Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chalean Extreme - Lean Phase

This week I start on the Lean Phase from Chalean Extreme.  I had totally forgotten that this is a great phase!  I did Lean Circuit 1 yesterday, biceps, triceps and legs.  Chalene has you do lower body and arms at the same time really working your core and balance.  During the workout I could feel my core and legs working, and today my arms are totally feeling it!  I didn't go as heavy, I was only doing 15lbs and 12lbs but even then my body feels trampled on! I LOVE IT!   The plan this morning is a HiiT I am thinking Turbo HiiT 25 at first, but I may go with HiiT 15 followed by a stretch workout, my body needs it.

Today I am at home from work,  I could do a longer workout, but I am home with my 2 youngest boys.   We dropped of their sister at kindergarten this morning, so from now until 12pm its just us, then we leave to pick her up at 12:35pm so I want to spend some time with them this morning.  I am thinking going to take them to park and have them riding the little train.

So my 2 cents for today - take care of your health so that you can joy in spending time with your family, because your family is awesome and they deserve to have you around for a long tim3 ;)

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  1. Your best post yet. Family is important.