Friday, August 19, 2011

10 Day Shakeology Fat Blast! - Day 5

Hello my friends!

Today is Day 5 of my 10 Day Shakeology Fat Blast!   If you are unfamiliar with Shakeology click here   The purpose of the cleanse is to give you a jump start with your weigh loss and get your metabolism going as you are eating every 2 hours.  Shakeology with all this vitamins, preobiotics, antioxidants, protein...(well its pretty much packed with 70+ nutrients and its processed accordingly to help your body absorb all of it ;) will not only help you give you that edge, but I've noticed that the quality of my workouts have improved!  All of a sudden I have that "spunk" again and I am making my moves bigger and I am jumping more doing my Turbo Workouts.

Today is the start of Day 5, I am down to 2 shakes a day, and I am adding whole grains, which I like because I was missing my oatmeal!  As mentioned I am feeling good and not "weighed down" - have you had that feeling?  the first 2 days I did feel bloated, but it was all that Fiber, drinking extra water helped to remove all that excess toxins.

If you would like to know more about shakeology, how it can help you contact me, and if you are seriously considering purchasing it and would like a sample, well I need to be your coach, so if you don't have a beach body coach already, sign up for free here

Below are some Videos of Day 1 and Day 3 :)

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