Thursday, January 26, 2012

Les Mill Pump It! 3rd Week!

Hey Fitness friends!

I am trying to juggle Les Mill Pump and Turbo.  So my 1st report, here is my Les Mill Pump udate! tonight I have Pump and Burn ;)

NOW, this week was my FIRST EVER TURBO KICK as an Instructor! wohoo! I learned a lot...things that I will change this coming Monday, but overall it can be rolled into AWESOME!

I still have to rave about Energy and Endurance!   this morning I did 34min of TK 48 -- and normally for that time I burn about 400 calories, I decided to plug my bodybugg and downloand the date, I burned 805!!! again double! its FREAKIN' AWESOME!  In case you didn't see my initial review of E&E, check it out!

Okay I need to another word than Awesome -- suggestions? ;)

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