   Today we have the opportunity to see how far we've gotten from our last month's goals, did we accomplish them? how did we overcome obstacles?  did we overcome our obstacles?  what were our challenges?  Lets assume that you didn't so whats the next step?   Take note, briefly analyze what came in the way.  Most of the time is outside factors which we can't control.  However we can control if we let these factors play in a negative way with our emotions, so it simple: Your reaction will determine if you are winning or not.

Overcoming obstacles is simple, face them, make an adjustment to your actions and continue plugging away.   So I have new attitude this month.   I am going to embrace each new obstacle.  What? did Carmen finally lost it?  Nope! but every time I have an obstacle, and I tackle it and somehow get across it, I become better.  My character is strengthen, I learn something about myself and as weird as it may sound when you accomplish something you thought impossible or you saw so many obstacles but instead of letting them defeat you, you plunged ahead anyway, it does something incredible for your confidence.  Its a great feeling knowing that you did it!   So I am looking forward for this month's challenges and overcoming the obstacles and seeing what am I truly made of.

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a difference" - Winston Churchill

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