Friday, January 13, 2012

Les Mill Pump It - Day 9 & 10

Good Afternoon!

Well yesterday was Day 9 of Les Mills Pump  and per the schedule I was only supposed to walk 45....I did plan to do my walk at lunch, but I had to skip it, as I was busy with a reconciliation at work...anywho, I did do Turbo for 25minutes.

Today, is day 10, and I tackled both workout this morning! I did the Pump Challenge, and the Hard Core Abs...all good all good.  I maintained the same...15lbs for squats, and 10lbs for all other exercises.  I also did Block 1 of Hustle 17! (What is Hustle?) check me out here :) - actually that is block 2 of hustle 17, I didn't record myself this morning :)

Tomorrow I have Flow...but I will also add Turbo, plus I have the Fit Club in the morning, SOOO on Sunday I taking that as my rest day , and will have day 12 of Les Mills Pump on Monday! which is Pump and Burn!

This week, I did very good with my eating.   I stuck to my eating plan! which was between 1600-1800 a day! I did have a close call on Wednesday (or Tuesday?) but I was close to giving into some food urges and going to Chipotle's for lunch, but I totally conquered that urged, and stuck to my salad! YAY! all in all, I felt good with my fitness and my nutrition plan this week.  I will grade myself a B...not an A, because I do want to work in more Turbo during the week but in order to that I need to answer the 5am morning call! that will be my goal for next week ;)


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