Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Time to PUMP IT! - Day 1

Howdy Fitness Friends!

Well during the last 2 weeks of December I enjoyed my Holiday vacation!  I only worked out about 5x during this 2 week off period, but I am so ready to get back in the game!

This month I gave myself a couple of presents.  I bought myself P90X2!   I opened up my package!  Here is a video of me opening up my package and going through the contents , but honestly I haven't tried it out yet.

I also got my Les Mills Body Pump! this is the newest addition to the Beachbody repertoire!  I had to get that too! and I decided that for the 1st 90 days of 2012 this will be my program to start and finish!  Today was my 1st day and I did the Pump Challenge workout, which is 20 minutes of learning the proper form of using the Barbell.  We learned how to squat....and next time I am going 15lbs one each side, at 5lbs on each side it was just too light.  We also did a deadlift, bench press, clean and press (which is a great move! I did it with 5lbs, I want to see if I can handle10lbs) kickback, and bicep curls.    The music was pretty good!  its high energy which I like.   Before I started I watched Pump Basics (which is 10minutes) and basically it shows you how to assemble your barbell, adjust weights, proper grip and stance, and they also taught about the different Tempos that they use on each exercise.  

So what is different about Les Mills? (from what I can tell compared to Chalean Extreme) is that it turns the thinking of lifting heavy between 8-12 reps by doing LOTS of repition with light to moderate weights and changing the tempo/speed of the movement, muscle fatigue will still happen (I felt it!)  So I personally didn't count, but the guide books states that one will perform 70-100 repetitions per body parts, for a total of 800 repetitions in a workout.   The Les Mill trainer Susan Renata said that because of the Rep Effect I will have more meaningful fat loss AND muscle fatigue to build strength without bulding bulk, but giving your muscles that long lean athletic look (which I want ;)

What I liked about my first workout, is the barbell...I've never worked out using one before, and its pretty awesome.  It makes me feel strong and powerful when I am lifting the barbell and then rolling my shoulders back.   As most of beachbody programs, the round consist of 90 days broken down into 3 phases.  This 1st phase is called the Te Wero * The Challenge.  This first weeks is easy, it consists of 3 Pump Challenges this week and the "Flow" DVD and the Hard Core Abs DVDs, it also throws in some additional cardio, they recommend walking on Day 3 and day 6.  Tomorrow is Day 2 for me and its a Rest Day! but guess what I am doing?  You guessed it! TURBO!.  
To learn more about Les Mills Pump contact me or  if you are ready to order you can go to my store  

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