Friday, August 26, 2011

Chalean Extreme - Lean Circuit 3 - week 1

My goal this morning was to wake up at 5am to go and push play.  I didn't push play until 6:05, now I did wake up at 5am,  but just laid there staring at the ceiling.  I started to feel sorry about myself.  Lots of things going on in my mind, and the thing is that most of the things that I was mulling over where things I have no control over.   I wish I could help, I wish I can turn things around for other people, but seriously I can't.  I can only control what I do, I can only change things for myself for the better.  I will help out family members when I have the ability to do so, in this instant, in this particular moment, I just can't.  And it was killing me that I can't, and its not a good feeling.  Anyway I laid there for an hour thinking and thinking and feeling guilty.   BUT then I stopped myself.  I can't feel guilt over a situation that I didn't make for myself, in fact when asked for my opinion, I gave a total different advice from what was decided....anyway I am starting on a soap drama again.  So as I laid there, letting guilt consume me, I said to myself STOP!  You know if you could help you would do so without giving it a second thought, just because you can't help RIGHT NOW, doesn't mean you won't be able to help in a month or so.  So then I realized, instead of laying here feeling guilty you could of been done with your workout like 20min ago and had lunches already prepared.  So I got up renewed, and letting go of my guilt I  Pushed play.  I  felt rejuvenated! Chalene gives a great workout, and Lean Circuit 3 is just awesome.  It works my chest muscles like no other (not even P90X) and I know I will be sore.  After the workout while preparing my recovery drink my arms were shaking!  LOVE IT!  I totally exhausted my muscle tissue, I kept telling myself "ooohhh I can feel my muscles repairing themselves" LOL

So my tip for today is: when life is happening to you, when there are problems, its okay to feel a bit sorry for yourself, but don't get stuck in that rut.  Shake it off, and blow of some steam with a killer workout, when your done, you'll be amazed as to how you feel not just physically but from within.  Lets get stronger in more ways than one :)

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