Wednesday, August 10, 2011

my first 10k!

Well friends, its almost here! The Big Gay 10k! and its my first 10k! nervous? yes! excited? YES! I haven't been training as hard as I would like terms of increasing my endurance and miles.  But I am determined!
I am hoping to get real life experience and figure out how I can improve for next time.

I definitively have the pre-run jitters! I can't stop thinking about it....all of a sudden doubts are flooding my brain and I still need to come up with my costume! I am going as Mexico :)  anyway, I am nervous, I want to make sure I get to San Francisco with plenty of time to check in and get my bib number.  I could pick it up earlier but I don't like to drive into San Francisco, I panic, all those hills make me nervous, especially when I get stuck in a red light going up hill, that little rock backwards when you put your car into 1st gear to continue moving, drives me nut! LOL - I am digressing anyway, my BIG GAY 10K is coming up! Wohoo! okay, SO this is run by San Francisco Aids Foundation, and even though I haven't been actively fundraising, if you wish donate, no amount is small!, you may do so here

Wish me luck! and pester me about my costume, I need to get that done!

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