Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Les Mill Pump It - Day 5 & 6!

Howdy partners!

Well Day 5 and Day 6 were not Saturday and Sunday....I got a bit of a stomach issue this weekend.  I blame the popcorn I had on Friday night while Angel and I went out to see the movie The Devil Inside.   I won't get into the movie...all I can say it would have been better if I would have watched it with no teenagers around...they had their cell screen on, and there was lots of I didn't get the scary thrill I was looking for, but I digress..

Monday was Day 5 which Body Pump Challenge workout.  I ended up doing in the evening - around 9pm or so.  I did add my 15lbs weights on each side of the barbell for the squats...I def felt the burn which was good.  I did all other exercises with 10lbs.

Today, is Day 6 which is Hard Core Abs, which I did this morning.  I loved that workout! its only about 15min, and the slow ab routine, is a real killer.  I felt the burn, well after I was fact although I don't have any burn, I am sore!  usually it takes 24hours for my abs to get sore after an ab workout, so I am thinking this is new!

Also, today I decided to order one of beachbody's newest supplement called the E&E (short for Energy and Endurance)   I can't wait to report on this, and how it can help! When I workout, I want to make sure I give it more than my 100% to really reap the benefits so I am excited!

Tomorrow is day 7 of Les Mill Pump, technically it should be a rest day for me, but since I did have 2 days rest this weekend, I am going ahead and jump to day 8 which will be Pump and Burn! I didn't do any weight lifting today, so that would be good! So stay tuned!

If you are ready to order please click Les Mill Pump or ready to give E&E a go along with me ;)


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