Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chalean Extremen - Lean Circuit 2 - Week 1

Hi guys!

Well yesterday I did Lean Circuit 2 - and it was shoulders, back and legs.  My shoulders are my weakest area, but even then just lifting at 10lbs for my shoulder exercise, I failed by the 11th or 12th rep.  At the end I did my last shoulder exercise with 8lbs dumbbells.  Yeah, not that heavy, but boy did I feel it!  This morning I have burn intervals, and I want to follow that with HiiT 15.

I'll be staying home today because Ximena is sick.  Not sure if its a bug or something, but her tummy is not feeling that well, so after crushing my workout, I'll call the doctors office and see if they can see her today. I just want to make sure its not an infection.  The poor kid hasn't been able to really enjoy her 1st week of school, and she was so excited about it too.

Another to report is that yesterday was the 10th day, and final day of my shakeology fat blaster cleanse.  I did fairly good! I did falter a bit there at the end, especially with my husband's birthday yesterday, but overall I feel good.   I ate pretty clean, lots of veggies, plus all the good stuff on Shakeology.   Final weight 136.8 - I am pretty excited about that!

So here I go to start my day! Hope you guys have a good one :)

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